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Just wow3/31/2016 6:30:36 AM

Pros: Clarity, depth and fullness of sound, sound output, size, weight. Ease of hookup.

Cons: Not bi-amped. Had to use multi-purpose cement on the tiny rubber feet. Lack of carpet spikes. Jbl's poor packaging leaves little to protect the speakers during transit. I live in an apartment (my neighbors love me /sarcasm).

Overall Review: I can only do an apples to oranges review, since my last tower speakers were 8" MTX monitors over ten years ago, since then, I have had bookshelf speakers consisting of pre-klipsch Energy 6-1/2 inchers, then a set of 5-1/2 inch older Infinitys, and most recently what these bad boys are replacing, Polk T15. I wanted to stick with Energy/Jamo towers or Polk towers and did tons of research, but every single time I would open my wallet, the numerous sites I was looking at jumped the prices by as much as 50%, what on earth is going on in the speaker economy for pete's sake. Anyway, I was fed up with the paycheck waiting game and searched more, I saw these as a pair (which is rare for towers) for a dirt cheap price, but I have stayed away from JBL since my last bookshelf set of JBL's that I owned 20 years ago blew with barely any power going to them, and the receiver was not clipping either. Anyway, these suckers blow everything I have ever owned away, including some classic Magnepans and those aforementioned pre-klipsch Energys, those bookshelves were the best thing I ever heard and set me back way more than what these JBL's cost me. After hookup, I attempted to break the JBL's in. I didn't need to, they are AMAZING, I hear every resonance, every pitch, every carrying reverb, with the wave-guide tweeters, the sound-stage is always perfect, and every note seems to this non-audiophile to be perfectly reproduced. I plan on finishing up my JBL system with Loft 30's for the rear and a Loft 20 for a center, maybe keeping my Yamaha sub or grabbing an Energy sub. These are hooked up to a TX-SR444 Onkyo.

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Love it11/14/2014 9:39:46 PM

Pros: Range, battery life, sturdiness, quality.

Cons: NONE.

Overall Review: @Arthur D. Picking up some high MAH rechargable NiMHs is a good idea. You don't HAVE to use disposable AA's, I don't think the packaging EVER states this information. Nickle Metal Hydrides are cheap and last a LONG time. Most people have a few lying around anyway. I have about a dozen with two chargers because I hate to toss batteries in the first place. I have remotes and my child's toys etc... there's always a use for them. Stating using AAs as a con is just silly Mr D.

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Horrible7/4/2014 9:30:34 PM

Pros: Works, when you leave your device in the PERFECT position and never move it.

Cons: If you even so much as look at this adapter wrong, it will disconnect, or at least go snowy and send a loud horrible hiss through your tv/home theater's speakers.

Overall Review: Worthless. ZERO stars. Using high quality HDMI cable, with a Kindle Fire 8.9 HD.

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Z3134/3/2014 11:31:58 AM

Pros: quality, if i could use these nice high quality logitechs, i would!

Cons: NO AUX INPUT!!! newegg doesn't even sell a female 3.5mm to male RCA adapter. How hard is it to get a set of PC speakers to hook up to your tv? VERY, every adapter anyone has offered me is FEMALE 3.5 and i just cannot plug in a female 3.5 to a FEMALE 3.5, hello, mcfly, is anyone home!?!?!?

Overall Review: This is three stars off, I have been purchasing multiple speakers and adapters only to open them and getting dissapointed. Fix the print on your box logitech, there is ONE MAIN MALE 3.5mm plug and NO AUX 3.5mm INPUT, this would mean a female 3.5mm jack somewhere on the item, there is none.

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CA3/20/2014 10:36:07 AM

Pros: Highly affordable, decent for the price. All pros I can think of come with the stipulation that ends with..... for the price.

Cons: The muddy, booming, overly loud, horrible BASS. Even with equalizers, I cannot seem to keep this thing from worbling and booming, and the issue is that if the sub gets too loud, then the bass is REALLY distorted, but you cannot friggin turn the sub down!

Overall Review: I should have known better and bought a nice set of 2.0 logitechs.

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