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Easy install works well6/26/2021 11:22:25 AM

Overall Review: quick install for desktop. Worked as advertised. No problem Win 10 Dell 3090 desktop.

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Pros: It's a nice cover.

Cons: The original product description that I read was misleading. I thought this was a single black Unifi Nano Access Point. This is just a cover or skin and there is no actual wifi device.

Overall Review: The original product description that I read was misleading. I thought this was a single, black, Unifi Nano Access Point. This is just a cover or skin and there is no actual wifi device.

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should have read the reviews2/22/2018 3:25:46 PM

Pros: it works

Cons: seems silly to have a motherboard connector for only one front port and then NEED to use up two back-panel usb ports to drive the other two on the front. You only gain 1 usb port since you lose two on the back. If I knew this before I bought, I would probably just buy a USB 3 hub. Or maybe just a couple longer USB cables. This unit doesn't make sense.

Overall Review: Poor description- -the back panel cover was missing from package.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the bad experiment. We will try our best to improve our product. if you have any question, please contact our support at or call (909)548-7738. Regard Syba Customer Support -- TH -- 180917
Lenovo M82- SFF good SMB desktop for short money!1/12/2018 12:31:41 PM

Pros: Core i5 cpu, common DDR3 ram came with Win 10 Pro. Arrived in 1 day! packaged well and working.

Cons: Not as clean as some "grade A" refurbs I've bought in the past.

Overall Review: This was for a project that required Win 7 Pro 32 bit so these were perfect for running that O/S. We had to reimage the drives but then we have to do that for all of the systems. Drivers were readily available on the Lenovo site. Date stamps on the hard disks are from 2013 so I can't say how much life is in them but replacing hard disks is easy.

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Dell 9020 NO OEM warranty - Warranty is with seller.11/21/2017 2:50:52 PM

Pros: Clean, arrived fairly quick no sign of damage or use. It's a nice computer and the reseller claims it is un-used overstock that is repurchased from large corps or a resellers with old inventory. Both New Egg and the reseller did in fact offer 100% money back if I was not satisfied. The PC runs fine.

Cons: This unit was NOT described as reconditioned/refurbished/old inventory anywhere in the advertisement and description at the time of my purchase. The Dell OEM factory warranty is expired. The reseller does warranty the unit and it's parts.

Overall Review: This review was modified after a discussion with the vendor. I am satisfied that his intention was not to mislead buyers. While he can't advertise the unit as new, he didn't want to call it "refurbished" either.

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Rich color and professional looking.12/19/2015 10:56:14 AM

Pros: Crystal clear bright colors very thin border- no extra size taken up Clean design professional looking in an office where clients see the equipment.

Cons: Bought 2 for Dual monitor setup. These have VGA and HDMI input only. I have a video card with 1 each VGA/HDMI/DVI output. When I connect one monitor to HDMI and the other to VGA, the VGA monitor displays as it should, out to the border while the HDMI attached unit crops down about 1 inch on all 4 sides. HDMI says it is at the same resolution in Windows yet it also says 1080p in monitor settings. The options to adjust the centering/stretch are grayed out for the HDMI vs fully adjustable on VGA. I have ordered a DVI to VGA adapter to see if connecting from the DVI out on the PC corrects this. If not I will try a VGA splitter.

Overall Review: Competitive pricing when on sale, better than I could get from Dell Direct. Delivered fast and undamaged. Environmentally friendly/ all cardboard-No Styrofoam packaging++ nice touch.

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Best In Class12/1/2014 10:49:39 AM

Pros: Ease of Use, easy install. Finds and removes items that other AV doesn't. Blocks infected webpages. Competitively priced and a real bargain if you get it with the rebate.

Cons: Tech support is not as quick to respond as I would like and I couldn't find a tech support phone number for them. The good news is with over 30 installs of the KAS AV I have only needed Tech assistance 1 time.

Overall Review: No AV is perfect but Kaspersky is the most aggressive currently on the market.

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N210 good inexpensive2/2/2014 12:09:22 PM

Pros: I have purchased a five or 6 of these 512mb and the 256mb N210 cards. I use then in inexpensive new builds and have installed them to support dual monitors for office use. I can't opine on the cards ability to play games since the primary use has been basic office app. I can say that not one has failed and all perform well for my intended use.

Cons: No cons for business-office app use/dual monitor

Overall Review: Systems installed on include Dell OptiPlex with Intel Core Duo and AMD based units on low-end Asus and Gigabyte AM3+ boards with FX 6100/6300/6350 CPU.

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Not perfect-Just better then the rest.11/11/2013 8:43:33 AM

Pros: Kaspersky is the most aggressive at catching trojans, rootkits, virus and spyware. My go-to AV for any user.

Cons: Tech support is non-existant. No phone support at all. Email support takes days to respond. If you have a problem, forget about it.

Overall Review: As long as your install goes normally and you computer is working well, this is the best AV product you can get. I service many computers and have used Symantec/Norton, Trend, Eset, McAfee and others. Kaspersky beats all at catching the bad items. It's not perfect- just better.

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Good choice all around PC replacement10/31/2013 12:08:54 PM

Pros: Best price to performance deal I could find in a mainstream band name Laptop. New Egg delivered in 3 days with free shipping. Substantially less money than Lenovo's website price.

Cons: Not equipped with the classic thinkpad joystick pointer device I had on my T-series Lenovo. The touchpad is too sensitive for my tastes inadvertantly causing the cursor to move while I am typing. I hate Win 8 and this is the "home edition" of Win 8 so it won't join a domain and does not have free downgrade rights.

Overall Review: I reloaded the unit with Win 7pro and a OCZ 250GB SSD. It's been great. The Nvidia graphics driver from NVidia web site loaded fine for me in Win 7 Pro 64bit. I use this unit for work as a Network admin and have found it to be an excellent all around use computer. As far as I am concerned, Win 8 is the new Vista. Win 7 is the way to go if you can't deal with Windows 8.

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Support is VERY POOR7/15/2013 4:26:25 PM

Pros: Best most aggressive AV currently available, period.

Cons: Tech support is email only and is mosly a regurge of self help already on the website. I am an IT consultant and do everything from building PC's to Server administration. After spending 3 hours trying to remove Kaspersky or upgrade the 2012 version on Dell XPS w/core i7, I finally gave up and attempted to contact support- got a auto reply asking for info I already sent. Replied and re-sent the sysinfo file. 5 days later still no response! No Phone available. No Chat available. Installed Norton on this PC.

Overall Review: I am still trying to figure out how a major player in AV can exist w/o having on-demand live support. If you have any issues with the product just by something else. If it works it is good.

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OEM replacement12/11/2012 7:35:30 AM

Pros: I got these with free shipping at NewEgg- about a $10 savings VS APC direct. Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement battery. Date code was within the last year on all 4 that I purchased from NewEgg.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I bought replacement for all 4 of my 1250/1300 models about a month apart. All are fine 6 month out and I expect to get about 3 more years based on the originals life.

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very aggressive protection6/3/2012 6:03:57 AM

Pros: Of all the AV programs, Kaspersky is the most aggressive at stopping potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). Kaspersky also finds and removes many trojans that Symantec, Trend and Mcafee ignore or just can't remove.

Cons: Initial update is slow to download.

Overall Review: Kaspersky updates several times a day with an incremental change vs most others download the entire definition list everyday. So the Kas update is quicker after the initial update. The current content/definitions update Norton/Symantec is pushing 200mb. I assume the initial update for Kaspersky is similar in size and is the reason for the slowness on first pass.

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nice price good for basic use11/12/2011 3:18:08 PM

Pros: Looks & feels almost new! A common problem with these units is the hinge- after a while it gets kind of loose and the screen won't stay put. This unit shows NO sign of that problem. Good price point runs office apps well.

Cons: 30 GB drive is kind of small by current standards and it is an IDE. Removal of the sticker covering the screw-holes to replace the drive with a larger unit voids the warranty.

Overall Review: Based on the "like-new" condition, I would recommend highly for anyone looking for an inexpensive laptop. Great for kids that seem to break everything. Good alternative to a desktop of netbook for email/web and office apps.

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good basic replacement drive7/10/2011 8:14:03 AM

Pros: Very inexpensive. good warranty response time. Quiet. Great upgrade or replacement for aging systems.

Cons: I find these drives are slow when compared to the WD black series (more $) and the Seagate 500gb in the same price range. If you are building a new fast pc go with the WD Black.

Overall Review: Good price/value don't expect hi-performance write speed from this drive. No good for raid environments.

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Good value but beware the return policy6/29/2011 7:18:37 PM

Pros: The Seiko Kinetic line of watches is a good value. On this unit the outer rim is less black and more of a titanium color, so in my opinion it is actually better looking than the picture.

Cons: Be aware that the return policy with this company ( is a "FIX" NOT REPLACE! If you wear the watch you can't get a refund, only a repair @ 4 to 6 weeks! I had this watch for 6 days and it wouldn't hold a charge. I have 3 Seiko Kinetic's. This would be the fourth. They have all performed well except this one.

Overall Review: While this watch was defective, I wouldn't be put off from buying another Kinetic, especially at the sale price. Eventually I was able to get a refund so I am somewhat satisfied. An exchange was not offered and the special pricing is expired. The overall experience left me soured on the deal.

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Work as Advertised4/21/2011 10:43:34 AM

Pros: Fast shipping, eggcellent price, eggcellent performance. Timing settings all came up automatically in BIOS. No problems so far.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've never used G-Skill. Recently I purchased G-Skill 4gb upgrades for 5 units and all went perfectly so I bought 2 of these 8GB kits for my personal machine. Gigabyte ma-770t-ud3 /AMD 1090t/ 16GB G-Skill x-series 1333 WD Raptor 300x10k.

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Love this stuff10/19/2010 6:07:00 PM

Pros: Works great, looks great, excellent tech support and good infor on the OCZ forum site. My server VM's perform well even with 3 running at once.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I built a core i7-920 jan 2010 with 6Gb OCZ. It performed so well I have built 3 more same config for clients. Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Core I7-920 / I7-930 6 GB OCZ Gold 1600LV6GK 600watt OCZ PSU 300 GB WD Veloceraptors Various Video cards Win7 ultimate

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Maybe too bright10/18/2010 7:07:36 PM

Pros: Great price, easy connections and set up looks nice on the desk. Crystal clear display. Sharp edges on text.

Cons: I just can't seem to get the display to be as "rich" in color as my old viewsonic non-led display. If anything this display may be too bright. When I turn down the brightness I get better color depth but I seem to loose contrast and whites look grey. Overall things look a bit washed-out when the brightness is set to the wizard-adjusted point. FYI-The default settings were awful! I've run the win7 display wizard. And I have spent a few hours with variations in the Nvida display console. I've reached a compromise but I can't say I am satisfied. I haven't returned it because I don't want to wait for a replacement that will probably be the same....

Overall Review: Core i7-930 on Gigabyte x58A-UD3R 6 GB OCZ Gold 16000 3 channel RAM 1 Nvidia GTS450 Dual Veloceraptor 10k/ 300GB Raid stripe single WD Black 750 no overclock WIN 7 Ultimate 64bit

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Cheap is Cheap10/13/2010 7:15:50 PM

Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: wires for connections to the motherboard are too short. No slack at all- actually worried they are pulled so tight the pins will bend.

Overall Review: less than $20 on sale makes it hard to complain- but how does a company not recognise that wires need to be long enough to reach the motherboard?

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Excellent Value9/29/2010 4:09:39 PM

Pros: Replaced GeForce 9600GT with this card. It's quiet and has superior performance. Easy install OK length for Hard Drive clearance in Antec 300 case. Fairly quiet even under load.

Cons: Civ 5 free upgrade is useless unless you have the base program- anyone want a civ 5 upgrade coupon?

Overall Review: I7-930 No O/C Hyper-N 520 CoolerMaster air cooler GA-X58A-UD3R 6GB DDR3 1600 OCZ Gold Ram 2x Raptor 300 stripe raid Antec 300 OCZ 600Watt PSU Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

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Good all-around drive9/29/2010 3:21:01 PM

Pros: I've had 4 of these in 2 small office servers (raid mirror 2 drives each) 24x7 for over a year with out any issues. Excellent value at the newegg sale price of $39.99. I just bought some more for use as replacements/upgrades in several desktops.

Cons: The only downside is that Seagate warranty will ship you a reconditioned drive if you do have a failure. I had a 250GB die after a month and they sent a refurb that promptly failed. I sold Refurb number 2 at auction for $20.

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not so fast8/25/2010 10:23:21 PM

Pros: Interface is easy to use. Sale price of $50 is reasonable however, The old wrt54g is as good for less $$.

Cons: On sale the price vs performance seemed extraordinary. However, even when paired with the same brand matching model adaptor in an OPEN ROOM with out obstructions I only get 2mb per second throughput. My client has a 150 MB Quickbook file and it takes over 1.5 minutes to open- each change takes almost as long to record/refresh page. This is unacceptable performance. The old WRT54g paired with usb adapters worked as well or better in same location! I altered the encryption from WPA2 to WEP 64 no change. Selected N-only, changed from 2.4ghz to 5k no change. Finally had to run ethernet cable to get acceptable performance. Now with 100mb/s ethernet cable the QB files open almost instantly.

Overall Review: Don't upsell your clients and promise any speed gains with this unit- it's no better than a standard G router.

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Same but better5/20/2010 7:11:25 PM

Pros: Same great features as the i7-920. Can't tell the difference but for the extra $10 take the 930. Overclockers paradise- Runs cool on stock heatsink at standard and very slight overclock. Virtual Machine is great on this unit- I can run several at once and still have good performance. gigabyte x58a ud3r, OCZ Gold DDR3 6GB ram, Nvidia 9600gt, 300gb veloceraptor + 1tb hitachi on Win7 ultimate.

Cons: 30% more than I wanted to spend on every component

Overall Review: You get what you pay for

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Excellent board2/25/2010 6:43:41 PM

Pros: This board has all the features I needed to build a very fast highly stable day to day desktop. The top PCI express x1 slot is useless (blocked by heat-sink) unless the add-in card you have is very short- I used the lower one for my D-TV tuner card. The rest of the layout is fine. Everything works- BIOS setup was easy- needed to set memory manually to get full speed from my triple channel OCZ ram. The auto setting down-clocked it and set voltage below OCZ recommendation. Use the list of supported RAM from Gigabyte website- I have seen issues from people with unsupported Ram.

Cons: The top PCI express x1 slot is useless (blocked by heat-sink) unless the add-in card you have is very short.

Overall Review: This board is the best bet in the class for price/benefit I7/920 std clock setting WD Raptor 300GB/ 10k x2 raid 0 NVIDIA GEForce 9600 6GB OCZ OCZ3G1600LV6GK Antec 500watt PS

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