Good product11/3/2013 8:45:56 AM

Pros: Does the job you would expect of any USB cable. Can't really beat the price.

Cons: None.

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Worth it.7/9/2011 7:08:10 AM

Pros: -Keyboard is silent, very good range, media player, nice little display window. Plenty of controls that make it easy for someone like me who listens to music while surfing and typing up reports. -Mouse has incredible scroll speed. The wheel accelerates and will keep spinning at a high speed for a good period without stopping. It also has side scrolling which delighted me. It's got good response time. Also, great battery life. After an hour charge, it worked for about ten days of almost constant use.

Cons: -Keyboard: although this isn't a con for me, there are a lot of buttons. This is a lame con though, since you can personalize what buttons actually do stuff. -Mouse: not a terrible con, but the thumb wheel takes a little time to get used to. It will bring all the windows to an angle, akin to the four finger swap on Mac trackpad. It's not so much of a wheel as it is more of a click turn.

Overall Review: The cons mentioned aren't really cons to me, but maybe they are to someone who is ticked off by such things. One thing to mention, I didn't have a mousepad when I first received this. I didn't need one with my last mouse. This mouse lagged horribly until I put a piece of cardboard underneath it. Now it works fantastically, and I am looking through my junk to find a mousepad. My fault for not using one in the first place.

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Good purchase.6/6/2011 1:38:00 PM

Pros: It has very high quality feedback especially considering the price. It's very simple to use. Works on my PC and my Mac without any hassle when I switch.

Cons: You must keep your mouth a good six inches away from the receiver if you don't want to sound muffled. An inconvenience, not so bad for me.

Overall Review: This is perfect for people who like to use Skype. Probably not the best for recording a song, but it's good for commentaries or just voice messages.

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Awesome!6/6/2011 1:32:53 PM

Pros: Beautiful viewing angles. The swivel base is nice, and it's got a nice amount of possible positions. This is perfect for graphic designers who want accurate colors all the time. I haven't tried many games since I don't play many that often, but the movies I watched were very crisp.

Cons: The colors aren't as vivid as other monitors. I don't really need vivid colors, but if you're looking for color rather than accuracy, this might not be for you.

Overall Review: This probably isn't a good monitor for gamers. But if you like looking at and designing graphics, this is the perfect choice.

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Good for lazy people6/5/2011 9:52:37 PM

Pros: It identifies most of my songs accurately, and it did indeed clean up my iTunes. It finds appropriate artwork for the different albums. I finally have album artwork on my iPod, which makes it easier to identify the song right away. It gets rid of all the unnecessary tags and comments on your files. It has cool features like showing the music video from Youtube for the song that's playing.

Cons: It slows down my laptop. It seems to always automatically open with iTunes even though I don't need or want it open. It will cause your different windows to be messed up at times (at least on mine). For example, the blue box when you look at all open programs on a window. It identified a lot of my Korean songs with Japanese titles. It's not that bad, just annoying.

Overall Review: This is pretty cool, and it's good for the price. I downloaded it directly from the makers, but it is probably going to be the same price as Newegg anyway, since they seem to have the best prices. I would recommend this to someone who just wants a quick fix to an iTunes mess.

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Incredible5/24/2011 1:35:09 PM

Pros: Safe. No one will ever get into it. I think it destroys itself after ten consecutive incorrect password attempts. Strong. I've put this through the wash, in the pool, drove over it, and hit it with a hammer. Still works flawlessly. It will never break. It has some really cool password memory system so that when you log on to your regular websites with it plugged in, it will fill in your passwords for you. Saves so much time.

Cons: It's heavy for a flash drive. I like that though, because you immediately know if it's not in your pocket.

Overall Review: Set it up in Windows, as it says. It works on Mac and Linux, from what I've seen. I pretty much only use it on my Mac, and the only thing is that you have to go through a little more work than normal to eject it. It appears on Mac desktops as a CD image and a flash drive image. You have to eject the CD image first, and then the flash drive image second. Otherwise, it won't "safely" eject.

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Excellent buy!5/14/2011 9:55:31 PM

Pros: This is an extremely fast desktop. It's got very good RAM for it's price, good HD capacity, and it's overall an awesome computer for basic use. Besides that, it's got a good amount of USB ports. It's worth every dollar.

Cons: The disk drive takes a little patience to master. It's not a push button, but rather a pull down lever thing. Not that it's even a big deal, but I just wanted to put something here.

Overall Review: I was also surprised at the speed of Newegg's shipping. When it arrived exactly two days after I ordered it, I was jubilant.

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