Awesome Card!!!!9/16/2013 1:08:50 AM

Pros: Faster than my old 580 by about a good 20-30 Fps. I only really play BF3 but it allows me to play it on Ultra with everything and pull between 60Fps at its lowest dip all the way as high as 130Fps is the highest it has gone depending on the map and surroundings, But on the average i am usually between 75-90Fps. I will be getting a second one in about a week for SLI as an upgrade before BF4 comes out. I rock this on a 27in Samsung P2770HD single display running 1920 x 1080.It is not loud at all and its about 2 inches shorter than my old 580, and its in a full aluminum tower case by Silver Stone so it stays quiet and cool.

Cons: I had no problems but thought i would put this out there even though it really is not a cone...If you have any issues I read that some motherboards need the bios updated before you run this card to be compatible. Check your MB to make sure it will work with the new 7 series. Mine worked without any issues.

Overall Review: Full system specs i7 2600k @ 4Ghz Zalman CNP S9900MaX-R 135MM Fan/Heatsink AsRock Z77 Extreme 4 EVGA 760 Creative Labs SB X-Fi Titanium HD Corsair Force Series SSD 16Gigs G-Skill Ripjaws X Series 2133 Windows 7 64Bit

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