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Decent but not great9/27/2012 5:01:04 AM

Pros: Plug and Play simplicity

Cons: Poor performance. The throughput of these devices is roughly equivalent to the wireless-G I had previously used. Our house is small and single level so the distance is not great, but perhaps the house wiring is impacting performance. Nonetheless, I think the money spent would have been better used toward the purchase of a wireless-N bridge instead.

Overall Review: I'm a little nervous about the quality of ZyXel products as I had a Zyxel router before that began having connection issues after a few months usage. I also noted the reviews of other ZyXel powerline products stating that the devices often died within the warranty period. If these had not been on sale, I would not have purchased them.

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Awesome Product!4/27/2011 4:13:00 PM

Pros: 1280 x 800 IPS Display (Provides wide viewing angle) Nvidia Tegra Dual Core CPU Android Honeycomb OS Flash support PRICE!!

Cons: None yet!

Overall Review: I just received this thing today and am LOVING it! An absolutely beautify display and very snappy performance. Wouldn't hesitate to buy again. Too bad they're in such short supply at the moment!

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Decent product but not worth the cost4/9/2011 11:32:20 AM

Pros: It does what it claims to do reasonably well.

Cons: Expensive for what you get. I bought this as I wanted to run apps but didn't want a phone with a high monthly service charge. Later purchased an Android handset through Virgin Mobile which does practically everything this does at a much lower price (and the unlimited text/data plan is only $25). I wish I hadn't shelled out the $300 for this and just waited to get the Android phone instead. Also had issues with iTunes. When the latest update was received, iTunes attempted to update my iPod Touch but 'bricked' it instead. I tried to restore but because of the update, iTunes would no longer connect to the device. An uninstall and reinstall of iTunes didn't work either as Apple's Bonjour (Google it - you'll find lots of issues with Bonjour) service would not uninstall properly. Long story short, I had to reinstall windows just so I could reinstall iTunes and recover my device. Apple makes decent hardware but their software is awful.

Overall Review: As stated earlier, you can find a cheaper Android device that'll do more for less and you're not tied to iTunes (I absolutely hate that software).

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