Interesting driver issues5/1/2006 10:27:40 AM

Pros: The budget dual display is awesome. Once everything's set up, it's fast and stable. nVidia has great extra display options specifically tailored to multi-display and productivity oriented environments. Onboard audio hardware and drivers are great, when I plugged in my speakers, it asked me, "What did you just plug in to the green port?" and auto-configured everything.

Cons: IGP shares system memory. This isn't a big deal if you have >1GB of memory. Had an interesting issue where the clean install of Windows would crash on login, but only some of the time, usually after installing more than one device or program between reboots. Using System Restore seemed to fix the problem each time. Not sure where the problem lies. Also, when switching to dual identical Dell flat panels, the driver refused to use multi-view mode (normal Windows 2x monitor behavior), used System Restore, and everything worked fine. *shrug*

Overall Review: 3D performance is nothing special. That's not what this board is for. If you're gaming or overclocking, spend a little extra for a board designed for such purposes and get a dedicated PCI-E GPU. SATA hard drive appears to Windows as a removable drive, but it won't actually let you stop it, so no real problem, just kinda strange to see your C: drive on the "safely remove hardware" list. I'm not sure how this would behave in multi-drive environments, or for non-system drives. Hot swap, maybe?

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Works when cool4/16/2006 12:03:29 PM

Pros: great transfer rates when it works. No complaints except the following.

Cons: Minor annoyance, when this card gets hot, it won't restart itself. For example, when working with it plugged in for any length of time, if the computer restarts (or resumes from a power-save mode) the wireless card won't turn back on. Have to take it out and let it cool down, then plug it back in. Then it works fine. It works great even when hot, so long as you don't turn it off and back on. That's why I'm giving it only four stars.

Overall Review: I wish the included utility was more flexible / customizable with respect to encryption. Only simple support for WPA-PSK is included, and no WPA2.

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10/13/2005 5:40:36 PM

Comments: Great price for an Excellent panel. Nice uniform backlight, great contrast and bright colors. Swiveling base turns plenty far in both directions, and is height adjustable with no tools, very easy. Stays where you put it too. Also includes standard VESA mount point in case you want to put some other wall mount or another base on it (You won't need to unless you want to mount it on a wall, as the base it comes with is the best I've ever seen.

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