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Works aspromised but not flush to computer5/7/2020 4:53:25 PM

Pros: Can leave in computer works

Cons: Sticks out a full 1/2 inch from computer. Not the 1/4 inch of compettors.

Overall Review: Ok if your case has enough room to include the extra width. Functions fine. Could use in car

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Fast boot light laptop5/26/2013 7:47:16 AM

Pros: Light weight and thin Fast boot USB 3 port Much better speed than celeron version

Cons: No optical drive (but USB drive works with data cable) Only two USB connectors (bring a hub if you need more) Software update slow (seems to shut off fast boot)

Overall Review: Note the Windows 7 version costs more, If you can live with Windows 8, save money.

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Weird but wonderful8/31/2009 1:54:51 PM

Pros: Very fast downloads on WiFi (1.5 MB/s) spacious keyboard, and good touchpad. Good screen resolution.

Cons: Those USB ports as well as being too close together, they are weak. The computer would not reboot with 3G modem plugged in. Unplug it and the machine reboots!

Overall Review: The surface of the flat panel is wavy, I don't know if it's intentional or a flaw.

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Got better processor7/21/2008 11:06:20 AM

Pros: Compact, Quiet, Fast. Right now I'm hooked up to my old 17" CRT Monitor, speakers and Gateway media keyboard. Works fine but the old monitor is limited to 60 Hz refresh. Got a 2 GHz instead of 1.8 GHz (they must have run out.) Great buy despite cons below.

Cons: No speakers, ***** ball mouse, cheap keyboard

Overall Review: My old 1 GHz Celeron Gateway with 128 MB RAM and 30 GB HD was to old to update.

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