PERFECTION on 3 SCREENS4/20/2013 11:25:59 AM

Pros: Everything good you hear is true Everything bad you hear is false Read my other comments

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I have been building and playing on widescreen gaming setups for a few years now. I currently have a few machines I test on. My favorite has 3 46" Toshiba HDTVs. I chose these since they have a Gaming Mode option that cuts all the input lag out thus making the TV act just like a regular desktop monitor. If you want to see it you can google image "blech img2886" and it's the first pic. In this amount of time I have come to the realization that I wanted some key features in what I call a DREAM CARD. ~:: I want a card that has just one big GPU. One big enough that if I wanted I could run just one card to power all three screens smoothly without the problems of multi GPU SLI/Crossfire setups generally have. ~:: I want a card that finally has enough RAM onboard to cover me. In some setups you are limited to a single card's RAM. Imagine if MMO's actually had a huge amount of tessellation on top of what the engine has to cover. I want huge RAM. I don't care if the manufactures say I don't need it; just give me the RAM. I'LL PAY; just give it to me. ~:: I want a card that performs but doesn't heat my whole gaming man cave. I have three other machines in here. ~:: I want a card that has proper driver support; not just in game performance. I need a manufacture to come up with solutions to real use of a PC in a widescreen environment. An example being Blu-Ray movies. Having to go through 12 funky steps just to play one shouldn't have to happen then having to do a rain dance and pray it goes back to normal when I switch back to gaming. When I slap a Blu Ray in the software should have an automatic solution. So pretty much my dream card would have a huge chip, have plenty of RAM, actually stays cool at load for hours and is silky smooth in and out of game. All of this on one PCB. Well this dream card wish was actually answered. The card that is this very solution to my wants and needs is the GTX TITAN. I know you can look up all the benchmarks and get the numbers. What you really want to know is how it "FEELS" & "LOOKS" while you are actually gaming. I can tell you first hand that this card performs top notch in the widescreen gaming arena. It's hands down the smoothest gaming experience yet. I wanted a huge GPU and lots of RAM on one board with a great cooling solution that plays my games on three 46" screens silky smooth and the TITAN delivers.

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Good Stuff2/9/2012 2:05:52 PM

Pros: ~Chosen HDD off Tom's build your own guide. ~Huge positive review base. ~Very low or non existent DOA rate. ~Quiet operation.

Cons: No problems to report

Overall Review: ~As prices of Drives are still afloat shopping for a drive was the trivial and time consuming part of this latest budget build. ~I am glad I found this one.

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Awesome2/9/2012 2:02:07 PM

Pros: ~Best Performance to Price Point ~Good Looks ~Plug and Play ~Reliable

Cons: Have used these in 4 budget rigs now and have never had a problem.

Overall Review: I like using these especially if i am using a CPU cooler that may be a bit large. These spreaders are low profile. Good color scheme accents ASUS Mobo Heat sinks.

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Amazed2/9/2012 1:57:25 PM

Pros: ~Performance @ this price point unmatched. ~Very efficient cooling ~Sips the power ~Used for a MMO (WOW/SWTOR) rig on a single screen ~averaging 140-250fps maxed settings in SW on Tichondrius (Very busy server) ~Lightweight shroud does not make card flex and bend downwards.

Cons: No problems to report

Overall Review: ~This card offers the best performance at this price point. I generally build rigs using 2 6950 2gb cards. (i.e. google Blech's Budget Brawler to see one) ~I chose this card since the student I built the rig for was on a $750 budget (complete build) ~I thought I would have to donate a few 6950s after I get my 7970s but there is no need. This card is amazing. ~Vsync disabled for benchmarks only.

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Amazing!12/19/2011 4:17:34 PM

Pros: This mouse is what I have been looking for; a claw grip that is stubby but wider. It is lightweight but not cheaply constructed. I have realized I do not need a million buttons. Just a few to perform some other duties. It seems the market has went wayside to put all efforts into mice that have a million buttons that for me result in incumbered use of the mouse. This is perfect!

Cons: None

Overall Review: The color is more rich and deep than in the pictures. It feels so good i can't keep my hand off of it.

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Amazing!3/8/2011 4:26:47 PM

Pros: The MSI N560GTX-TI is performing beautifully in my older Alien Full Tower. This single card is currently replacing my twin 8800GTX SLI set up. I am currently playing RIFT and WOW. RIFT at the moment has gained the most noticeable performance gains; maybe due to fact that WOW is CPU dependant. I am running an older Dual Core Pentium. RIFT is currently rocking all settings in Ultra and is smooth. WOW performance gains were noticeable especially in the Twilight Highlands flying loop. I did not have much time to do some complex testing as of yet. I anticipate better raid performance from what I can tell already. Overall I am extremely happy with this choice. Moreover I am especially pleased to see a company (MSI) give the gaming community what they want… the right cooling solution for extended gaming sessions. The interface for over clocking is a nice touch as well.


Overall Review: The overall purchase was executed extremely well by Newegg. I did make a call to ask a few questions and the customer service was top notch! I imagine there is a rather large demographic that I fit in; possessing older legacy cards like the 8800GTX and ready for a logical upgrade. In my opinion this card is it; possessing great mix of performance with quality components to last. I recommend this card to anyone looking to upgrade.

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