Great expansion SSD for PS54/30/2021 12:31:59 PM

Pros: Super small and fast. Both USB A and C cable included Blue color

Cons: Nothing on the hardware end

Overall Review: Great harddrive, PS5 read it as soon as plugged in. One step beyond that and PS4 games can be moved from the console to this and play great. PS5 games can be moved for storage for later and with the USB cable in one of the back ports it doesn't take long to move anything. Side note that has nothing to do with the HD is that save files for the PS5 / PS4 can't be moved to the external drive unless you format it to do so. However if it is setup in this way games can't be saved to the drive. In the end the space taken up with save files is much less than games so that is how I am using it. Transfered around 400 gig over 7 games in a reasonable amount of time, (estimated 20 - 25 mins) with no issues and now have space for the new stuff.

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Decent for the price8/10/2010 11:07:30 AM

Pros: Easy to set up Easy to install Very bright, might have to play around but easy to do. HDMI, DVI, and analog hookups.

Cons: Touch screen buttons, at first wasn't responding but when I turned the computer on came right up. Slight brightness at edges more when black screen is up. Also has something of a reflection at the top edge and a little on the sides. This appears as you would expect if there is a white or brighter color near it. Also has to do with viewing angle, I sit looking up but direct it is not as noticable.

Overall Review: Other than that slight mirror we'll give it a try. Update to follow.

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So far So Good7/23/2009 7:43:39 AM

Pros: Easy to install, quick connection with modem, menus are easy to roam and have good help to explain the basics and even some more advanced features. Wireless menu is easy to set up for what type of network you want. Quick setup on the disc for getting wireless devices hooked up.

Cons: LCD on unit doesn't stay on very long if you want to keep an eye on something. Otherwise nothing major so far.

Overall Review: There is an update feature for the firmware via the router menu but it didn't seem to find a server and I had to go get it manually to update. Not sure if the 'N' part of the router at 5 ghz only runs at channels above 20 or if is just a feature of the router. Ended up using the 2.4 ghz band so that my laptop would see the signal on channel 1 - 11. Speed is quite nice even for G. Wish we hadn't waited so long to upgrade, major improvment from an old Linksys wireless B router and gigabit speeds are great for moving stuff between the 3 machines. Not sure if the Xbox really gets a big benefit. Connection : Comcast rated 22 down 5 up, normally we get about 28 down 8 up.

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