Awsome8/7/2018 1:02:12 PM

Pros: Nice comfortable chair for gaming.

Cons: None that I've noticed.

Overall Review: Good company.

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GT780DXR-200US10/24/2011 5:57:53 AM

Pros: I love this machine. I can run Battlefield Bad Company with high settings and it eats it up with no problem. In fact every game I have I now run without having compromise. I have not had any keyboard issues and without any optimizing or fine tuning I get a PC mark 7 score of 3097 PC Marks and a 3D Mark 11 score of P2553. With all the features, this laptop is defiantly a good buy :)

Cons: The only con I can think of so far, I had to wait a few days to get it, but life is good now lol

Overall Review: Thank you MSI, I love ASUS, but you win with me on this one :)

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Awesome Product5/18/2011 11:50:32 AM

Pros: I was told to find something that feels comfortable, I tried this for a few months, and now I can’t bring myself to even use anything else. I am in love with this product. I use it for first person shooters and the improvement to my reaction time is unreal.

Cons: Any regular mousse will seem clumsy and annoyingly awkward after just a few months of using this product.

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