Was working great, and then...10/12/2020 1:12:08 PM

Pros: Bought two of these in December of 2017 , one as a gift & one for myself. Used mine w/a Samsung 840 Pro SSD to backup my music collection files & for transfers between my desktop & laptop. Worked splendidly UNTIL yesterday.

Cons: All of a sudden, neither computer will mount a drive from this enclosure - I've tried 3 different drives, same result. In Windows 10, the system finds the NS 1068 controller on the USB 3.0 port, but the drive will not mount; nor will diskmgnt.msc load.

Overall Review: I'd like to be able to recommend this, as it was GREAT while it worked; however, it's obviously got some issues - for the price, I guess a useable lifetime of just under 3 years is acceptable (?) but I'm very disappointed.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To deal with your problem and serve you well, could you please tell me the problems by email? My email is newegg@orico.com.cn, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. For the defective products within warranty, we can send you a replacement. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
I'm impressed!4/28/2018 4:24:17 PM

Pros: Feels good in my hand - good weight & shape for precise control Not too many programmable buttons; but enough for ease of use The wheel feels solid & scrolls vary smoothly

Cons: Wasn't easy to get the software, but that's a minor (if annoying) matter.

Overall Review: Been gaming for many years (cut my teeth on the original Wolfenstein) but I've never before purchased a gaming mouse. Had it for ~4 hours now, been in constant use, and I gotta say, I love it. Came back to buy another - at this price ($19.99) it's a steal, as long as it keeps working.

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A GREAT IDEA that just flat-out doesn't work5/10/2017 4:24:51 PM

Pros: None whatsoever- deserves ZERO EGGS


Overall Review: Bought this in January, 2016...it's now May of 2017 and I AM GIVING UP!!! I've tried everything I could think of - different Asmedia drivers/tried OCZ, IBM, Samsung & Toshiba SSD's, any/every BIOS setting - no joy. Don't buy this piece of c--p unless you're a certified masochist. (BTW - I'm no amateur; i'm 64 years old & have been building my own systems since the Zylog Z80 was the hottest thing around)

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Wonderful concept; poor reality5/27/2011 11:07:33 AM

Pros: Like it says-wonderful idea. Worked well for a couple of days w/a 2.5" notebook drive...

Cons: then failed, bricked the Hitachi drive ("Click of death" syndrome,drive not recognized by any of my NT/XP/Win 7 boxes) and now will not work w/any IDE drive I put it to (I refuse to risk trying it on any of my SATA drives).

Overall Review: A RELIABLE version of this would be an INVALUABLE tool for any IT pro or serious hobbyist. Has anyone found a good one?

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