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Great Cooler3/5/2008 10:47:22 AM

Pros: This unit managed to get my temps down from 60C under 100%load with stock cooler to 45C ! (I have an E6400 at 2.7G with stock voltage). Plenty of headroom for the cooler in my slim microATX case to fit this unit.

Cons: I have a micro ATX main board. When the cooler is fitted as instructed in the manual the heatpipes obstruct DIMM slot 1. So being clever I thought I could flip the cooler 180 degrees (the heat pipes would still be horizontal). Should be no problem? WRONG!! The Temps under load went to over 70C. I swapped the unit back to what the leaflet said and moved my single 2G stick to DIMM2. All was good again. As noted on another review, the temp sensor didnt work properly (fan ran at low revs no matter what temp). I cut out the sensor and and have it running at full speed (not too load).

Overall Review: Amazing heat reduction, I can now overclock my CPU even further. Make sure you fit it in the orientation the leaflet says, It will obscure DIMM1 on MicroATX boards though. I am going to buy a new fan unit with manual adjustment to reduce the noise a bit.

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Superb Media Center Keyboard2/18/2008 11:45:02 AM

Pros: Excellent keyboard feel, nice and resposive with no lag. The track ball is excellent. It installs very easily, plug in the USB dongle and then press the ID buttons on each unit and done!! Battery life is excellent, I use mine all the time and it lasted 6 months.(there is a low battery indication on the KB). I use this unit 15ft from my PC with no problems.

Cons: None

Overall Review: For the price this is the best RF Keyboard out there. The design is very natural and feels like a large game controller. I have purchase a second unit which I have had for 2 months now with no problems. I have even used them at the same time with no interference.

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Sturdy and Spacious2/18/2008 11:31:41 AM

Pros: Extremely good value for money. I was very impressed with the build quality, the unit is fairly sturdy with no rattles from the side panel which fits nice and tight. There is enough room for 2 hard drives(as long as you dont want a floppy drive). Plenty of ventilation. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Cons: Ok it just a nag, but the 80mm fan could do with replacing as its a bit loud for living room use.

Overall Review: I wasnt sure what to expect when ordering, it was either going to be naff or great, luckily it was the latter. Im running this unit with an E6400 @ 2.8G 24/7 with a stock intel cooler and it doesnt break 55C (running folding@home and Media center, 100% cpu usage). I was so impressed I bought a second case which was just as good. Highly reccommended.

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Initial Problems1/25/2008 7:24:15 PM

Pros: High capacity and good transfer rate (60Mb/Sec). Idea for those people, who like me, store all thier DVDs on their HD.

Cons: Pain in the a@*! to get working. I managed to get windows installed and all seemed to be working fine, but when transfering large blocks of data my system would freeze. Luckily I saw another review at Newegg!! Once I dropped my nforce drivers back to 15.01 all worked fine..

Overall Review: Successfully transfered 641Gigs of data in one go in order to back up my video collection (took about 3hrs). Watch out if you have an nForce 6 base M/B and go back to 15.01. I didnt manage to get Hutil working to test the drive as it wouldnt load on my system, might be due to an external CD drive?

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Mini Laptop at Bargain Price11/16/2007 4:57:11 PM

Pros: OK lets start with the obvious.. ITS SMALL. I have been looking for a 12" or smaller laptop for traveling for quite a while now but couldnt justify paying $1000-$2000 just to surf and run a few office apps. This little unit fit perfectly. I have purchased a 16G SD card which works great (also from Newegg) to get round the limited disk space and can now carry round a selection of movies and MP3s. The screen is suprisingly good, bright and clear. Boot up times are also very quick 30seconds for windows XP (I removed Linux and installed XP as a trial, it runs very well). The build quality seems very good and its taken a few knock while I have been traveling. The read performance of the SSHD is exceptional. It is very easy to reinstall Linux from the recovery disk with a USB CDROM.

Cons: Now for the niggles. The keyboard can take a while to get used to if you have fat finger! For $400 I think ASUS should have included 1GB of memory, it wouldnt have cost them much but would improve performance. The write performance of the SSHD is disappointing. The 800x480 resolution takes a while to get used to, but the abilty to switch to 800x600 is very good and allows you to pan around the screen.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a standard spec laptop this isnt for you, this is ultra portable and cheap. The windows XP install needs SP2 (it wont work with 1a, driver issues I believe). It took about 3 hrs from start to finish, including downloading all the updated from the web, 2hrs of which were the XP CD install and Driver disk install. All very straight forward, but a bit slow partly due to the SSHD. I have tried a couple of BIOS's and Im currently using 402. The latest BIOS(0127) gives you control over the FSB and allows you to up it from 70 to 100Mhz. I have seen differing reports on how well this works and will probably try it when I buy some more memory (installing more memory voids the warranty!!!). All in All I love this PC. Thanks ASUS for providing

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5/27/2007 6:54:35 PM

Pros: A well designed case. Great airflow for the CPU. I have a 6400 running at 3.3G with air cooling and the processor doesnt break 48C under full load, idle is 33C. Plenty of room inside and should be able to take a 8800GTX with carefull cable management.

Cons: Not ideal for people multiple diskdrives. Be carefull of heat build up at the top of the case by the graphics card.

Overall Review: I have purchase a PCI fan card which works a treat in helping the graphics card temps. Also remember the airflow in the case is from the back to the front when mounting your CPU fan!

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