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Pros: Hardly any. The sound quality is decent, but there has been some crackling noises happening every now and then starting to arise as of late.

Cons: Almost everything. The ear cups are way, way, way too small and the headband itself is rather tight in the beginning, however it has stretched out a bit. I suspect the smaller overall size is because this is targeted towards younger teens since it is an endorsed product. which would make sense seeing as most teens probably would just buy it based on the endorsement and then be stuck with a terrible headset.(just want to insert a mini-review here on Newegg's review censorship- I've had to edit out the actual name of Wally World and the word "cr@p"...come on) The cord and plugs are incredibly weak looking and feeling. The headset itself creaks. the mic has very little play in the movement when plugged in. So you basically have it in and deal with it there, or have it out; and it is annoying to put back in thanks to a notch that allows it to go in one way only. Speaking of the mic, it is ****. Complete and utter inconsistent garbage. In vent when I use voice activation it will cut out mid sentence all the time, then somehow manage to cue from me turning my head. It will pick up me typing, but require me to almost yell for it to pick up the start of a sentence. In Steam chat I'm always told I sound low, but when I move the mic close to fix that you can hear me breathing. I've tried every combination under the sun between all my sound programs and windows microphone settings and none of them make it usable. what fixes one issue exacerbates another. Every now and then there is a very faint static noise that comes through the headset. I've only noticed after several hours of use, though. I feel I should mention the plugs again. They are cheap excuses for plus. My computer constantly stops recognizing the plugs (other headphones don't do this). At first it happened every now and then, as I said in my first review, but it has become more and more frequent to the point of it happening multiple times in a row, and randomly throughout my time using it. I don't know if it is a short or the plugs themselves are low quality. I haven't banged them up and I've ran over the cord once with my chair, however it was doing this before that. Seeing as how the plugs/cord and, for the most part, the entire headset feels cheap, I'd just say it is a quality issue. This headset's cord becomes more tangled than any cord I have ever had. I don't know what this cord is made of that causes it to kink and twist so easily, and retain those kinks and twists so stubbornly but it is incredibly annoying, especially considering the cord is rather short compared to many other wired gaming headsets.

Overall Review: This headset at 50 bucks is without a doubt one of the biggest ripoffs in the headset market. You would be better off buying literally almost any other headset in this price range. I got these at a far more reasonable 20 bucks during a sale and I STILL wouldn't recommend these. I said in my first review that these blow anything else out of the water for the 20 bucks, however with the multiple quality issues, I would rather have a 20 buck headset from a some big box store. these offer NOTHING over other headsets you could buy from wally world or on here apart from maybe ever so slightly better sound quality than 20 dollar headphones; and for in the 50 dollar price range these normally sit in, they don't even offer that. DO NOT BUY THESE.

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An excellent contender for low to mid rage GPUs2/3/2014 2:47:05 AM

Pros: Still able to run modern demanding games at decent graphics. Runs very cool with a nice big fan. Lots of graphics for little money, basically. Adequate connections for the price, but I'd rather they replace the RGB and two DVI connections with just one more HDMI.

Cons: None really. Price hasn't gone down so don't know if it is quite as worth it now. Only one HDMI.

Overall Review: bought this Xmas 2012 as a budget upgrade. I can run BF4 on good graphics lag free even in intense moments, I haven't even tried the highest because I don't really care but I imagine in really intense moments it may lag a bit. I've only noticed it really capping out when running games with higher end graphics or mods, so at its most stressing, while having who knows what all else running on my 2nd monitor and livestreaming. Even then I didn't notice any lag anywhere but my meters told me the processor was at max capacity but the on board memory was nowhere near it. I see it is still the same price as when I bought it a year ago so it may not be quite as worth it..even when I bought it it came with AC III. However if you are looking for a budget GPU this should at least be high on the list for consideration.

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2/3/2014 2:37:24 AM

Pros: Able to support independently powered GPUs. Stylish black. Cheap.

Cons: Iffy Q&A. Unknown company. build quality is woefully average. Cheap.

Overall Review: This PSU was already cheap and I got during a Christmas sale. Reviews consensus seems to be that if it works it works well, but it is up in the air if it works or not. I rolled the dice and figured if it ate it then I would deal with RMAing it was worth it for the price. Well over a year later and it is still going strong. It can run a bit hot which is probably why it has a "turbo" button for the fan. The build quality is very average and it doesn't exactly instill confidence in you when you pick it up but it works. A few times it started to make a very faint rattle which I just figured was the maybe the fan acting up or perhaps an internal screw or something because everything I can reach is tight. flicking the exhaust fan's grill makes the noise stop.

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Solid mouse except for bug2/3/2014 2:30:04 AM

Pros: Many, many buttons. Sound button layout, buttons are easy to access, even for me who has rather small hands. 1000s and 1000s of color combinations for the mouse. Feels solid and weighty which I like. It isn't too heavy and it feels good in the hand. Speaking of feels good in the hand it is quite comfortable. you get the impression someone who played games actually designed it. Everything is where you'd need it, it has a shift modifier built in, easily accessed mode switch buttons. Can set different set ups to light up a different color for easy mode recognition.

Cons: the dastardly firmware bug.

Overall Review: More on the bug. It causes your mouse to jump a few inches up when using bound keys. I believe you can find out in these comments the exact parameters that cause it to happen. Mine has it, with a little research, even in these comments, you can see what firmware version is upgradeable to be fixed and which isn't..and how to find out which one you have. My firmware cannot be upgraded and I do have the bug. It isn't incredibly common. My raids in WoW are 3 hours long and it happens anywhere from 0-2 times usually. Some nights it doesn't happen, some it will happen a couple of times. I really only use this mouse for WoW and perhaps in the future a game like Torchlight or something, otherwise I use my "FPS" mouse or 360 controller, so I am not too bothered by it. But someone who plays nothing but DOTA or WoW may come to hate this. For this reason I can't give it the perfect score. It is a darn good mouse but if you get one that is bugged and not able to be fixed then you will either have to RMA it until you get one that is the right model or just deal with it.

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Does what it says on the tin.2/3/2014 2:05:27 AM

Pros: Nothing crazy has happened so far. I used this to replace a 4 gig pack of Crucial Ballistix swear it seems my PC at rest uses a bit less RAM now but that could just be me.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: This seems to be a relatively still known start up so I took a chance because of the price and the so far good reviews and it seems it paid off.

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Fantastic Fan for the price2/3/2014 2:03:16 AM

Pros: High build quality. Sound dampening inserts. Adjustable RPM.

Cons: Each color was a different price with the most expensive being the one that matches my current LEDS and the cheapest being the non-LED version so I got the non colored version.. But that is just a rather irrelevant personal gripe.

Overall Review: This fan lowered my Internal speed by 4-5 degrees Celsius. I have a 120 watt CPU and with my stock case fans I'd hover around 60 degrees under somewhat heavy continual stress..and could reach into the low 60s under full load. Now I barely clip 60 under full load. It is quiet, adjustable, moves a lot of air and the quality feel and so far seems to be top notch.

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Does as advertised2/3/2014 1:58:48 AM

Pros: surprisingly well built and sturdy.

Cons: comes with a min-disc which is useless. Follow driver instructions found within the reviews.

Overall Review: As said above. Disregard any instructions it comes with and just follow those found in the comments or elsewhere online.

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