3/19/2014 9:36:22 PM

Pros: -All the standard 290x specs -30Mhz overclock -Comes with Battlefield 4 (2 copies, actually) -At the time of my purchase, the card's price was not inflated, unlike every other vendor's. -Fan is not that loud. I came from a GTX 670FTW, and it is not appreciably different in volume under load. I play with my open-air chassis PC (InWin D Frame) roughly 3 feet away at head level, and the fan is not audible during a game even in uber mode (quiet mode is essentially silent). -Card has no issues whatsoever maintaining advertised clocks (1030Mhz), even in quiet mode

Cons: -First card was dead on arrival. Newegg customer service did well getting me a new one. That said, it had the "black screen of death" issue, which is apparently very, very common with these cards. -All the standard 290x heat (yep, it loads at 93C)

Overall Review: Whether you are gaming or mining, this is going to be an impressive card. I don't have an interest in mining myself, but I take comfort in the fact that I could start at any time or sell my card with little loss (or even gain) to someone who is interested. I want to stress again that the fan IS NOT THAT LOUD. I was expecting a turbine, but either driver or bios updates, or some wizardry from Powercolor, has made this a card that is easy to live with. If that is what was holding you back, I would urge you to give it a chance. One oddity - the "uber mode' does not seem to default to max 55% fan speed, at least not according to overdrive. A different bios, perhaps? I went ahead and manually allowed that, but it seldom if ever needs to get there, even after a few hours of BF4. I subtracted one egg because of first DOA card (which is supposedly very common).

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Beautiful case with a few sacrifices.1/21/2014 3:58:27 PM

Pros: -The build quality is absolutely amazing, with everything made out of glass and metal. -The brushed body and glass sides are beautiful. -Hot swappable drive bays -Plenty of room for a long graphics card -Space for slim optical drive -All braided internal cables

Cons: -Only has room for 2x2.5 and 2x3.5 HDDs. Many ITX cases have room for far more -On a related note, there is a lot of wasted space. There is plenty of room left around the power supply (even with a completely loaded set of cables) that could be used for more 2.5 HDDs. There is a strange gap behind the rear IO that In Win says can be used for external water cooling. I haven't tried it, but I would guess I could fit an h60 with one fan on the inside of the gap. -Low clearance for an aftermarket heatsink. Make sure yours fits before you buy it. -1 intake fan and no exhaust make for limited cooling performance -Space for slim optical drive. No one uses disks anymore and the space could be better used. -Limited cable management

Overall Review: With this case you are sacrificing a certain amount of practicality for aesthetics, but in my opinion it is well worth it. In Win consistently makes beautiful cases that stand out from the crowd and make a statement, and the 901 is no different. It is the perfect case for a vanity home theater PC or a small enthusiast build. I think the price is well worth it for the quality you are getting.

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Disappointed7/5/2012 9:51:42 PM

Pros: -The card performed well for about 8 hours. -The card stayed very cool, and the fan is very quiet. -Nice packaging, and the exterior build quality of the card seemed good.

Cons: -After those 8 hours, horrific artifacting and screen tearing began. Before that though, there was occasional artifacting when playing back flash content. -The card had extremely bad coil whine, worse than any card I had encountered before. It was audible over my home theater speakers during games. -The card did not come with the games that were promised (no coupons or anything).

Overall Review: Others (and several websites) implied this car would come at 1050 core, but mine came at 925. Perhaps this is just another symptom of my dud card. Anyway, I have RMA'd this card for a replacement and am hoping that the next one will be better. I really don't want to judge the 7900 series or HIS poorly, but this is not a good start!

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A mixed bag...11/5/2011 3:13:04 AM

Pros: -The Cherry MX Blues are, of course, fantastic to type on -The board is a bargain as far as mechanical keyboards go -The board has a standard layout and a normal, legible font -The build quality of the board is mostly high (see cons) -Basically a Filco Majestouch under the hood, which means you are getting a Ferrari (just in the body of a Corolla) -Came with a $20 coupon, which pretty much payed for a hyper 212+

Cons: -The keys are... inconsistent. My right shift key seems to be quite squishy, even after several applications of lube to the stabilizer bar. My "+" key on the number pad would stay depressed every time, but I have resolved that with some lube. -Space bar squeaks like CRAZY. It is loud enough to be heard over all the other keys, even if you hit them hard and bottom them out. This isn't some little sound you have to listen for, it is overwhelming. -Minor gripe... I personally dislike the Rosewill logo emblazoned on the top right, but it's not too hard to get over.

Overall Review: My dilemma now is whether to return the keyboard or not. With the inconsistent key pressures on some of the keys as well as the sticking depressed keys and tremendous squeak, I feel like I should have gotten more for my money. After my DOA Blackwidow Ultimate and now this somewhat problematic Rosewill, I may turn my attention towards Asian manufacturers such as Ducky in pursuit of top build quality. It's a pity that newegg doesn't import them, because I never want to go anywhere else for my electronic needs.

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Cheap and Cheerful!10/31/2011 6:35:43 PM

Pros: -Amazing value. Cools nearly as well as coolers 3-4 times its price. -Dropped temps of my 2600k by 30 degrees C. Idles at 28, load at 49. -Silent. Seriously. I can't hear my computer even under full load, with the side panel off 2 feet away. -Comes with good thermal compound, even with the whole thing costing around $5 more than a tube of arctic silver.

Cons: -It is a NIGHTMARE to install. I have built entire systems in less time than it took me to get this bugger on. Getting the backplate and the screws to meet up was very difficult, and paper directions are useless. I used a video tutorial. It was bad enough where I have to knock an egg.

Overall Review: I got this thing for $5.99 with a coupon and am extremely satisfied. I would have been just as satisfied for the retail price of $25.99. If you are on the fence, I say go for it! You can't often find this sort of quality for this sort of price.

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A fantastic offering10/12/2011 10:16:01 AM

Pros: -Overclocks extremely well -Very, very, very fast stock -Holds even with Extreme Edition processors for a fraction of the price -Better than anything AMD can hope to offer, even with Bulldozer being released today -Hyperthreading

Cons: -Awful stock cooler. Mine actually stopped spinning in a few hours. -Expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: I've owned this for almost a year now, and it is fantastic. Everything I ask this thing to do, it powers through with ease.

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Another good product10/12/2011 10:09:34 AM

Pros: -Great drivers -One of the best sensors on the market -Good packaging -On the fly sensitivity/DPI changes

Cons: -A little expensive for what you get -Looks nasty after you use it with sweaty palms

Overall Review: Razer has a reputation for making good gaming mice, and this is no exception.

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Impressed with Razer again10/12/2011 10:05:31 AM

Pros: -MX Blues make me WANT to type -Backlighting is beautiful, and it is one of the few mechs that have it -Macros, another rarity on a mech -Great build quality for the most part -Easy to use software -USB, mic, headphone passthrough -Nice packaging.

Cons: -One of my keys was stuck out of the box, but it was easily fixed by pressing it hard -My home key's backlight went out for about 2 minutes, but is now on with no issues -The secondary characters on a key are not backlit. -Needlessly more expensive than the standard version, but i got it on sale. -No PS/2 connection

Overall Review: I also own a Deathadder mouse, and it too is fantastic. Razer is a reliable company that makes great products.

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