Cheap and simple way to clone without buying a software11/25/2020 1:05:19 PM

Pros: two button push and its done

Cons: It will copy everything including partition and bad sectors

Overall Review: overall this is the fastest and easiest way to mirror image if you are not particular with the files you want to copy, and also serve as a docking port

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similar to chrome book than regular laptop11/25/2020 12:57:37 PM

Pros: Great for primary school online learning

Cons: The Ram is limited to 8 Gb and M.2 memory to 250 meg. More like a chrome book

Overall Review: It would have been a good potable device if not for the limitation

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Not foR HP Folio104011/25/2020 4:54:48 AM

Pros: Did not fit my HP Folio 1040. It did fit my HPfolio 9740m

Cons: Double sided

Overall Review: fast enough for average user but I would not recommend this for gaming laptops

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