small and Powerful6/8/2021 6:11:08 AM

Pros: Great sound, easy to use, ports are easy to find and secured with water protection, great sound, and nice bass

Cons: cant find any

Overall Review: Would recommend as a high quality bluetooth speaker

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Simple RGB , Good PSU2/23/2021 1:09:36 PM

Pros: Easy to install, simple RGB button, simple power cables, CPU cables have blue ends, came with two small zips and installation screws

Cons: None, RGB is nothing sophisticated, but works

Overall Review: Overall worth the money and good product, would recommend if you got a dead PSU from someone else.

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DOA2/8/2021 10:02:50 AM

Pros: it came in a nice looking box

Cons: It didnt power on, it was dead on arrival and RMA time is going to take two or more weeks, and they arent willing to match the price you bought it at and send a replacement quickly

Overall Review: Would not recommend buying this directly from Newegg

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Justin, Sorry for your experience with the product. You can directly request an RMA from Thermaltake USA via and they have options for cross-shipping for a faster turn around time. Regards, Super Component Store
Great device, easy to use1/26/2021 8:24:46 AM

Pros: The device itself is small and easy to fit on a monitor, and the software built in is easy to use and explains how to connect

Cons: If the power connection was type c it would be ready for the future

Overall Review: overall good device and worth using if you want the ability to cast to a screen easily

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The best router for gaming or working from home4/10/2020 9:55:43 AM

Pros: The speed I am getting from Wifi 6 is amazing

Cons: Cant find anything to complain about, maybe more ethernet ports on the back of the router

Overall Review: 10/10 router

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Great Ram, good speed and nice RGB leds2/29/2020 8:23:02 AM

Pros: Fast and colorful

Cons: Not any I know of

Overall Review: Good ram worth the price

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Great front door camera10/19/2019 5:56:08 AM

Pros: Sends notifications to you when someone presses the doorbell or it recognizes a person Easy to setup and app walks through all the steps

Cons: More mounts with camera, longer screws for more secure installation

Overall Review: Would recommend to anyone looking for a doorbell where they can monitor the front door

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great thermostat10/11/2017 6:45:34 AM

Pros: Its easy to setup, good instructions came with it, the touchscreen is responsive.

Cons: I cant really come up with Cons for this item.

Overall Review: I would recommend this to anyone wanting a nice thermostat that is easy to use.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Nice Cpu Cooler9/12/2017 1:54:40 PM

Pros: It had all the parts needed to install, came well packaged, it pushes out the hot air extremely well. I have an AMD FX 8350, keeps that thing super cool. (my case has 2 fans) + cooler with 140 mm fan

Cons: Difficult to attach while motherboard is in case, best way is to remove motherboard, attach cooler and put back in case. It is hard to see the bottom of screws to the frame (it came in box with the fan) because of the case, so mobo needs taken out for easier install.

Overall Review: -Side note it fit perfectly into my mid-tower case (any smaller and it wont fit) and only sits facing the back on my motherboard because of my motherboard. __Side note 2, I did read the instructions, they show pictures how to install

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Nice charger, cheaply made9/5/2017 7:15:19 AM

Pros: Charged my new phone up to 50% for $15 its not a bad price, one side charges faster.

Cons: left it out in the sunlight to charge, it overheated and didnt charge it. not made for solar charging unless its inside or if its cool outside.

Overall Review: I would recommend..... but it took past 2 weeks to get here, buy usa made.

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Great Motherboard, great Bios update8/28/2017 12:42:44 PM

Pros: This has a very nice BIOS and handles running my AMD 8350 processor just fine. Has good slots for my Video card and memory

Cons: A nice RGB led strip could be nice to add color.

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Great RAM, Buy it8/28/2017 12:40:58 PM

Pros: Easily handles anything I throw at it, glad i got the higher version, no Cons that I could find.

Cons: It could be improved to add LEDs to add a color effect

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Awesome card for the price, worth the money.8/28/2017 12:38:45 PM

Pros: Fast and handles games easily, the 8Gbs helps run any game at High quality, I use it for Rainbow Six Siege.

Cons: It runs hot for me, I went into BIOS and changed my fans to run at 80% and I also have 5 case fans to move air and also near an ac floor vent for it to pull in cool air.

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Great Laptop for a Tech guy8/28/2016 9:41:32 PM

Pros: This laptop is great, very fast and light, and worth the money with the newest Intel I5 processor! The SSD just gives it that extra speed!

Cons: Battery life does drain pretty fast but in power-saver mode you can get 8 hours out of it, normally about 5 hours.

Overall Review: Would recommend this if your interested, being refurbished it had one small scratch on it but still close to pristine condition.

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Amazing Mid Card3/18/2015 8:17:51 PM

Pros: This card runs great! If your looking to upgrade to a better card then the price is worth it! 1080 p games run very nice! it will run DayZ at high graphics

Cons: None other than the size but thats not an issue

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Awesome Power Supply3/18/2015 8:16:22 PM

Pros: Runs great, easy to install, comes with extra cords to plug things in

Cons: None

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Cooler (Master)3/3/2015 8:49:21 PM

Pros: Amazing Cooler, pretty easy to install, had two different backs to it for Intel and AMD, use the Silver Screws to install on motherboard and silver tops(i made the mistake of using the black screws and couldn't get it to work.)

Cons: A bit bulky but otherwise pretty nice, the tubes are a bit stiff so for a smaller case it may not bend for how you need it

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