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Does what it claims, great budget board for Mini-itx onboard Wifi build

MSI A68HI AC FM2+ AMD A68H SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Mini ITX AMD Motherboard
MSI A68HI AC FM2+ AMD A68H SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Mini ITX AMD Motherboard

Pros: - BIOS is user friendly and comes with a Overclock Genie built in that works great with almost all A10 APU models. (Personally use it with an A10-7860K). - Can support 4.2 GHz overclock on the A10-7860K APU with stable power - Compact, simple, and built relatively sturdy - Supports 2133 RAM models - Built in wifi works like a charm, with or without included antenna connectors - Heat data is more than reasonable under load with overclocked items

Cons: - The two RAM slots are considerably close to the CPU dock, you will have difficulty finding a compatible after market cooler - Basically, from experience trying multiple coolers, and installing this Mobo in about 7 different builds, the Corsair H60 works well. - Wiring across the board is loose and insecure in some locations. - Only two fan headers, therefore an after market fan hub is required. - Locations of the USB 3.0, SATA, etc. is a little poor. Cable management can be a challenge

Overall Review: This motherboard does exactly what it says. Solid, inexpensive, reliable and user friendly products. Only a loss in stars for the limited fan headers, poor spacing of connection ports (USB, SATA, etc.), and limited support of aftermarket coolers due to compact layout. Plainly, if you plan on running a Mini-itx build with an A10 APU series model, this is your beast of burden. Runs great on my set-ups. My typical Mini-itx APU portable gaming rig, made to sell: - A10-7860K - MSI A68HI - GTX 960 4GB - 120GB SSD - 500GB WD Black 2.5" - Corsair H60 - Corsair Vengeance 2133 (16GB) (8x2) - Corsair 750w Gold - Thermaltake Commander F5 Fan Hub - Fans and Case vary on customer choices

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What was Advertised, Nothing More...

Pros: Dell came refurb and in working order. The computer came in under 5 days. Cons: Computer mas major cosmetic wear, and a broken leg. Windows came unregistered and had to purchase a genuine copy. Not really the best vendor I have used on this site, I am not really impressed.

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