7/29/2013 10:16:05 PM

Pros: Compact size. Activity light isn't overly bright like many other USB sticks I've encountered.

Cons: Plastic case gets warm under heavy load. Not really a negative but something I don't encounter with high quality rubber encased sticks.

Overall Review: Crystal Disk Mark Scores: Sequential Read : 17.854 MB/s Sequential Write : 14.206 MB/s Random Read 512KB : 17.888 MB/s Random Write 512KB : 1.419 MB/s Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 3.146 MB/s [ 768.1 IOPS] Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 0.008 MB/s [ 1.8 IOPS] Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 3.427 MB/s [ 836.7 IOPS] Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 0.008 MB/s [ 1.9 IOPS] Roughly 25% slower than my Patriot XT with the exception of Sequential Writes which are nearly identical.

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6/25/2010 4:04:31 PM

Pros: Runs above rated speed at below rated voltage with tighter than rated timings.

Cons: Not a one.

Overall Review: Currently running with Core i3 530 three pass memtest86 stable and cool to the touch. 1720Mhz 1.6v 7-8-7-18

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A Clear Understanding6/7/2010 7:44:15 PM

Pros: 32nm die. Extremely efficient and good overclocking potential

Cons: Poor early BIOS revisions of most motherboards that lead to poor first impressions of the i3. This has been resolved on H55 chipsets, P55 chipsets I'm not too sure about. Relatively weak Memory Controller (don't buy faster than 1600Mhz memory unless cooling with liquid nitrogen).

Overall Review: When overclocking make sure the distance between VTT voltage (memory controller) and DRAM voltage (memory) is no more than 0.5v regardless of temps as you could kill the processor. This goes for all Core i processors. My Rig: Biostar TH55B HD 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair DDR3 1600 (CMX4GX3M2A1600C7) Using stock heatsink and the Integrated GPU, all power saving options enabled w/ "Load Line" disabled; 10 hours Prime95 stable: CPU Freq = 3.78Ghz (172x22) Memory Freq = 1720Mhz (172x10) QPI Freq = 3006Mhz GPU Freq = 731Mhz CPU Vcore = 1.14V (-.04v) VTT = 1.15v DRAM = 1.60v Mem Timings = 7-8-7-22 (3 pass memtest86 stable) Tjmax is 105*C so your safe at higher temps. Peak temp was 72*C with averages of 68-70*C @ 25*C (77*F) ambient... it's getting hot here! For perspective, my 65nm E2180 has a TJmax of 85*C and I run it at a max of 50-55*C. Unless you're doing heavy multitasking a fast dual core is still king as developers seem in no hurry to support more than 2 threads per a

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Good Enough5/25/2010 10:16:05 AM

Pros: Long antenna extension. Reasonable price

Cons: Poor build quality. The card took more force to align properly in my PCI slot than it should. Also the bracket didn't fit flush against the case. It took some force to bend into submission

Overall Review: Range seems decent. My reason for purchasing this card was to eliminate interference as my HTPC is on the bottom of an entertainment center and the long antenna does just that. I haven't tested throughput, then again it's wireless so I don't expect to be impressed. It maxes out my 3Mbps connection so I'm satisfied

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It Finally Works1/13/2009 12:36:20 PM

Pros: Works along side my USB wireless mouse and keyboard and is sitting next to my wireless router without any problems.

Cons: Useless software must be installed. After installing, the software updates (another potential MS security issue?). After updating, it asked that I restart after which the device would no longer sync with gamepad. It wasn't until I went to MS Updates clicked on Hardware that it recognized a driver update was needed. This was frustrating as it was the last place I looked to resolve the "Code 37"driver issue.

Overall Review: This is an HID device so why do I need software and why is xboxstat.exe added to my startup items?? Device works without it. Just remove it from startup list/deny it in your firewall. Driver updates are all you need. The only reason it doesn't get 3 stars is that it now works really well and is reasonably priced.

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M2000 confirmed1/13/2009 12:09:49 PM

Pros: Reasonably priced. Recognized all 512MB added to Compaq M2000 with a 1.4Ghz Celeron.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Thanks to the posters before me for confirming that it too worked in their Compaq M2000 as they can be finicky with memory. This saved me $ since "Certified" memory is typically 2-3 times as much and does the same thing.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
With 7v fan = 5 star1/5/2009 12:55:39 PM

Pros: Great connection options, and great cooling and overclocking ability.

Cons: Louder than I can stand for home use. 2 wire fan design makes fan control impossible. Don't expect Catalyst or drivers to ever control this fan. A 3 wire fan has RPM monitoring a 2 wire fan does not.

Overall Review: I wired the fan to a molex connector in a way that makes it run at 7v (there goes my warranty). After stress testing I found no difference in temps between 7v and 12v fan speeds at stock clock. During a 10 min stress test at stock clock running without a fan, temps were nearing 80, and idle temps were 10 deg higher; DON'T RUN THIS WITHOUT A FAN! The card is now quiet, I can't hear it over 2 - 120mm Antec TriCool fans set at low and stock C2D HSF. OC'd to 860/1095. Peak temps are in the low to mid 60's. Passed 1 hour artifact stress test. This is now a great HTPC card.

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7v the fan = 5 star1/4/2009 8:56:16 PM

Pros: Great connection options

Cons: Loud. I thought I could deal with it but after 1 week it was time to do something about it.

Overall Review: I did the famed 7v fan mod to quiet the fan using an old molex connector. Idle and stress test temps at stock clock showed 0 delta between 7v and 12v fan. Fanless was 9 deg higher at idle and 15 deg higher after 5 min test. I wouldn't run this fanless as suggested below. I saw temps nearing 80 in less than 10 min! 4 star because of the 2 wire fan design and noise. Don't expect Catalyst to ever be able to control fan speed, you need a 3 wire fan to see RPM. Card is now inaudible over 2 120mm Antec TriCool fans set on low and stock C2D HSF. This is now a great HTPC card... too bad my warranty is out the window.

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