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Nathan M.

Nathan M.

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Decent Rig

ASUS Transformer Book T100 Intel Z3775 Quad Core 2GB DDR3 RAM 64GB SSD 10.1" Touchscreen 2in1 Tablet w/Dock, Windows 8.1- Red (T100TA-C1-RD(S))
ASUS Transformer Book T100 Intel Z3775 Quad Core 2GB DDR3 RAM 64GB SSD 10.1" Touchscreen 2in1 Tablet w/Dock, Windows 8.1- Red (T100TA-C1-RD(S))

Pros: Great battery life. CPU speeds are decidedly up to par. Decent dock, keyboard and trackpad. Full windows 8.1, not RT Lightweight and affordable Comes with Office 2013 Home and Student, preinstalled Decent design, texture (doesn't get many fingerprints.) Dual band WiFi

Cons: Charging times are long. Screen not opening far enough. Doesn't make me breakfast.

Overall Review: This is a different machine to the older model containing the z3740 Intel chip-set. I've found in other reviews saying that the keyboard has some issues and the tablet and dock don't match, that is not the case here. I haven't had a "sticky key" in the time I've had it. The track pad is as responsive as you like, and the key travel is more then enough. This tablets outer case is red whilst the inside is black. It matches better then the older version, and is less prone to finger print smudges. Contains MS Office 2013, it wasn't listed in NewEggs listing specifications and wasn't sure if it came with it or not, it does, It is pre installed, not a lot of downloading involved to get it up and running. Played a few games just to see what it's capable of: Second Life: fps(15 - 30) Killing Floor: fps(20-30) World of Warcraft fps(10-25) Not it's purpose, but it is a tail tell sign of what it's in fact capable of. Daily use of internet browsing, youtube, facebook and forms of media are great on it. Dual speakers on the back aren't as loud as I suspected, but in a moderately low noise level environment, you will be pleased. Installed a 64GB SD Card, no problems. Its start up time: 9.8 seconds shut down time: 1.2 seconds thats from cold off to on, and on to cold off. The tilt/angle it opens up to is slightly less then desirable, but the viewing angle is adequate and makes up for this. This newer model has a better dock I believe then the model with the intel z3740, though upon further inspection, I found there isn't a place for an internal hard drive. I had a sneaking suspicion it might have a slot and caddy for one due to the previous version hosting a 500gb HDD. Not the case here. It powers my external 3.0 USB drive without problems. I wasn't expecting that. Last thing worth noting. On a 30mb connection, I found it took approx. 3 hours to get fully updated from first turn on. That is with installation and downloading, none of my apps or programs. Personally I love it, its great for traveling and lightweight. friends and family enjoy it as much as I do. A tablet this capable with full Windows 8.1 and a full copy of office 2013 Home and Student for under $400. Nicely done Asus. (Makes me wonder how they are even making money on it to be perfectly honest.)

Most Critical Review

Good Keyboard bad mouse

CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)
CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)

Pros: Affordable Bright illumination great feel

Cons: The mouse scroll wheel started failing after only 2 months of getting it, finally bit the dust a month later, randomly would lock up in the mechanism itself and would squeak oddly, make the pages jump around frantically while trying to scroll slow.

Overall Review: I love the keyboard, it saved it from a 1 egger. but the mouse is in the garbage

Decent Joystick

Saitek X52 Flight Control System
Saitek X52 Flight Control System

Pros: Heavy feeling good resistance buttons don't feel cheap (should be programmable - see cons) Adjustable LED brightness

Cons: The software that was supposed to come with this doesn't work driver installation is wonky at best unplugging causes mouse interrupt afterwards at the top end and bottom end of the throttle, there is suddenly extra resistance, at first thought it was a cool concept, but when micro managing my throttle in elite dangerous, it ended up throwing me past my way points a few times.

Overall Review: First of all, the joy stick and throttle feel amazing in hand, I really feel like I have control with these, I didn't have to attach the suction cups to get it to stay on my desk and being able to adjust the LEDs at night is actually quite fun, unfortunately this is where the joy ride ended for me. When I first received my throttle, I plugged it into my computer and turned it on, my PC is running Win 10 and immediately there was issues, it wasn't long after some short digging through a few forums that I discovered that everyone is correct, the driver that comes with it is obsolete and breaks things... causes glitches... I even managed to BSOD once after unplugging it. So I attempted to uninstall it... couldn't find it using Ccleaner and couldn't find it using windows default uninstaller... not even revo could find the thing?! at this point, i actually formatted my computer (why? cause I ran out of options as far as the forums I visited were concerned) I installed the driver from the disc, then plugged it in, then got the driver from the website. So now they work as basic Human Input Devices... the software still refuses to run even when requested to run as win 7 sp1 with admin privileges... I was alright with this, sad that I couldn't use the thumb mouse on the throttle, but I got over it... tiillllll yesterday when I discovered that the turn dials on the throttle were not centered properly from the factory, I opened window's joy.cpl and discovered that where the dials "click" top dead center was offset by quite a bit, 3.5 degrees actually. I tried finding any way to calibrate it back and there are no options for this... maybe in the software I was unable to run? Last but not least, the throttle does NOT have a TDC click at the halfway up point, I thought for sure it would? but no, if you have it set up that from 50 to 100 = forward and from 49 to 0 = backward, youll have to monitor where the stick is constantly as there's no physical "click" or "bump" to let you know where the throttle stands at no impulse. This joystick/throttle is a blast to fly with... but setup was annoying and I feel like I'm missing a lot of features here. I'm also not looking forward to trying to contact Saitek as a lot of people say it's a tasking chore to do so. (One of the things I'm missing out on without the software is the "modes" rotater switch on the joystick as well) My recommendation is avoid this setup until they sit down with development and turn out a software update this thing apparently needs to operate... if you're willing to wait that long.

Awesome gear from Asus

ASUS Transformer Book T200TA-C1-BL 2-in-1 Ultrabook Intel Atom Z3795 (1.60GHz) 4GB Memory 64GB SSD 11.6" Touchscreen  Windows 8.1 64-Bit
ASUS Transformer Book T200TA-C1-BL 2-in-1 Ultrabook Intel Atom Z3795 (1.60GHz) 4GB Memory 64GB SSD 11.6" Touchscreen Windows 8.1 64-Bit

Pros: Affordable Lightweight Great Battery life Nice screen size ETHERNET PORT \o/!!! 2 Usb ports (1 3.0) and that handy slim 2.5 hdd drive bay!

Cons: Screen doesn't open far enough back A bit dim in the direct sunlight had a slight issue with the wifi driver

Overall Review: Where to begin... The T200ta is a great ultra book/transformer book due to its battery and storage capacity capabilities. You're going to want to get an SSD for this as well as it will give you added storage and reduce battery usage compared to a slim 2.5 drive. I installed a mushkin eco drive in mine and have not been disappointed. Compared to the Asus t100 I used to have, this has much better specs and gets better over all FPS on the games I tested with the t100 on mid low settings: Second Life: 10 - 20 Killing Floor: 30 - 35 League Of Legends: 20+ I know that's not its intended use, but I feel it reflects how decent the chipset is. It does NOT come with office like the t100 It IS compatible with windows 10 and I've suffered no problems as of yet... Though there are some user ended controls that you may enjoy in win 8 that are harder to get at in win 10 that you may use on this book, one of those things is being able to turn the screen brightness all the way down, in Win 10, you have to go into some settings to get the same light level (for nighttime usage) Ethernet port is pretty rugged as I go out on site with it and plug into routers and modems for testing. Probably have used it at least 100 times by now, shows no breakage or weakness. I use it quite a bit throughout my work day and find that I do not need to take my charger with me to work, even watching a few full length feature films don't normally drain the battery fully. Lastly, I heard on a review that it's stereo but both speakers are on one edge of the tablet.... this is not the case as I've found covering one, then the other perforations on the back muffle the sounds. I wouldn't expect to be able to hear it too well in public without a headset. But in my house, I hear it just fine even with a fan in the background. I do not regret my purchase and Asus continues to deliver great products without raiding my wallet.


COOLER MASTER R4-S2S-124K-GP Silent Case Fan (4-Pack)
COOLER MASTER R4-S2S-124K-GP Silent Case Fan (4-Pack)

Pros: Quiet affordable

Cons: not ferret resistant

Overall Review: On a serious note, you can't beat this price. Cooler master name brand gear and there's four of them. Quiet fans and the cords are pretty tough as I've tied them into weird positions for cable management.


NOSTALGIA ELECTRICS  APH200WHT  White  Air Pop Hot Air Popcorn Maker
NOSTALGIA ELECTRICS APH200WHT White Air Pop Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Pros: Makes popcorn Doesn't require oil fast

Cons: takes too long to cool down

Overall Review: I love this thing. If it breaks the day after the warranty ends, I would happily buy another. It's fast, and no oils means healthier snacks! Clean up is a breeze.