Now i own 2 kits5/13/2020 2:05:40 PM

Pros: This ram is amazing in terms of latency its samsung B-die single sided memory and its high binned too. For me having this work so easily with ryzen was worth the cost and ram with E-die is great for budget memory but it has crazy high TRFC numbers that DO hurt gaming. Now i own 32GB of this memory and have future proofed myself for 3 more years until AM5+DDR5 comes as i will be skipping zen 3 due to it not working on my board as promised. Each stick has their own temp monitor! Keep these guys below 60C for stability This memory is 100% safe to run at 1.5V Samsung B-die always was

Cons: Expensive but for me totally worth it! Hope they have memory of this quality for DDR5!

Overall Review: Asrock X370 Taichi Dram Calculator 3600mhz safe settings 3700X 32GB of this memory 4dimms total!

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Great performer!8/21/2019 1:25:35 PM

Pros: This Processor is amazing if anyone here is familiar with emulation i can run Dolphin emulator on just one core and it barely uses 50% of one of the cores. I remember when my 4790K at 4.8Ghz was running at like 80% usage on one core in that application this speaks highly of the IPC of Zen 2. Power efficiency is at another level this CPU is using like 20 watts doing normal tasks i can’t even understand how that’s possible. Stock cooler is also a beast however i’m running this on a H150i. I do play games and most of the games I play only use a few cores and i can tell you that these games perform very well but i also have 3600mhz ram running at 14 timings. For others make sure you are running on the latest bios and the latest chipset drivers from Amd directly! Also higher voltage is fine as long as you keep temps in check this has been confirmed by Amd to be normal behavior on Ryzen 3000 series.

Cons: Amd changed the SMU behavior on AGESA and newer and now Ryzen 3000 doesn’t boost properly and it’s rumored that Amd had to change this for reliability issues so it might never be fixed.

Overall Review: I have been buying Ryzen since first gen mainly because I enjoy testing the product out and comparing IPC figures. Zen 2 clearly has IPC on par with Intel if not better the issue is latency between cores and the memory controller which is still crazy high compared to Intel(intel 45ns vs 68ns with Amd). Which affects gaming performance. Even then Amd is very close to Intel’s gaming performance and you will only notice on an RTX 2080 or above and even then we are talking 10FPS-30FPS and you will still be getting 120+ FPS. For application performance their is no competition this is the better deal then a 9700K its faster and almost as fast as a 5 ghz 9900K go look at the benchmarks read reviews don’t just watch youtube videos. Note to all please use Ryzen calculator to get more performance your gains in games will be pretty massive with faster memory and more importantly tuned memory using this program. Owned 1700>2700X>3700X In just 2.5 years according to CPU-Z the single threaded score is 400 on a 1800X and my 3700X gets 523 points. In R15 the 1800X gets 160 in the single core score my chip gets 205 now let's compare that performance. 523/400= 30.75% 205/160= 28.1% So basically in just 2.5 years Amd improved single core performance by 30% when is the last time Intel has done that in 3 years or less? Let's also remember that they increased cores by 200% as 16 cores will be here in September. Lastly they did this on the same AM4 socket and yes i own a X370 and everything is working great(besides the boost issue that almost everyone is having)

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2700X review10/20/2018 4:53:34 PM

Pros: Stock cooler is nice and will let it hit its advertised 4.35Ghz turbo I have mine however on a H150i AIO runs cool never even seen it hit 60C during games. I do not have mine OC never plan on it better to just let it do its own thing. Using to own a I7 4790K before switching to ryzen the 1700 felt a little bit like a downgrade for some older games BUT this CPU is almost as good. Have it paired with a GTX 1080 and a 1440P 144hz panel this CPU doesn’t bottleneck my card at all in basically any title! GPU usage in GTA5 will sometimes only be around 80% usage but this happen to my 4790K at 4.7Ghz as well. Tips for buyers I don’t care what anyone says go to your motherboard’s memory compatibility list on their site and make sure the memory is supported on that board with Pinnacle Ridge! Don’t buy anything below 3200mhz either unless you only plan on using this with mid-range GPU’s or you aren’t a gamer. Geekbench 4 scores down below I’d love to link the site if newegg decided to be cooler than other people and allow it! 4934 Single core 27835 Multi-Core CineBench R15 scores Single Core 179 Multicore 1800

Cons: Isn't Zen 2 or Zen 3 Amd don't delay these launches Not 100% why but it's not terrible but Intel systems boot way faster i had the same SSD's on my Haswell CPU and it booted in like 20 seconds this machine takes twice that time not a big issue however. Note this was like this on 2 different AM4+ boards. Probably has something to do with their AGESA.

Overall Review: I will be upgrading each time Amd comes out with a new CPU for around 350$ most of the time I can get half the money from just selling the older CPU! This is like my only hobby so most of the time I have the money haha

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9/23/2017 2:49:40 PM

Pros: Nothing better then this but don't think you need it you can get away with some cheaper cooler master stuff and be fine most it will do is run 3-5C hotter Also this is conductive so know what you are doing some of the cheaper paste isn't

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: I've been using this stuff for 10 years now i always see a 3-5C drop in idle and max temps whenever i use this over cheaper paste.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Replaced stock Kraken X61 fans9/15/2017 5:28:45 PM

Pros: Quieter at 60% then NZXT fans at 40% while pushing much more air. Temps dropped on my 1700 by 6C and its 77F in the room currently compared to 69F when i ran prime 95 blend for 30min with the stock fans at 40% so guessing these fans lowered my max temp around 10C. Packaging is top notch very professional they give you extensions and a connection to lower noise even more if you don't want to mess with the fan curve in your bios.

Cons: Some hate the color, Noctua please keep making amazing products like these i will cry when i see a LED added its not needed we have 20 other companies doing that already.

Overall Review: Color i guess can be a turn off for some i actually think i like it but i have all my fans replaced with Noctua fans in my H440 case super quiet build while also having an OC setup For my personal setups i will always make sure to buy Noctua fans also if you hate the color they do have all black now.

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Amd’s return of the high-end8/13/2017 12:47:11 PM

Pros: Stock cooler can get you to 3.6-3.7Ghz and be quiet doing so, just stay around 1.2-1.25V on the wraith cooler, set the fan on the heat-sink to 75% you will not even hear it and I’m picky about sound as an owner of only Noctua fans. Also the wraith cooler looks cool too. Don’t even bother buying a separate cooler if you are happy with a 3.6-3.7ghz OC if you want to push this chip to 3.8-3.9 you have to jump the voltage from 1.25V to something like 1.35V-1.4V or even higher meaning you need a beast cooler to keep temps low for a small difference. In my opinion money would be better spent on 3200mhz memory Talking about memory speeds with Ryzen the infinity fabric is tied to it and having 3200mhz memory is a massive improvement over let’s say 2133mhz, there is a video on YouTube comparing 2133 to 3200mhz and the difference is huge in the GTA5 benchmark during the city part it was a 40FPS improvement. I personally see a decent improvement using faster memory in games mainly. This 8 core rips through my encodes at basically twice the speed as my older 4790K If you are a user who streams and games at the same time this CPU is for you same if you run multiple tabs in chrome and run a video in the background while you also game this CPU is for you

Cons: IPC is still lower then Intel’s but they are getting close Massive voltage wall I mean 3.6ghz at 1.15V stable but to get to 3.9ghz I need 1.35V, 4.0ghz would probably need 1.5V as its not even stable enough to run Cinebench at 4.0 at 1.425V Would love to see higher overclocks as that would make Amd more competitive in gaming towards Intel which is the only area this CPU doesn’t beat the comparable I7 in.

Overall Review: The 7700K is already running at its full potential in games the Ryzen 1700 isn’t. Most games still only use 2-4 cores heavily and the rest of the cores are below 20% usage. Directx12 and Vulkan API changes this and games being made on modern engines such as the unreal engine 4 or frostbite 3 engine already take advantage of multiple cores same as the Disrupt engine that is being used for watch dogs 2. Engines such as the DUNIA are outdated and perform worse on even Intel’s higher-end 6 and 8 core at the same frequency as their 7700K. 7700K isn’t a bad CPU though but even Intel knows they can’t just keep improving IPC by 3% each generation and that is why they are giving users more cores with coffee-lake. Amd really is back and this isn’t bulldozer or piledriver when a program can only use 2 cores it’s still darn fast and faster than sandy-ivy bridge IPC. Dolphin emulator at the same frequency of sandy-ivy is 20% faster on Ryzen but still below Haswell. I owned in the past years a Athlon II x4,-Phenom II x6,- FX 8350, 4790K, and now this Ryzen 1700 Sadly, Amd’s IPC basically didn’t move much from the Athlon II x4 to the 8350 maybe 20% at the max which is why the 8350 could barely take an I3 in gaming unless the game scaled to 8 cores. But with Ryzen Amd really did improve IPC and I really hope they keep focusing on improving IPC instead of pure frequency and adding more cores. Also, the reports of this being a bad CPU for gaming makes me kind of laugh as its always better than a I5 in modern games I mean look at digital foundry’s video of comparing a Ryzen 1600 OC to 4.0Ghz and I5 OC to 5Ghz the Ryzen 1600 beats it. That is over modern games already using 6 cores or more. What happens when games start using 8 cores?

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16GB 3200Mhz memory4/28/2017 3:22:15 PM

Pros: Very Nice looking memory, works as intended and works with Amd even if the word Amd isn’t anywhere on the packaging haha

Cons: Ram prices

Overall Review: I have this Ram set to AMP profile on my msi b350 tomahawk at this its running at 2933mhz, 3200mhz doesn’t work yet but I have a lot of faith that soon it will. Nice memory and it looks great to I got mine on sale

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A review on a fan lol3/6/2015 6:44:51 PM

Pros: This fan is so quiet and I tried looking my best for fans to get this Looks pretty cool I guess I don’t see it in my case

Cons: Was making a sound when I first got it but its fine now

Overall Review: I got this and a 200 megaflow fan from coolermaster for my top fan and this is the quietest PC I ever seen even when gaming. On idle all my fans turn off and I own the RM series power supply so that fan never turns on below 400 watts which my equipment doesn’t use that much power at load. I use this fan to replace my fan that came with the 212+ evo heat-sink works really well.

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This case allowed me to create a cool and quiet machine3/1/2015 8:48:22 PM

Pros: Easily the best case for 60$ I built two machines using this case and both were fun to work in not a hassle. Can hide the wires from the power supply Can take out the hard drive bay for more airflow which is what I did Comes with a SSD bracket (really comes with a lot of extra goodies for those just in case moments) Supports 2 200nm fans which is what I bought for both machines (coolermaster megaflow is fantastic)

Cons: USB 2.0 still The 2 fans it comes with are not enough unless you have a lower temp CPU and the fans are real loud at full load.

Overall Review: Lots of room to work in and I think it’s a great case for the money. Also the case is so big that all my fans actually turn off when doing normal things with the stock Intel heat-sink(with a smaller case heat was trapped more). My board stays at 42C as well. Power supply: Corsair 750watt RM fan never turned on since I use 300 watts max in gaming (tested with crysis 3 and a Kill A watt meter) GPU: GTX 970 MSI fans once again turn off doing light tasks CPU: I7 4790K Stock heat-sink during gaming and the setup above it reaches 70-80C which is fine and during normal use its at <50C which is when my case fans turn off. Getting a 212+ cooler with a COUGAR CF-V12H fan so it can stay very quiet. I’m writing this review for someone if they want a cool and extremely quiet machine they know where to look. Also I know many will disagree but I don’t like flashy cases so spending the extra 40$ on the fans was still 100$ and I don’t get that type of cooling with any other case. Keep in mind the bigger the fan the more CFM that can come in with less sound.

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Acer H6 H276HL2/7/2015 5:03:30 PM

Pros: Very little light bleed unlike my Samsung 590D 27 inch monitor, it’s almost not even noticeable. Solid blacks throughout the panel when you set in front of it. Decently priced for what you get Not to dark, however it took time to get used to during gaming and watching things. A decent stand, easy to install, runs cool and it’s light. I actually like this and need this, I’m in a small room without a window and my TV would heat the room up 5F or so. Stand does have a tilt feature but you can’t move the screen up or down. Sharp enough and it can actually handle small details without looking fuzzy something my 32 inch Acer did all the time on this monitor all the extremely tinny lines or details in games are clear and smooth.

Cons: The colors are only slightly better than my old Acer TV it’s like a 1.1 version of it, that being said I’m 100% sure a TN panel can come close in color quality to this panel, I’m talking about the 8 bit TN panels. My 1080P Samsung 590D IPS monitor was way brighter and sharper then this monitor as well as having superior color quality, was a night and day difference between this and the Samsung in a bad way but at least there isn’t any noticeable light bleed. Response time was also faster on the Samsung (priced closed to this monitor). When playing Simcity and moving the mouse icon you can see a shadow follow you or if you move a window up and down in windows you can see it do the same thing as well. It’s not too noticeable during gaming or watching shows, but I think it would bother the intense fps gamer.

Overall Review: 1080P is decent enough for a 27 inch monitor, 1080P on the Samsung was sharp on this monitor its smooth and it makes me feel like 1440P would have been better but this is OK. Some can get this monitor for 190$ and I have to say it’s one hell of a deal for that price. Not sure how I feel about the glossiness I like it and I don’t at the same time. It makes the panel seem really clear like I’m looking out a window but at the same time I have a light behind me and I can see the glare in darker scenes but it’s not noticeable in most cases. Keep in mind all these panels are basically from LG with the particular brands circuitry/frame and calibration added in (from Acer or AOC so on).

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I3 43602/3/2015 8:38:47 PM

Pros: Low power consumption, when doing basic tasks I’m using 50-70 watts with my 8350 I was using 120-150 watts doing the same tasks. Performance, this is a dual core? Who would know if you didn’t look at the specs? Using my benchmarks it performs like a FX 4350 when multitasking and like an I5 when you use single threaded apps. I tested this CPU in chess and several others and saw the same results. Never went above 72C using the stock cooler which is actually quiet, even more so when you compare the heat-sink to Amd ones Happy to switch over to Intel

Cons: Only a dual core come on Intel give us a tri-core with HT and make it the new I3!

Overall Review: Note this is coming from a long time Amd fanboy, I’m someone who would have never changed. Only a dual core with HT? When I first upgraded from a 990fx platform with an 8350 to this I thought I was going to see a decrease in performance. I was mistaken I noticed an increase in boot up times as well as shutdown times. Not only that but all my games started to perform better compared to my last build something I didn’t expect and it speaks volumes about Amd’s lack of single core performance. I tried 14 games all of which performed better on this cheaper CPU. Not only that but my board is the Asrock H97M Pro4 and its cheap (80$) my last board was a sabertooth 990fx. Intel is now better for gamers for performance per dollar unless you don’t mind micro stutter. Even watch dogs which had higher FPS on average with an 8350 had WAY less micro stutter using this CPU with a 770gtx. Also newer games still performed better on this CPU including dying light, Far cry 4 For basic use I multitask a little with a video running and a few tabs open using chrome and it feels the same as the 8350, everything loads extremely fast, never feel like the CPU is bottlenecking my experience anymore or any less than the 8350. I must say however the FX 8350 was faster at loading my games just not better at playing them, I’m not sure but my games load slower with this CPU and board(the only upgrade I did everything else is the same). Last but not least I only bought this CPU to tide me over until I can afford the I7 4790K which I should be able to get in March. Have to say I’m only getting it to get it I don’t need it.

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ASRock H97M Pro41/30/2015 12:25:07 PM

Pros: Great looking high quality board for cheap. Worked on the first try, updated the bios which was easy. The GUI on the BIOS is quite nice and not to flashy as other brands.

Cons: Really wish it had more controllable fan connectors only has 2(1 case fan, 1 CPU fan) Not sure about the front audio connector but it sounds pretty bad and it didn't before however the sound on the back of the board is simply amazing for a motherboard.

Overall Review: I really never cared to much about the board as long as it used solid capacitors and had a decent heat-sink for the VRM I’m in. Not to mention enough for one video card and 4 ram cards. This board does all that.

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Samsung S27D5901/30/2015 12:13:07 PM

Pros: First and foremost the colors, I’m really picky about this one and imo Samsung created one accurate budget monitor. Speed 5ms, coming from an HDTV this monitor feels faster than my last monitor. I’m sure for the most intense first person gamer they won’t like it but I can say the same thing for any IPS monitor then. Bright monitor I even had to turn down the brightness to 85 unlike others this is a plus not a con some IPS monitors are just too dim. Runs cool, which is a big plus for me since I’m stuck in a small room with no window. I really like the stand, and the small bezel Sharp for a 27 inch 1080P monitor my friend even thinks it’s too sharp and when I told him most want 1440P at this size he looked at me like I was crazy.

Cons: Dead pixels which made me pretty angry it happen the first day I got the monitor. When gaming or watching something on this monitor the screen is too washed out or dark around the edges it’s really bad, it only happens when the game or video is in some dim scene however, I was watching walking dead on it and I was getting pretty disappointed actually. I can’t see this being a problem for anyone who is just using this to type on and watching things casually. However I work and set at the PC all day and use my PC for everything. Also the viewing angles on this are pretty bad for those dim scenes.

Overall Review: I was debating if I wanted to replace this monitor or get a refund I decided on the refund and I’m going to try the Acer H276HL, the thing is I’m going to miss the stand on this monitor and I’m probably not going to get colors as accurate even though the Acer is still an IPS monitor, but I’m hoping I don’t get that washed out dark look when a scene in a movie or game is dark. Also Newegg’s customer support was fantastic about this and didn’t make me even pay for a restocking fee I have to say their customer support is the main reason I shop here over the competition.

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Great CPU8/2/2014 9:03:46 AM

Pros: Overclocked to 4.3Ghz on stock voltage Around 15% faster in application performance such as handbrake vs my old 1100T OC 3.9 GHz Around 20-30% faster in newer games compared to my old Phenom which again was OC at 3.9 GHz. I think this is over games using newer instruction sets in the CPU that my Phenom did not have. I tested this with SimCity as well as Watchdogs and BF4 and Farcry 3. Game developers actually recommend this processor over an I5 this is because of the consoles having 8 cores that are also from Amd but way weaker per core than this and clocked low. Over this these Fx processors are aging really well and newer games perform around an I5 Haswell if not the I7 such as watch dogs and BF4 and it won’t stop happening its crazy these CPU’s launched with I3 sandy bridge performance in gaming over aging software coding (games only using 2 cores since 2005) to around I5 haswell-I7 ivy with modern coding (games using 4+ cores). If you stream live in gaming do not even think about getting an I5 go with this or an I7 the extra cores will help you a lot in making sure your game is not disturbed much

Cons: AM3+ boards are really starting to look old now with only PCI-E 2.0 and still no actual support for USB 3.0 just a hacked version board manufactures use unlike the APU’s which have integrated Northbridge. 32nm this is the reason why power consumption is so high not to mention all that cache 16mb. Slower by around 40% per core per clock compared to Intel however they are giving you twice the cores so it makes up for it in newer games and newer applications. People who say games do not use more than 4 cores although this may have been true but that doesn't mean you should buy a 4 core fx which can only handle 2 cores heavily and the other 2 cores will now only perform 70-80% as good over CMT. Actually the 8 core FX handles 4 heavy threads the best sense the OS can lock those heavy threads on 1 per module vs 1 per core which saves you from losing 20% performance. Most games still only use 3 cores heavily so if you can’t afford this get a 6300fx which can handle 3 threads heavily but this or a 8320fx will future proof you more just don’t get a 4 core fx again over it only handling 2 threads heavily.

Overall Review: This is a CMT design this is a real 8 core processor that shares resources such as cache, fetch ,decode as well as the FPU this helps this be a real 8 integer processor and keep power consumption around 125 watts. CMT means single threaded performance will suffer a bit over sharing resources but that is not the only reason why Amd is around 40% slower per clock per core compared to Haswell this has to do with Piledriver only having 2 AGU/2 ALU even the Phenom has 3 ALU/ 3 AGU and Haswell has 4 ALU/ 4 AGU Amd claims with the Phenom they could not feed the cores fast enough so they dropped it. Also Bulldozer/Piledriver design has 4 IPC per module or 2 per core and the Phenom has 3 per core and Intel has 4 per core. Plus the fact that their Branch predictor isn’t as good as Intel’s is the reason why Amd is slower per core per clock around 40%. Amd knows this wasn’t the smartest thing to do and they are actually dropping the CMT design in the next 2 years for a newer design rumored to have SMT which is Intel’s version that only scales around 20-30% instead of 70-80% as CMT, however it takes almost no hardware to do this so its essentially a free add on that does not take up die space. Think of the FX series as this 80% times the amount of cores it has then you have the real CPU performance. For example this 8 core times 80% gets you a 6.4 core processor or a 4 core fx gets you a 3.2 core 6 core gets you a 4.8 core.

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270X review8/2/2014 7:59:27 AM

Pros: This card runs cool uses around 175 watts about the same as a 7950 Amd which is all this GPU is a rebrand of that GPU which is ok Nvidia does this to.

Cons: BSOD on flash videos but not in high-end games? This has to be a driver issue? Wondering if the Intel I5 is trying to use the onboard video instead for those simple tasks? This GPU performs around a 660 TI actually its only around 3-5% slower but it uses 30% more power read a review from techpowerup they compare all the newer video cards.

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Built this for a friend8/2/2014 7:53:47 AM

Pros: Usb 3.0 Sata 6 PCI-E 3.0 Those 3 things are rare to find for this cheap from Intel and this board is reliable and fast Build a I5 machine with a 270X with 8GB of ram this board runs it well

Cons: Wish Intel would just stop with the Sata 2 and just stick with Sata 3.

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These fans blow8/2/2014 7:49:53 AM

Pros: These fans are great they really are worth the money and are really quiet at 60-80% max controlled by my board

Cons: THEY ARE LOUD at 100%

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I'd go with a 6300 minimum8/1/2014 4:24:27 AM

Pros: For less than 100$ this isn't a bad deal but there is better options out there for around the same money. This 4 module CPU really does consume less power and run quieter than the 6 core fx or 8 core fx

Cons: People need to stop saying things such as "games don't use more than 4 cores anyways". This is true most of the time newer games are easily using more cores. Also this is a 4 core but at the same time it shares resources and once you use 2 of the 4 cores heavily(Most games easily use 3 cores now with newer ones using 4-5) performance per thread drops to 80% this is over the module design so think of this processor as a 80% X 4 core and the 6 Core as a 80% X 6 core and a 8 core as a 80% X 8 core 4 Core fx=3.2 core processor 6 Core fx= 4.8 core processor 8 Core fx= 6.4 Core processor Now take into account that Amd needs to use as many cores as possible over its poor single threaded performance(around 40-50% slower per clock compared to Intel)

Overall Review: For maximum performance for 4 heavily threaded games pick a 8 core Fx and for heavily 3 threaded games pick a 6 core fx and for heavily 2 threaded games pick a 4 core Fx processor this way games do not have to share resources so much. Really a 4 core Fx should be competing with a Pentium not between a Pentium-I3.

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First Intel build5/30/2014 12:23:14 PM

Pros: For 190$ this processor is the best for gaming at this price range the 8350fx will fall behind in many titles Under benchmarking this processor is 40% stronger in performance per clock compared to the 1100T Because of the faster single core performance this thing even comes out even to my 1100T in multithreading and loses by 20% compared to the 8350fx not a con

Cons: Processor Runs at 82C on stock cooler in a cooler master haf 912 case with a 120 top fan and a 120 rear fan and with a 120 front fan. This processor runs that hot after 2 hours on prime 95.

Overall Review: Also have a 270X in the machine it play's BF4 at ultra at 1600*900

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770GTX5/25/2014 9:08:26 PM

Pros: Can play games on ultra running Far cry 3 on ultra with 30+FPS on my old 6950HD i had to run it on medium-high at 1080P Also Crysis 3 runs on ultra with AA at x2 just fine Card runs at <45C when watching movies or on idle also if you haven't checked this card uses less power than the 7970ghz edition while performing just as good if not 5% better(look for a review from techpowerup)

Cons: Does get up to 75C when gaming at pushed to the limits kinda wish this cooler used copper heat pipes.

Overall Review: Using this on my 1100T OC to 3.9Ghz kinda feeling a slight bottleneck but its not to bad can't wait to see how this rig handles watch dogs gonna upgrade to a I5 and Intel build soon i gave up on Amd when it comes to their CPU's i want the best per dollar and i got this card for 300$ and that is better than the 280X anyday when it outperforms that card while using 30% less power.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: less than 1 day
Demoed at 3 places10/19/2013 6:12:11 PM

Pros: Ok i demoed these at best buy and another audio store and i must say for the money they are a great deal and beat polk any many other's hands down on price performance(at least online)

Cons: But when it comes to sound I would never buy these unless i was on a extremely tight budget the mids are great but the low's are lacking(can be fixed with a Sub) but the high's are even more lacking which is something you can't fix Looks i can care less about but they don't look very good

Overall Review: I own the monitor 70's from polk and they costed me 300$ but i feel like the extra money was worth it i would even buy the Monitor 60's over these but for the price these can be sold for the same price as the monitor 50's and for that Pioneer has them beat

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