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Awesome and Highly Recommended!10/29/2009 9:33:23 AM

Pros: Everything...this is NOT a 98 to ME upgrade. This is finally a true upgrade from Microsoft. The performance is much faster overall than Vista and most of the classic features can be recovered with a little research and patience. Great GUI upgrade, too. Finally, they package 32 and 64-bit DVDs together! *****Newegg is awesome, too! I had fraud detected on the credit card that I used to get the pre-order price, so I had create a new order at the full retail price, but Newegg refunded the difference after it shipped! I'm a customer for life.*****

Cons: None that I've found so far. My only frustration is that T**tle Be*ch lags by about 3 months with new OS drivers; that's why I'm switching my sound card and never going back. I do recommend a clean install, but you should do that every time you upgrade to a new OS in order to avoid bugs.

Overall Review: If you're complaining about this upgrade, then you're PC (or some of its components) are outdated or you're an idiot. Yes, you can do a clean install with an upgrade disc; G**gle it. Yes, the upgrade media is bootable; check your BIOS settings. Of course you can't go from 32-bit straight to 64-bit without a clean install. It's like trying to put a V8 into a Yugo, it just doesn't fit. For those of you that can't find the 64-bit DVD, try looking underneath the first DVD in the box. Those of you complaining that it's slower didn't do a clean install, did you?! Of course it'll be buggy and run slow, you've been feeding stuff into the PC for a couple of years, mucking up your registry. GARBAGE IN=GARBAGE OUT! This will not be fully compatible with PCs that were designed solely for XP, so yes you will need to upgrade some hardware and software if this applies to you.

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4/4/2008 7:53:07 AM

Pros: It's Monster, what else can I say?! I have use Monster products for years and never been disappointed.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Why spend thousands on home theater or computer equipment and not get the most out of it? DON'T let anyone tell you that Monster products aren't worth the extra money!

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Love it!4/4/2008 7:49:04 AM

Pros: Everything...Plenty of inputs, beautiful picture, does 1080i from PC over DVI to HDMI cable. This TV is the best for the price. Yeah, it's last year's model, but who cares? The only real difference between this model and the 64U is the black/white processing. Picture is breath-taking with 1080i DirecTV HD and the viewing angle is ridiculously awesome! I will recommend this TV and NewEgg to everyone I know! Oh, and it arrived within 4 business days without so much as a dent in the box.

Cons: The HDMI inputs are skewed toward the top of the TV, so a 2m cable isn't going to do the job. It took about 2 hours of tweaking the picture settings to get it just right; I wish Sharp had programmed in some presets.

Overall Review: "Banding"? What the hell are you people talking about?! I have a strong feeling that most of you that had "banding" issues had the TV hooked up to a regular surge protector, if at all. The power in most areas is extremely "dirty". With any serious home theater system, you should always use surge products with power conditioning or you will get interference on digital video devices. Even better, would be a UPS with power conditioning; Monster and APC make 'em.

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