The mouse handles well, the wheel is smooth and the buttons are easy to manipulate12/12/2019 10:33:34 AM

Pros: I bought a new mechanical keyboard for my husband for Christmas and wanted a new gaming mouse to go with it. I just got this one in the mail and I think he is going to like it very much. It is basically a plug and play mouse so you can get started right away with no fiddling. The mouse handles well, the wheel is smooth and the buttons are easy to manipulate, I find that my hand is well rested in the mouse’s contours, it is a very comfortable fit. The DPI is pre-programmed and works well. I really like the color show with this mouse, I think he will like it also. The combination of the WASD keys lit up on the keyboard with the lights on this mouse will look great at night. This mouse is comfortable in the hand, not too heavy or light, for an inexpensive mouse I think it is a great deal.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Yes I would recommend this mouse.

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Great compact keyboard12/12/2019 6:30:46 AM

Pros: I just got this keyboard for my hubby for Christmas. It is a solid mechanical keyboard. The color options are utilized by pressing the function key and the "A" keys. If you want a static keyboard you press function A1 and cycle through the options until you get static multi colors. There is even an option for just having just the WASD gaming keys light so you can see them when playing in the dark. There is no single color static option but the multi color static option looks good and is easy on the eyes. You can also opt for no colors at all. There are no right hand number keys, which is fine by me because I usually use the numbers along the top anyway. This keyboard feels substantial and has the typical "Mechanical click" of a mechanical board. I am quite pleased with the quality and feel of this board.

Cons: None that I am aware of.

Overall Review: Worth the purchase, I like this keyboard a lot.

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