Great case, fit lots of radiators and tons of airflow9/26/2019 8:59:31 AM

Pros: Build quality and finish seem great. Did not find any defects or issues. Shipping was good with no drama. Was able to fit 2 480mm and 2 360mm radiators. vertical mount for the gpu worked well.

Cons: There is no clear description anywhere that you have to use slim radiators when maximizing watercooling equipment. Have to pay a restocking fee on a PE radiator because it was not clear what would fit. Had to use 3 slim radiators and the top rad is a XE thick rad. Fill port is unusable when multiple rads are used. Would be nice if they listed the hole size for the fill ports as well. Planned to use the drain port but the bulkhead I have from EK is way too big.

Overall Review: Overall I am happy. Just would have been nice for them to include some additional information for those trying to plan a big loop. Not many cases at this price point that can hold this much equipment. Front radiator position could have been moved slightly towards the glass and allowed a standard size rad to be used.

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Great product after updating Bios5/11/2017 5:03:26 PM

Pros: Fast quiet everyone knows the specs so theres not much more to say than that

Cons: Bios that came flashed on the card was no good. The card would run but I was having tons of issues with the aorus software. Tried several others such as msi and had the same issue. would not access the preset clock speeds. only had the option to create custom ones. Downloaded the bios from the gigabyte website and flashed it. all the problems went away. everything is great now. just figured I would throw this in, in case someone else runs into the same issue.

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