Fast and great for the price!!8/27/2012 3:06:46 PM

Pros: Windows score:6.9 (CPU) , 7.2 (ram) , 5.9(Aero), 6.5 (gaming), 7.2 (data) , just by tweaking. Nothing added to laptop yet. I will upgrade the ram to 8gb wich will raise gaming and ram score! Plays bf3 low/med at 25-30fps Diablo 3 on high - 30fps StarCraft 2 on high WoW-ultra Solid feel, Low temps (40 celcius browsing and 70 "peak" gaming.) Great sound

Cons: I dont need the number pad.... Some bloatware to uninstall.

Overall Review: The AMD new drivers are "beta", just d/l the old driver from lenovo website and your good to go. I have no video issues for movies/games/youtube using that driver. Dont be scared of the negative reviews, seems more of human error not the laptop. For 429.00 you cant beat this!

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