great board and bios.6/15/2016 4:30:51 PM

Pros: worked out of box but it scared me when I started because it detected I had a new cpu but it didn't break anything.<br><br> software is helpful and fast. boot is amazing 6 seconds. 3 without waiting for programs to load.

Cons: sadly I need to knock an egg off due to the IP shield. the protectors on it were not in correct positions so I had to play a bit to fit them all in while moving my board.<br><br>also the shield's should be more rounded out on the cut outs. I accidently cut myself trying to fix the tabs and started to bleed a bit. also there is no SLI support only crossfire which i didnt notice before just a let down for if i wanted to get another gpu

Overall Review: other than the shield. nothing bad. I just now got to edit my ram to run at 1600 and not 1333 that it's running in the bios

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amazing cpu6/15/2016 4:29:24 PM

Pros: started up fast and with no issues. it has so far not gone over 53c and this is playing a game and YouTube with a few random apps. so far with out a graphics card so that's with the onboard graphics.

Cons: only cons I can see..<br>can't over clock but that's fine.<br><br>CPU fan is a bit loud when it raises in rpm but the motherboard fixes that with fan controller.

Overall Review: nothing really. will edit review later if anything changes.

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amazing for my first time build6/15/2016 4:29:18 PM

Pros: have been running my CPU for about 12 hours and this paste has helped keep it only about 15c above what the full system base heat is. even when running a game and some apps all on just the cpu due to my graphics card still in mail.

Cons: I see none so far.

Overall Review: edit review later if anything changes

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fast easy install6/15/2016 4:23:16 PM

Pros: this is my first ssd and all i acn tell is it works great. 6 second boot from it with programs.

Cons: space. but i paid for a 128 and thats what i got.

Overall Review: im using this as my main drive for my os and didn't install the samsung disk and it works fine so far.

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easy install6/15/2016 4:20:43 PM

Pros: it works. so far i havnt been able to test it due to gpu still in the mail.

Cons: the only real con i can think of is its being recognized as 1333 but that's an easy fix with the motherboard.

Overall Review: i like the heat sinks, they made installing a lot easier because then i dont have a edge poking into my fingers when pushing down on them.

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works great.6/15/2016 4:17:59 PM

Pros: i got this for the looks mostly but it works just fine like it should. i connected 3 of the 5 fans to it. the two i didnt were the bck fan and cpu fan.

Cons: annoying beeping every time you push on it

Overall Review: i would have liked the sensor cables to be a bit longer so that i could have scattered them in my case a bit better. I think it would be better to make it modular in the future so that you can add or remove fans to reduce cable clutter.

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great case, 4 eggs cause tight screws.6/15/2016 4:14:07 PM

Pros: nice and large with plenty of space for drive and cables.

Cons: the back panel is a tad hard to put on with my psu 24pin because its a stock braid. my main issue was the tightness of the screws installed to both the side panels and the ports on the back. i was really careful but the metal brackets still ended up with a slight bend to them becasue of the screws moving the metal with them when unscrewing.

Overall Review: would recommend, just loosen those screws a bit

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super quiet6/15/2016 4:10:17 PM

Pros: i have this thing connected to a nzxt fan controller and have messed with it. i have it around 60-70 percent but even at 100 it hardly makes a sound. just a nice soft wwwwsssshhhh which is kinda calming. i have 3 of these in my case 2 of which were pre installed from thermaltake overseer

Cons: cable positioning could be a bit better i feel like im squishing the cables when i put it in my case. not major.

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speedy bit noisy if using install disks6/15/2016 4:07:07 PM

Pros: fast and sleek looking. fits just fine in my case havn't tried any bluerays yet

Cons: the software update is either taking forever to install or it cant instal for some reason because it keeps poping up.

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