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This one works but its the second Newegg has sent, the first one was such poor quality I just sent it back10/19/2020 10:57:43 PM

Pros: It works,

Cons: Iv orderd two to get one that doesnt look horrible, and the first one wasnt damaged in shipping btw.

Overall Review: It works and the transfer speeds for my high speed USB's seem to be as fast as they should.

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Great option10/11/2018 9:41:22 AM

Pros: Looks great, fits perfect, reasonable price

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I bought the R5 because I wanted a quiet case with room to upgrade and after installing some Noctua's with a 8700k I wasnt as concerned with noise so I installed this glass panel and I think its great; I wish I would have ordered one for each side. The glass has a light tint, and feels and fits solid.

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Worked fine for 14 months, typical for a refurbished drive.6/22/2018 7:20:46 PM

Pros: It worked long enough for me to use to drive as I intended, to have a few TB of data backed up for a few months with out having to wait to upload thousands GBs of Private data to a cloud/via online storage. Fair price at $50 with 1 year Square-trade Protection Plan and acceptable read/write rates via SATA and a USB docking station (when it worked)

Cons: Its a refurb platter hard drive so, in my experience, failure is inevitable. This drive is no different, died after about 13-14 months of light use, with zero warning of any problems-just a dead drive.

Overall Review: Decent Extra/throw away drive ***I'd only recommend*** IF your in need of a few TB of TEMPORARY, inexpensive BACKUP storage (ie not to use as a primary drive only to use as a back up while upgrading PC, or for a work project etc.) and dont want to wait to upload thousands of Gbs to a cloud, this drive can come in handy. I know better than to expect a refurb HDD to last, BUT I've bought these drives for around $50 with the 1 year Square-trade Protection Plan. I then backed up almost 3Tb of data to each, built a new Pc, and also moved to a new residence(I always back up important files when transporting any platter drive). The drives did what I needed them to do and as expected one ended up failing just after the warranty period ended-but again IMO the cost of $40-$50 each is justified for convenience of a good data transfer speed during multi-TB back ups/some data insurance if you will.

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Failed after one year8/12/2015 5:17:13 PM

Pros: At the time of purchase I thought the brand and price were good, that was early 2014, prices have changed.

Cons: Drive was slightly louder than many of my other drives, but this didn't matter once my system stopped recognizing the drive altogether after about a year. Of course I troubleshot, the drive failed, all data lost. The extended warranty I purchased had just ran out on top of all this.

Overall Review: I know it was a refurb. but Iv owned plenty over the years, with my experience if something was going to go wrong it would do it fairly quickly, but not this time. There are too many quality drives at competitive prices to deal with this, don't waste your money on this one.

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Best High resolution monitor yet12/18/2013 9:46:40 PM

Pros: Besides it looks great the high resolution of course, very bright but not too bright. Colors look amazing everything is crisp, also has many features and options through the on board menu. I'v owned Dells and other brands this year 2013 in the same price range and so far this is hands down the best monitor for the money - best picture, and by far the best build quality. I highly recommend it, and if you select price will tell you when this monitor goes on sale occasionally for $550. Its worth $700-$800 in my opinion.

Cons: The stand doesn't have a side to side tilt, you have to move the entire stand. The buttons to access the menu are way too sensitive. Thats all ive found.

Overall Review: Buy it

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Best portable mouse I've ever owned10/16/2013 9:50:52 PM

Pros: Its comfortable, just enough buttons at just the right places, the mouse does work on glass so when your at a glass coffee table or servicing a copy machine and are able to use the mouse on the scan glass its convenient. Its not a bad looking mouse either, and the carry case protects it well. I plan to purchase more.

Cons: I had to get accustomed to the unique scroll wheel option but that's why they make instructions - but that's it, I love it.

Overall Review: I have two more on order for my other laptops.

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Acer G276HLDbd Very Happy1/6/2013 2:28:04 AM

Pros: Pros; Very bright, great contrast betweem light and dark, great color, fast shipping.

Cons: I wouldnt mind the ability to have a higher resolution, stand isnt adjustable.

Overall Review: I would recomment this to anyone, i Love it

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