4 month update – I still love it!!!1/24/2011 10:17:37 AM

Pros: This case is absolutely great!! I purchased it 4 months ago and have gone through a couple of upgrades. It was a breeze adding new parts to my system. I was able to fit an HD 6850 (roughly about 9.5 inches long) with no problem. Everything lined up nicely with no issues. It’s nice to just plop in your new parts and go. I love the ease of this case - cable mgmt, tool less design, easy to remove filters, no sharp edges, rubber grommets and great airflow. I’ve also gone through several hundred fan set-ups and believe I found the perfect balance between noise and cooling. For reference, here is my system: I5-760@3.675 (175x21) Sapphire Toxic HD 6850 (running@stock) Thermalright MUX-12 0 - fans in a push/pull config 2 HDDS - WD 640gb, 1TB Samsung Asus PP55d-e-pro 8 gbs GSkill ECO 1600 running @1400mhz (6-7-6-24) Everything fits with no prob and stays cool. See other thoughts.

Cons: Not really a con, but Corsair really needs to hurry up and come out with a side window for this case. Corsair, what's the hold up - lol?

Overall Review: I still say the stock fan configuration could better. Sure, it’s very quiet, but it doesn’t cool all that great. I have my case loaded up with 6 fans and it's still quiet - 1-200mm intake fan (stock) – runs at full speed 100% of the time 2 – 120mm fans inside the case attached to the hard drive cages (1@69cfm and 1@76cfm) 2 - 120mm exhaust fans – both run at full speed and are quiet (went with the Xigmatek CLF series – 68cfm each) 1-120mm rear exhaust fan – 69cfm Below are my temps: Idle Gaming (2+hrs of Crysis) Cpu 29-30c 43-44c HD 6850 42-45c 54-55c HDDs 25-26c 27-29c MB 24-25c 26-27c Seriously, if you're on the fence about this case, don't be. The only case that will top this case's function and quality (in the this price range) will be the 2nd gen 600T. You could wait for that if you

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Unreal Fun!!!1/21/2011 7:20:39 AM

Pros: i had been playing the f.e.a.r series before this game and it took me a second to get used to the style of game play, but once i did, i found i couldn't put the game down. wow, this game is lots of fun!! it's fast paced and the maps will definitely keep you engaged for hours. i loved the team play portion of the game. like one reviewer commented "if you have time to notice the graphics, then raise it up a level." the game is dated, but is still lots of fun. i'm already playing it for a second time and find it just as entertaining as the first time i played. the replay of this game is absolutely great. i'd recommend this game to anyone. it's one of those games you can go back to over and over again. i found myself talking trash back to the computer at times - lol. be sure to enable the trash talking setting for the game and you'll have a blast.

Cons: none at all. the only real con is not having it in your game collection - lol. ok, maybe one con, be sure to download the necessary patches or else the game will freeze up on you from time to time; otherwise, i have no complaints. for the price, you really can't go wrong.

Overall Review: i play this game on an overclocked i5 760 (3.675) and the game is very smooth. i've also played on both an hd 4650 and a hd 6850 (great card btw) and had no issues there either. load times for game are great as well. unless you have a really old system, there should be no issues with game play. there is a reason why this game has a consistently received a 5 egg rating. yeah, it's that good. if you've made this far and are reading the reviews, then buy it already - lol.

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Fun but save your money10/30/2010 10:24:17 AM

Pros: This game has some pretty good graphics and a smoother transition storyline than the original. Basically, when you're done with one level the game flips to the storyline and then back to the game seamlessly; no real pauses at all. The game also loads much faster than the first one. There were definitely some parts of the game that I thoroughly enjoyed and found entertaining. The camera angles are a bit easier to control when compared to the first one as well.

Cons: VERY, VERY SHORT!!! I got the game on 10/26 and finished by 10/30. Also, the fight sequences between main level characters are too drawn out. If you buy this game you'll see exactly what I mean. All in all, the game feels rushed and didn't draw me in like the original. The game isn't worth 39.99. It's a 15.99 game, at best. I enjoyed playing it, but was very disappointed when comparing it to the original. I would call this game "Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1.2" rather than 2. Yes, it feels that rushed and incomplete. It just seemed like they wanted to get something out soon and ride the success of the original before everyone forgot about it. Should there be a 3, I'll wait to see what others say about it first. Hope it's better than this rush job.

Overall Review: I played this on a pc with an x-box controller and had no problems at all. It appears you have to play the game 3 times or more to see what all they packed in to it. I've only played once, so I hope it's better the next 2 times around. I paid 7.50 for the original, so I guess I can't complain too much for paying too much on this one. Pert. sys info: I3-540 HD-4650 graphics card Win 7-64bit 4gb ram

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It's worth the hype!!!!10/5/2010 9:06:12 AM

Pros: There is nothing new I can add to the list of pros to this case that haven’t already been said. From the time I saw this case on Corsair’s website, I knew I wanted it. The 600T is an excellent case that offers the builder a variety of set up choices. It’s roomy and cable management is a breeze. The case is beautiful!! I’m not really into the wild looking gaming cases that are on the market, so this case was perfect for me. From the white LEDs to the graphite and black, the case looks professional. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in the 21 and over category – lol. The case is HUGE, but not too big to where it’s a problem. For the price, it really is a top-notch product that will allow me to upgrade my parts for a while. IMO, this is the best case in the sub-$200 category. It came down to this case and the HAF 932. The HAF didn’t have the quality of this case, but it does come with better fans (see cons below).

Cons: Airlfow with the stock fans is decent at best. I did a ton of research on cases before I settled on this one. I had pretty much resided on the fact I was going to have to swap out the 200mm fans that came with the case. What I didn’t plan on was the difficulty I was going to have in finding 200mm fans to fit it. I do like that I can add two 120mm fans to the top exhaust to improve exhaust flow. I’m a bit disappointed that Corsair didn’t release better 200mm fans to coincide with the release date of the 600t. I’m not going to fault Corsair too much for providing weak fans with the case as I’m sure they guessed most people would change out the fans for something they wanted. It’s not worth knocking off an egg for the weak fans, but it is something to be aware of if you’re doing any type of comparisons to other cases on the market.

Overall Review: I emailed Corsair tech support and got the skinny on the fans. For anyone interested, here it is: 200mm fan specs are 76 CFM @ 24.2 dB-A and the 120mm fan specs are around 50 CFM @ 23 dB-A. Tech support got back to me in less than 6 hours – score another point for Corsair’s good customer service. Incidentally, Xigmatek makes a fan that looks “amazingly” like the 200mm fans that comes with the 600T….hmmm. My guess is Corsair had Xigmatek make the fans for the case and just slapped the Corsair logo on them. Here is the link for anyone that’s curious, or would like to change the color of their fans - http://www.xigmatek.com/product.php?productid=71&type=specification. So, if you can live with the low power of the 200mm intake fan until Corsair/Xigmatek makes a more powerful one, I highly recommend this case. It really does live up to the hype. If you’re like me and want a nice and tidy computer with room for expansion, then you’ll be more than happy spending your money.

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Phenomenal Ram – but not for i38/30/2010 5:54:42 AM

Pros: 1. FAST 2. Low heat spreaders 3. Low voltage This is an update to a previous post. First, let me say this is quality, fast ram. I purchased this ram in July. I spent hours trying to get it to run stable at the stated speed and voltage. Just when I thought everything was stable my system would crash. The ram is on the QVL for the motherboard, so I couldn’t imagine what the issue could have been. I worked with the techs over at G. Skill (see other thoughts) and that is when I discovered the issue. This ram is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE i5 AND i7 LYNNFIELD CPU’s. Yup, it said it clear as day on the box (which I finally got around to actually reading). Yeah, I misread my QVL and ended up having to buy another set of ram to go with the i3 cpu. All in all it wasn’t too bad of a dumb dumb fee to pay. My system: i3-540 cpu Gigabyte H55M-S2H mobo Cooler Master Gemini S cpu cooler Corsair 850tx Rosewill Wind Knight case WD 650gb HD - Caviar Black 4gb ADATA (now

Cons: NONE!! Ok, if i have to be picky, then we could use a little bit of a price break.

Overall Review: If you have an i5 or i7 chip, then I would definitely recommend this ram – it’s very fast. The fastest and most stable I could it to run was at 1333mhz, and that was still blazing fast. I like this ram so much I even debated upgrading my i3 to an i5. Yeah, I like it that much. I’d also buy this ram again because of the techs at G. Skill. I emailed them countless times and each time I got a response back the same day. Their customer service alone is worth buying this ram. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of this product and the company. I've used G. Skill ram in the past and have had no issues.

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Good fan...until8/25/2010 9:47:20 AM

Pros: 1. Good airflow/movement 2. Excellent price for the size and air it pushes 3. Nice looking blue color This was used an intake fan. It worked great in keeping my hard drive temps low - my temps avg around 86F. I was quite content with the fan while it was working (see cons below)

Cons: Maybe it was just a fluke, but my fan has pretty much died on me. I bought this fan in 02/2010. In June I noticed my hard drive temps were rising, but figured it was due to the start of summer. My temps kept getting higher and higher until I finally decided to take a look at things. I pulled the fan out and I could barely even feel any airflow. I gave this fan 3 eggs because it really did work well. I just wish it lasted longer than 6 months. As for the one year warranty...RIGHT!!! You have to send it back with the original packaging. Not to mention that it would cost almost as much to send it back as it would be to buy a new one.

Overall Review: I'm not too terribly upset as this was a fairly inexpensive fan to start with. The fan was also loud. For some, that may be a problem; however, that wasn't the case for me. As a matter of fact, that's how I also noticed the fan had stop working - the loud hum had magically gone away. All in all, if you have the money to spare and wouldn't mind the loud hum, then this fan is worth a chance. When it worked, it worked well for me. I'm giving the Cooler Master R4-L2R a shot this time.

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Budget Builder's Dream Board7/26/2010 7:52:10 AM

Pros: Pros - onboard graphics, can use a variety of processors, quick performance and easy set-up. I built this board for my mother who uses the computer for surfing the web, paying bills online, watch an occasional video, type up some documents, fax, etc. - very light usage. The board is fast and fits her needs perfectly. Overclocking isn’t an issue; however, if you need to adjust ram timings and are in to light to moderate overclocking, then this board will do. Again, for the price, stability and quality of this board, it’s an excellent deal. System: G.Skill – 4gb DDR 800mhz (FAST!!) Cooler Master Centurion 5 WD 320gb (Blue) HD E5200 running at stock speed (2.5ghz) OCZ Modstream 600w (got it for a steal at $30) I loaded everything up and the computer just worked and worked fast. Really can't ask for more than that.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This board was very easy to set up and can accept a variety of processors. I purchased this board based on price and use - every day computer for simple tasks. As this was my 1st ever computer build, I couldn't have asked for an easier board. It's loaded with enough sata ports for what it will be used for. If you’re looking for a stable board for an excellent price, then you really can’t go wrong with the G31-ES2L. The board has been used for over a year now and I couldn’t be any happier. I'm definitely sold on Gigabyte quality. If you need to make additional adjustments on this board, just hit control+F1 and more options become available. Read the QVL for memory and you won't go wrong.

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It is the best RAM EVER!!!7/23/2010 8:58:34 AM

Pros: Um, wow!! This is great memory!! I'm fairly new to computer building, but I'm quickly learning what is and what isn't top quality memory. I can't say how fabulous this memory is. I'm a G.Skill man for life!!!

Cons: None!!

Overall Review: Newegg is great and has excellent customer service. "I'll be back."

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I'm impressed7/23/2010 8:51:11 AM

Pros: Excellent cooling, bottom mounted psu and roomy. I have mine loaded up with 4 fans (2 came standard). This case fits my needs and cable management was a breeze. I also like that it’s a simple black case that doesn’t look cheap. If you’re looking for an expensive case that has good cooling (in my opinion), then this is the case for you. Buy it!! My system: i3-540 3.06 Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H (love this board) Gskill 1600-4GBECO (excellent ram) Corsair 850tx (got it for a steal of a price)

Cons: Not much on the con side. The front is a bit flimsy and tends to pop off if you press on the top too hard. This hasn’t been much of an issue for me, but thought I’d mention it.

Overall Review: This is a great case at any price!! I bought it based on the reviews, cooling and because it was a great shell shocker deal – under $40 with free delivery. I’m very pleased with this case. As this is only my second build, I can’t say I’m a pro at picking out a good case, but I think I got very lucky on this one. For the money you can’t wrong. The reviews helped me alot, so I figured I'd try and do the same for someone else.

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