Wonderful little PSU4/21/2019 8:08:24 PM

Pros: -Very stable, rock solid performance -Low fan speed for load <100W -Low heat generation

Cons: -Small hiss sound, maybe from the fan -Depending on the orientation, the socket can point down and leave very little room for cables -1 year warranty VS 7-10 years of their other models

Overall Review: Very good PSU for low power application and small form factor build. Typically Seasonic quality that you can trust.

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All rounded ITX board7/16/2018 8:48:14 PM

Pros: -Comes with HDMI+DisplayPort, allowing at least a dual screen set up -Works out of the box with G.Skill 3200 C14 16GB*2 -Comes with WiFI (Intel 9260) which also included bluetooth -Easy to use BIOS, comes with firmware TPM (which allows you to enable bitlocker with C drive)

Cons: -BIOS is fragile, I broke it once and had to soft reset -M.2 is on the back, making changing the M.2 drive difficult -No RGB LED built-in -Could use more heat-sink -Significantly more expensive than B350 ITX

Overall Review: Probably the most self-contained X470 ITX available, you can build a rather powerful small form factor machine with this board

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Wonderful add-on for any serious server/workstation2/15/2018 3:10:16 PM

Pros: -Easy to install like any PCI-E card -Takes only 1 slot effectively -Offload any CPU loads when parity RAID is used, and no more complication on the software side for building RAID

Cons: -Cost as much as a 8 TB drive -Requires you to pay for many software options (if you want to try any), like SSD Cache -Does not come with power loss protection, need to buy the CacheVault card *or* a BBU

Overall Review: -I am using it in a Threadripper system, with 5* 8TB drives (HGST Desktop NAS). They work out of the box without any issue recognizing them. -Installation of drive on ubuntu 16.04 was straight-forward, just get the driver from Broadcom's site and follow the instruction will be fine -Using the MegaRAID manager on ubuntu was a bit tricky, but can be done following some top results from search on Google -Also, I attached a 60mm Noctua fan to the heat sink using just cable ties. On fullload, the temperature as read from MegaRAID manager was 56 C, I think this is ok.

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Stunning, amazing.8/22/2017 11:15:59 PM

Pros: -Fast, like really fast. There isn't much I have to add after you might have seen all those reviews of this CPU. -Runs really cool With 180W TDP I expected it to get hot, so I used a 240mm AIO water cooler (Corsair H100i V2), it turns out at max load for 30 mins, the temp won't go above 48 C (no offset, direct reading). This is quite amazing considering how many cores and how high a mulitcore frequency it is running. -Easy to install It may look complicated, but it is actually a lot of fun to install. A few hints: When sliding the CPU into the slot, look closely for the alignment, they can misalign quite easily. Use the toque wrench provided, stop applying force once you feel or hear the click sound (it is obvious). Finally when tightening the screws of the cooler, do diagonal, 2 turns each screw until you cannot go further by finger.

Cons: -Expensive? Only if Intel wasn't selling at an even higher price. -Big, kind of heavy to handle (I cannot imagine dropping it...) -The retail package box was kind of a waste of material and unenvironmental friendly, if I am to pick on it.

Overall Review: This reminds me of my first experience of assembling a computer, not in like decades I got this excited about installing a CPU. I am building it into a 24/7 workstation. Had a chance to test a few Python scripts which can do multi-process, and the performance gain over my 6700k is 3-4 times, this really does help speeding up a lot of my (groups') research and simulation.

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Great boards with most workstation features8/20/2017 11:25:00 PM

Pros: -Good quality VRMs -Good build quality in terms of boards thickness and trace management -Huge heatsink and heatpipes for VRMs -Recognize G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 3200 C14 16GB*2 with XMP profile, no problem installing Fedora/Ubuntu, Windows not tested

Cons: -Missing 1 M.2 standoff -Huge VRM heatsink might make the installation of the top water cooler difficult, I have to remove the board to get this done -Too few chassis fans header, and the locations aren't good (only 2, and 1 sitting between CPU and first PCI-E)

Overall Review: Great board overall, I have no problem booting it off the first power cycle. Just a bit disappointing by the fact that it lacks the standoff for one M.2 slot, which after searching the web, is a common thing happening to Asrock. I will let them know and have it mailed back to me.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Chung, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be more than happy to send the M.2 standoff if its missing. Please contact us at http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email: http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp
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Amazing little fan11/15/2016 3:59:37 PM

Pros: -Small enough to fit exactly into a gap between my GPU cooler and its PCI-E frame -Very quiet on even high loading -Came with the silicone vibration damper, works even you have a hard contact using screws

Cons: -A bit expensive considering the performance and price

Overall Review: One of the best small fans for cooling parts like VRM and chipset of mainboard, a finishing touch to a stable system with minimum amount of effort and added noise

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Quality Controlled to be poor11/8/2016 7:01:17 PM

Pros: -Great spec from the paper, especially for the price -Great built quality of the frame and high adjustability -144Hz+FreeSync, capable of pushing any games to the highest frame per second without losing any picture quality

Cons: -Bad QC. Extremely Bad. Maybe not bad after all: 10 monitors spread out in 3 months, all came with defect: cloudling, bleeding, dead pixels, flickering -The stand doesn't adjust to fully horizontal - leaving the monitor a few degree tilted, appeared in multiple samples -Color is much washed out comparing to IPS, yellowish white

Overall Review: I am buying a 144Hz monitor with FreeSync while didn't want to spend a lot, this would have been perfect less all the disappointments. With the expectation well adjusted, I am finally settling down on a sample with dead pixel, tilted frame, white bleeding on the edge of the monitor, as this is already the best they can deliver.

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Built like a tank, yet making no sound11/8/2016 7:28:24 AM

Pros: -Double backplates make the card almost impossible to flex, unlike the Sapphire Nitro+ I used -Backplates are cooling everything from both sides, this makes the card cooled much more effectively -The fans were effective and kept the card rather cool, and is barely audible when the card is sitting at around 72C at full load -Comes with a lot of protection, over all ports and a cover at PCI-E gold fingers, the best I have seen

Cons: -Heavy, big, had to detach the Lian Li quick mount in order to fit it -Not that any thing else I can come up

Overall Review: It's a pity that my card seems to have an ASIC quality of just 68% (related to leakage current), and it runs at a relatively high power and voltage thus generating more heat than others. Otherwise, this is probably the best 480 one can get in the market.

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Great Core and RAM cooling, awkward VRM cooling solution10/30/2016 12:58:03 PM

Pros: Applied to reference AMD RX 480: -Dropped peak temperature from 89C (Thermal throttled) to around 60C if not overclocked. I then clocked it to 1340 MHz to match my another RX 480, and push power limit to +50%, now it peaks at 72C. -Its included RAM heatsink was able to cover the back side of the RAM chip, and it does get quite hot. I believe it is doing something for the RAM this way.

Cons: -The VRM has only small piece of aluminium that requires the use of thermal glue - I thought the installation was totally glue-less

Overall Review: I bought the generic version, which included a bunch of small aluminium piece that I can use the included thermal glue to stick to the VRM. However, I didn't want to mess with the glue, and more importantly together with the cooling fan it takes up 3 slots which I can't afford. The graphics card has a mini 4-pin PWM fan socket, while the two provided fans are, 1x 120mm big 4-pin female, and 1x 80mm mini-female + big male 4 pin. That being said, you need to attach both fans if you ever want to use the graphics card's PWM control. I ended up cutting the 80mm fan off, and use that section of wire as adapter (A mere adapter is costing $15+15 shipping here). In my case of RX 480 reference, its 6-phase VRM is overbuilt and can probably handle the heat without active cooling. But for another card, you may want to mod it further, or simply use the glue given.

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Unbelievably bad quality control10/7/2016 7:58:03 PM

Pros: -Great color, clarity -Highly adjustable stand -Easy to assemble

Cons: I have tried to get this monitor 3 times, and ending up returning it for 3 times. Here's why so you can judge whether I am crazy. 1st. The monitor is trapping a big piece of dirt right at the center of it. It moves relative to the text displayed when viewed from different angles. It is bigger than at least 5 pixels lumped together (because another one has dead pixel, I know how they look) 2nd. In a dark scene, say a black wallpaper, I can see flickering pixel noise everywhere on it. Google "What is causing flashing pixels on dark background .." and you will understand what I meant. It appears even on just the ASUS logo splash screen when the monitor was turned on for a few seconds, so there is nothing to do with the computer or cables. (Well, the box I received has a cut tape and then an ASUS tape over it, maybe a returned product on its own) 3nd. and Last. It looked great to begin with, until I found a dead pixel by the left of the upper middle section. I was unhappy with that, but honestly with 4K monitor and 23.6 inch, I can't see it clearly unless on a white background and pay some attention to look at it. I was prepared to stick with it despite I am paying quite a premium for a faulty monitor. However, the other day when I was simply looking at "Computer" in Windows, I realized that the color changed significantly as I am dragging the window around the monitor. To be exact, the color turns from slightly bright red to darker blue going from left to right.

Overall Review: What kind of product did ASUS try to sell me? 3 monitors in a row and with different issues over each of them, not just a poor quality control, but I believe these products which I return somehow manage to go back to be on sale - you may pick one up later if you buy it. With all these shuffling, good ones will be sold and bad ones circulate. If ASUS does not care and change their attitude on treating these issues, I can guarantee it will be an infamous brand in no time.

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings Chung, Thank you for sharing your ASUS product experience. I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate experiences and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience. We appreciate your feedback and I'll make sure to forward your review to the related department for future improvements. Can you provide us with a picture showing the color defferentiating? Make sure to calibrate your monitor settings while adjusting RGB sliders and Contrast controls in order to get the best graphical fidelity. If you have any questions or have any more details you'd like to share, please feel free to reach out at cl-nestor@asus.com using N161030198 as reference to your case. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Nestor ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support
Great cards, some comments for users7/14/2016 11:07:29 AM

Pros: Obviously, a low price is the whole reason. It brings down the price a level of performance by 20%; you get near 390X/970 performance with the price of 960. -Sufficient for most games in 1080p: I bought it exclusively to play GTA Online, and it does it well with increased details (from my 7950) and maintaining the FPS, if not increasing it as well. -*No* normal gameplay thermal throttling in GTA Online. (I will elaborate this later) -Relatively compact size, and the packaging is solid: The card is strengthen by the cover that it wouldn't bend like other long card

Cons: -A bit on the hot side: can stay at 80C after 1 hour of GTA Online gaming -The fan makes significant amount of noise, which is the case of the above -Removing the fan voiding warranty: Not acceptable to me as dust cleaning has to be done at some point

Overall Review: I have been running multiple tests, including 3D Mark, GTA Online and Furmark for extended period to see what combination of power limit and fan speed should I apply. -Furmark In stress test, it DOES throttle quite a lot due to heat, and it can only run at a very low clock ~800 MHz when heating 90C. This maybe alleviated by cranking up the fan but it will be super noisy above 3000rpm. This has a lot to do with the power limit. 0%/Auto will make it not throttle too early, and 5% seems to be the best in this case. -3D Mark 0% power limit gives 98xx in firestrike, 5% gives 99xx, 10% gives 99xx, 20 % gives 98xx, 30% gives 97xx. These are results of thermal throttling. Taking the 3D Mark as a normal gameplay heat generation case, 5 to 10% should give the best performance, although marginally. Finally I keep it at 10%, running GTA Online for 2 hours while keeping GPU-Z on. I found it to run at 1266 MHz all the time, and the Temp was consistently at 80C. That's what I am happy with.

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High quality memory but moderate compatibility3/5/2016 11:58:08 AM

Pros: Operating at 3000 MHz on my ASUS Z170-A normally, but can't really go up to 3200 MHz, or it will boot only 1 out of 5 times. Can be operated at a voltage of 1.26V instead of the 1.35V spec for 3000MHz, which indicate good quality. Done 20 hours Memtest and not a single error was spotted (>6 passes)

Cons: Doesn't work up to 3200 MHz, but I kind of understand it requires a demanding support from the CPU and the motherboard, kind of a mix and match Heat sink can be too high for some cpu coolers. Can be taken off but not looking as good.

Overall Review: The first I received was thought to be DOA, while it boots for 3200 MHz setting only 1 out of 4,5 times. I sent them back for as a replacement, however the new kits gave me the same behaviour, I have to believe the quality of G.Skill (which I have little doubt) and that it was my motherboard/CPU. Overall this is a nice set of RAM, and despite of its high price, it will probably continue to be the fastest things on the market till 2022. Just a note, I spot another set of RAM, 16GB*2 G.Skill TridentZ 3200 CL15 selling on newegg.ca for $100 cheaper. That would be a better choice in terms of money.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi ChungWaiSandbo Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear the memory is working well in your new Intel Skylake build. This RAM is the latest DDR4 technology, which is how CL14 is capable at DDR4-3200. With a compatible motherboard and capable CPU, you will have no problem reaching the rated specifications of this RAM. For the ASUS Z170-A motherboard, a BIOS/EFI update may be necessary to fully support the maximum specs of this memory. Especially 16GB modules, it is very new so only select few motherboards will have capability. Refer to the G.Skill QVL for specific models. Also, for high frequency performance, an Intel K series CPU is necessary to enable XMP or overclock. Keep an eye out of the ASUS website for upgrades and information. Or if you are fine with DDR4-3000, you can lower timings to make up for some performance. The Trident Z series RAM is very flexible so you can achieve maximum performance based on what the CPU and motherboard can handle. For all further questions and concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: ustech@gskillusa.com RMA Dept Email: rma@gskillusa.com G.Skill Forum: http://www.gskill.us/forum/
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