Great card, great price.5/12/2013 9:00:07 AM

Pros: Great card for the price, this thing will easily out perform a 560ti and it even hangs in there with the 660. This card really shines when run in SLI with another, these cards scale incredibly well. For $360 or so, you can get slightly better performance than a 680. Incredible value in these cards.

Cons: These cards run hot, and the reference blower does a less than stellar job at keeping them cool. This will only be a concern if you have a small case. It is recommended that you make sure you have good airflow and cable management, especially if you decide to go with a dual gpu setup.

Overall Review: The heat isn't really anything to be too worried about, and it shouldn't deter you from purchasing. It is just something to take note of. As long as you keep your case cool it shouldn't be a problem.

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