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Works better than I thought!

Natural Point TrackIR 5 Optical Head Tracking Tracker Controller
Natural Point TrackIR 5 Optical Head Tracking Tracker Controller

Pros: This makes life so much easier in simulators, lots of adjustments to fine tune the sensitivity on different axises. Instructions are easy to understand, it is easy to install, and if you have any trouble understanding the set up, there are multiple videos online to help. The optical tracker itself is adjustable in multiple ways to fit on anything from the top of a tv/monitor to just setting it on a flat surface. The hat clip is made out of light weight metal, not plastic (which is definitely a plus). Note: if you don't wear a hat of some kind, then I would recommend getting the TrackIR "Clip Pro" which can clip onto a headset or something similar. The hat clip included with this product only clips to the bill of a hat.

Cons: Not a con, but just something to keep in mind... after I set up my TrackIR and was playing a simulator, I noticed my screen started to literally spazz out. I found that the cause of this was the TrackIR was picking up natural light coming in through a window behind me. Hard to explain exactly. However, I bought a room darkening curtain set that was around 12" wider and taller than my window, and that fixed the issue.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product!

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Great seller

Happy with the product I received, was packaged great and was here in a timely fashion!

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