Great TN Monitor4/14/2015 1:40:53 PM

Pros: 1. Great Colors 2. Great Viewing angles for TN 3. Sturdy build quality in general 4. Vesa mounting holes 5. Matte finish on panel 6. Inexpensive when I got it 7. Very easy assembly

Cons: 1. Stand can be a little wobbly if you accidentally hit the table 2. Speakers are extremely quiet even when fully cranked up 3. I have heard that the response time is really 4ms as opposed to the 2ms advertised, but who really can tell a couple of milliseconds of lag?

Overall Review: Coming from a 15.6" Laptop I've been using for a couple of years, this screen was a big jump in size. Definitely worth what I paid for it back then. I have heard things about IPS panels having more color depth and things such as that, but that IPS doesn't really make a huge improvement until you start going into more expensive monitors.

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This thing is a brick4/14/2015 1:32:50 PM

Pros: I have used keyboards mainly rubber dome keyboards and chiclet keyboards, but I decided to get myself a mechanical keyboard at last. 1. Very Sturdy, almost no flex to it 2. Cherry MX Blacks feel great, a bit stiff compared to what I was used to but I got used to it within a week, enough resistance so I don't accidentally hit keys while resting my fingers on keys while gaming. 3. Easy to type and game with 4. No nonsense design

Cons: No cons in terms of functionality

Overall Review: It didn't come with a wrist rest, but that was easily fixed by picking up a cheap $5 one from the store. The keyboard has a strange size and layout so you cannot replace all of the keycaps if they break No backlighting, but I knew that when buying it. Anyways, I hope to get some 40A-L O-rings soon to remedy the clanky sound when bottoming out.

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Very High Quality for a Very Good Price4/14/2015 1:25:43 PM

Pros: I finally decided to build a new gaming rig after years and was on the search for a well priced, high quality PSU. I was extremely surprised to see an 80+ Bronze PSU by EVGA. Now, I've known EVGA as an Aftermarket Nvidia GPU maker but not really much else. Anyways, I did a little research and discovered that this unit is a Super Flower OEM, and for $60 back when I got it, this was a real steal. The Semi-Modular layout is very convenient and the fan is dead silent, not to mention the nicely sleeved cables. Also, the textured black finish was a nice touch. I couldn't help but recommend EVGA PSUs to my friends and family because of what a great deal it is compared to its competition. Even at full price, this power supply is a great deal and if that isn't enough, these often have MIRs.

Cons: Larger form factor may be a problem for people trying to build in smaller cases, but I haven't seen anyone I know with it run into any compatibility issues.

Overall Review: Great little PSU for any computer.

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Great SSD for beginners and enthusiasts4/14/2015 1:17:22 PM

Pros: 1. Plug and Play 2. Fast 3. Sleek Black Color 4. Great, Easy to use Software

Cons: No Sata Cable included, not a real con though, but it would be nice for them to include a simple one.

Overall Review: I have been building computers for years but had never really thought about getting an SSD until I bought an ultrabook that had one, the difference truly is night and day when it comes to bootup and simple opening of programs installed onto it. I can't wait for the day when these become affordable enough to warrant getting one for mass storage. I still recommend a 120/250gb SSD for the boot and an HDD for mass storage though.

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