Very happy with this purchase11/14/2011 10:27:12 AM

Pros: A powerhouse of a GPU, huge frame buffer, quiet operation, great drivers and control center and EVGA's nice tools for monitoring GPU/VRAM operation and utilization. I really like EVGA's support for their hardware, especially the registered owners section on their website. A good price for what is offered, also, as I explain below.

Cons: The only drawback that I can see is the additional cost for the increased RAM over the 1280MB version; however, it is worth it these days.

Overall Review: I was considering either the 580 1.5GB or this card, and I came to the conclusion that the larger frame buffer, to me, makes up for the minor difference between the two GPUs' processing power. Loading up Crysis 2 on ultra setting with the hi-res texture and DX11 patches, it would consume from 1600MB-2100MB of VRAM. Aliens vs. Predator consistently uses ~2000MB of the frame buffer and it is known that Battlefield 3 on ultra settings requires 1.5GB VRAM. I believe that a larger frame buffer is better and that this will be the norm as more DX11 games come out. I ordered this card before the rest of the system (which is shipping as of this writing) so I replaced my old 4870 1GB in my current system and boy, what a difference it alone made. I can't wait for the rest of the system to get here.

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