Wonderful case - Tons of flexibility.10/11/2020 10:31:38 AM

Overall Review: Didn't have a single issue with a new build on this case. Build quality is great, love the additional accessories for AIOs, tons of storage area, good airflow, and super clean.

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Great Bang/Buck, Pain to install4/10/2008 8:55:30 PM

Pros: Cools very well. My E8200 stays at 33C idle.

Cons: It was a huge pain to install on my Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R motherboard. I had to get another person to help me with it. Also, it wasn't as quiet as I thought it would be. Guess I'll get a fan controller.

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bang for your buck10/20/2005 4:00:44 PM

Comments: I got this on rebate for under $xx. This card seems to have a lot of IRQ conflicts with my motherboard. I can only use one slot for it to work without crashing. Make sure you install the drivers before the software. Other than that, it's worth the money.

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Not for gamers10/20/2005 3:55:38 PM

Comments: Well I do a lot of programming and need to switch between computers often. I also wanted the audio ported. This KVM switches fast and everything worked on the first try. This KVM however can't handle too many inputs at the same time. So if you're playing quake or counterstrike when you hit the WASD keys to move, you get extra unwanted movement because of the KVM and it's extremely annoying, almost unplayable for FPS. For games that don't need continous input, this KVM is very good.

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Beautiful Case10/4/2005 2:59:05 PM

Comments: This ia a beautiful case for a pretty good price. Like many others, the front panel was difficult to remove (I had to use pliers). The power button is kind of loose and sticks out, almost like a joystick. Not sure if that's the same for all of them. Other than that this is a awesome and I would buy another one. The easy slide in dvd roms and pci/agp slots were a breeze. The duct brings down the idle temperatures by about 4C (very significant). Highly recommeded.

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Weird noise on startup?10/4/2005 2:45:42 PM

Comments: The DVD has been working for a day so far. The only really really annoying thing to me is the sound that the dvd-rom makes when the computer reboots or starts up. It sounds like a bunch of quick clicks. No one has mentioned that here.

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cheap price great product9/29/2005 5:53:07 PM

Comments: this battery works for my S100 (yes 100) and i was about to take about 120 photos (usually I get like 50).

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