It's very good. Like, wow.9/2/2015 10:31:03 PM

Pros: Its image quality is very good when the settings are finally at their best on both the display and the graphics card. I haven't seen any problems in the image that I've achieved. That's impressive for this monitor since I've been striving for excellence in this exact area of tech use for over fifteen years. It's a great panel, despite being a TN. You should not have any fears about that issue. I do not have any other problems with it, either. There are no dead pixels, no broken or poorly made parts, and the menu system is good, offering many options. The 3D is fantastic. I must admit, though, that the only other measure of 3D that I have is RealD at the theaters. I use it for gaming and Blu-Ray movies, all in 3D.

Cons: All I can think of is that it's not an IPS panel, which would have genuine full color support.

Overall Review: I do not have a use for the add-on S.Switch since I just use it for my PC and have achieved my preferred settings. I imagine, though, that it might be quite useful for using the display with other devices, like consoles and such, allowing for quick and easy switching of settings. {All of the below settings are likely to change in small ways over time.} My monitor settings: Brightness: 40 Contrast: 37 (I have not done professional color balancing, yet.) My nVidia settings: Brightness:35 Contrast: 77 Gamma: 1.00 Digital Vibrance: 74 (Color Saturation) (nVidia's 3D glasses have a slight green color to them, so I lower the gamma of the green channel down to 0.94 when in 3D mode.)

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Horrible Experience1/3/2015 11:08:33 AM

Pros: The stand is quite stable. Also the rear control stick and UI work quite well.

Cons: Everything else... The stand does not allow the monitor to be completely vertical, making it tilt back. The backlight bleeds through very badly, starting at the right and left edges and continuing 1/3 across the screen. My rather old Samsung 2433BW monitor actually has far less bleed. Also, the display looks crazy bright, forcing me to lower the contrast on both the display and the video card settings to zero, plus lowering the video card's gamma setting quite a lot. Even then, I still preferred my old monitor's image quality over this one (which was a total shock). Most people would compliment the brightness and contrast, but I found it to be a nuisance, irritating my eyes, and hard to reduce without hurting the image quality. Seriously, it was crazy bright. As for the IPS tech in the display, I couldn't tell that there were more colors in the image. The colors in my old monitor literally looked the same (if not better, given the brightness problems).

Overall Review: Maybe my old Samsung 2433BW was unusually high quality for its era, but I was severely disappointed with this PLS monitor. It has actually made me question the value of IPS at all. I certainly won't buy a Samsung again since I simply can't trust them to deliver quality any more.

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Nice Hardware - Lame Software8/28/2014 12:44:37 AM

Pros: The hardware is great for its class of mouse. I've enjoyed the 3200 CPI, the CPI toggle button, the fast polling rate, and the slick finish that is oh-so-smooth under my hand. Also, the three main buttons can be assigned to macros, and separate buttons profiles can be activated when specific programs are launched.

Cons: I'm glad that it has a CPI toggle button, but I wanted to change it to a macro and was disappointed that I couldn't. In other words, only the three main mouse buttons can be customized. Also, the software was surprisingly short on options. It's as if it was designed to simply add onto what Windows does. For example, even though it can assign each of the three main buttons to macros, I didn't see an option to revert them back to standard Windows functions. Also, it offers to change the CPI but doesn't offer to change the mouse pointer speed, forcing me to go to Windows' software for that. I can see how new gaming mouse users would have trouble understanding the difference between CPI and pointer speed. Also, the software took a surprising amount of time to launch.

Overall Review: I received this mouse as a bonus gift with an MSI motherboard.

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Good Quality1/26/2013 1:44:03 PM

Pros: I'm listening to 32-bit music through my Sound Blaster X-Fi, Monster cable, Klipsch in-ear headphones, and this coupler. The audio sounds great. The only improvement I can make to this setup is a professional audio receiver and studio monitors. This is apparently a good product.

Cons: Why is one blue? It's not a con, though. I just thought I'd type something. :P

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Low Volume and No Bass8/9/2012 3:44:20 PM

Pros: It's weighted base stays in place. The mute/on button is convenient. The audio quality is decent for the price.

Cons: This mic picks up no bass at all. I have a low bass voice, so I sound like a young high school kid with this thing despite being a grown man. The volume pickup is very low. Since it uses USB instead of mini-jack, I can't use gain boost and such.

Overall Review: If you're gonna do a lot of mic stuff that other people will hear, then I highly recommend investing in a more expensive option.

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Nice quality for old stuff.5/27/2012 8:52:43 AM

Pros: It produces a good picture with a lot of tweaking of the settings. The software for simply viewing the video output meets my needs without big complaints. Most notably, the video did not lag, as I have had trouble with that using other software. Finally, this input device works with other software not made by the manufacturer (including recording software), which is a big bonus.

Cons: It only inputs a 480p signal at max, but I think that is limited by USB 2 speeds. If this device was internal, it would probably do HD, since it passes through a 1080 signal to a TV. Also, nothing about this product is spectacular. It simply gets the job done.

Overall Review: I bought this for old game consoles and for my Wii, so I wasn't expecting much. I knew when I bought it that it would only be for obselete hardware. It does the job that it was intended for quite well, though, and that's all I need.

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This might cool a north bridge.3/26/2012 11:24:41 AM

Pros: It's pretty.

Cons: This thing is so puny that it reminds me more of a toy than a heat sink. The copper is super thin *everywhere* and there isn't much of it to begin with. It's just cheap.

Overall Review: I must have not been thinking or paying attention when I bought this thing. Shame on NewEgg for not having more pictures of it. I might use it to cool another chip with some adhesive.

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Nice, but maybe not the best.6/2/2010 4:34:52 PM

Pros: It was made quite well. I have few complaints.

Cons: The actual sink that touches the GPU is not as thick as I expected. I'm not convinced that it is as effective as people seem to think. The stock HIS sink/fan that came with my ATI card kept the GPU around 50-55C. This cooler allows it to go up to 62C. I think the previous one was effective due to its rather thick metal sink.

Overall Review: I'll keep using this cooler because it is small enough to allow me to use some copper ram sinks. I've put them all over the card on the hot chips and have noticed a big jump in graphics efficiency. I highly recommend them. I will be open-minded about other GPU coolers, though.

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Best I've seen2/26/2010 2:24:40 AM

Pros: As seen in the pictures, these are made of thick copper, offering great absorbency of heat. The rod shape is great for air flow while still absorbing heat. They are also quite small, enabling you to put them on almost any VGA memory sized chip in your computer. I don't know anything about the adhesive tape, but it worked well for me when applying. I haven't had any problems.

Cons: I don't know of any. If you like thin material in your heatsinks, then these might not be a good choice for you.

Overall Review: I bought these for VGA RAM cooling, but I also found some small chips on my motherboard that get quite hot. You should consider checking out your entire PC for hot chips. I put these sinks on some very hot chips near my video card port and now I swear that my games run better.

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