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Great Keyboard2/19/2016 6:19:00 PM

Pros: I wasn't too sure how'd I'd like going back to a manual keyboard after years of using the cheapo ones. It only took me a couple weeks to fall in love with it. It's been great for gaming and just general use too.

Cons: none,

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Excellent switch2/19/2016 6:15:13 PM

Pros: This replaced an old dell switch I've been using for years. It was beginning to act up a little and fan went out in it. This cisco switch has been running flawless for several months now.

Cons: none

Overall Review: great product, I recommend it and would buy again if the need arose.

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it works!2/19/2016 6:12:47 PM

Pros: It has worked on every drive I have used on it so far. I have several laptop drives and desktop HDs lying around I wanted to wipe before putting them out in a yard sale. This fit the bill perfectly. In the future I'll probably use it for extra storage backups.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Highly recommend it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Michael: Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Abby from ORICO customer care team. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Our email address is, please feel free to contact me if you have any problem. We looking forward to hear from you and purchase from ORICO again! Best Regards Abby
so far great drive3/8/2015 7:17:53 PM

Pros: bought this to speed up an older system. It does its job great. It boots to windows in 30-40 seconds and loads programs very quickly.

Cons: none so far

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great case3/8/2015 7:14:08 PM

Pros: I have two of these cases. No sharp edges, easy HD and systemboard installation. Comes with all the parts needed. What I like most about it is the ports are all at the top of the case and easy to get to if you put it under your desk.

Cons: Not a big con and did not take away an egg for it but the front USB ports are USB 3.0 only. I bought this for an older systemboard that did not have 3.0 ports. I ended up buying an addon USB 3.0 card to solve the problem.

Overall Review: Used it to put some spare parts to use...older Intel Core 2 duo and a Sapphire 5770 video card. Works great.

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Decent power3/8/2015 7:08:07 PM

Pros: I had a bunch of spare parts sitting around that needed a case and pwr supply. This PS worked great in that configuration. The cables are all very long which was worked out well because the case I bought has the power supply mounted on the bottom.

Cons: none

Overall Review: was perfect for what I needed.

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crisp clear picture3/2/2015 11:46:20 AM

Pros: My old BenQ is starting to dim some and lose it crispness after 5 years of use. It's been such a great display so I bought one of these 27" ones. It has so far lived up to my expectations. I'd rather watch movies on this than my new 55" TV.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Wish I would have pulled the lever on this when it was cheaper.

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good receiver for the price3/2/2015 11:40:07 AM

Pros: Sounds great compared to my old receiver. Has plenty of HMDI ports. Surround sound was easy to setup.

Cons: none, I researched quite a bit before buying. This was onsale at the price point I was willing to spend.

Overall Review: This receive destroys the sony I had before. The surround sound is much better and very easy to setup. I caught this on sale for $250. Well worth it at that price.

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Decent price, decent board3/2/2015 11:32:32 AM

Pros: pretty much as I expected. Worked well out of the box.

Cons: Not a huge con but their was not a support post hole at the corner of the board where the memory is located. You need to be careful when adding/removing memory from the board. if you look at the top down image listed on the product page you'll see is not there.

Overall Review: I bought this as an upgrade to my son's intel dual core. It's been running a week or so with no problems. Windows will need to be reloaded. Also if you are upgrading from an older system like I did make sure you have a sata DVD drive if you plan on reloading windows that way. His was an old IDE dvd so I ended up having to convert the CD to a Thumb drive to reload windows.

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Fast card but....8/14/2012 9:32:50 AM

Pros: I run high settings on all my games at 1920 X 1200 with no issues. It is a very fast card.

Cons: The fans on the Sapphire cards are junk. After about a year one of the fans on my card stopped working. Both fans appear to be cheaply made. I'd expect better for a $270 card - at the time I purchased it.

Overall Review: Sapphire says to RMA the card through the retailer. NewEgg doesn't cross ship so having my PC down for two weeks really is not an option.

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Two dead in 8 months12/1/2009 6:28:40 AM

Pros: Small, easy installation. Lots of USB ports. Decently priced

Cons: 1st board I bought lasted 5 months. I bought another from Newegg when the 1st died so I did not have to wait forever on an RMA. Second board died 2 months later. Hopefully 3rd time is the charm with this board or I'll be switching back to Asus.

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not bad10/6/2009 6:19:24 AM

Pros: small and easy to install

Cons: Worked for 6 mo and then failed. Would not boot bios at all. Ordered a replacement from New Egg. Attempting to RMA the old board. Gigabyte's technical support only allows you to email. Not a big fan of this option.

Overall Review: I dont much care for the heat sink holder on this board. It's a bit flimsy for my liking. Intel is probably more to blame for this though.

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