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Goldilocks Effect

Logitech G710 Plus Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G710 Plus Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard

Pros: *Ergonomic *Good key feedback *Nice color separation of WASD and arrow keys *Bright backlight *Solid construction

Cons: *Flimsy wrist rest compared to some other gaming keyboards *Price compared to similar models - wait till it goes on sale

Overall Review: This keyboard delivers. This is the third keyboard I've bought in about a year because I just couldn't find one that I liked. First was the Logitech 510 which was pretty good but kinda dull in the keys. Next I bought the Corsair Vengeance K90 and it was beautiful and well constructed but the keys were too sensitive, and worst of all the keys would go dead in the middle of a game, forcing a restart. Their firmware updates didn't fix this. I finally had enough of the K90's problems so I gave this keyboard a try and have finally found the right fit. Pro gamers go for simplicity, and that's what this keyboard delivers. It just works, and works well. Everything is designed to contrast with other parts, so you can find the keys you need quickly. For those who also use their keyboard to type, it works like a charm for this purpose as well. Logitech really got it right with this keyboard and I look forward to many happy years with it.

Most Critical Review


VisionTek Bigfoot Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card
VisionTek Bigfoot Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card

Pros: I got one of these in 2008 so I don't think it is the exact same model number, but close enough. I didn't notice much performance difference and the card died after 2 years, which messed my computer up until I removed the software (along with the dead card). While I didn't notice much network improvement (I play MMOs mostly) I didn't do technical tests on it, and the more recent articles show promising technical results on the newer cards.

Cons: Performance improvements seem to be very situational. Performance boost, if any, may not be worth the price tag.

Overall Review: I just bought their wifi card for my laptop, so I do think they can be worth while in certain instances. I might consider the PC card again if I had $90 burning a hole in my pocket.


Corsair CH-9000019-NA Vengeance K70 Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair CH-9000019-NA Vengeance K70 Mechanical Keyboard

Pros: *Great look *Nice back lighting *Responsive keys *Durable build

Cons: *Firmware sucks *Firmware updater won't work with my computer *Customer support sucks *Keyboard won't work in certain safe modes *Requires 2 USB ports *Very easy to make typos because the keys are so sensitive *Keys will stop working or scramble their functionality in the middle of a game (not due to turning num lock off but similar results)

Overall Review: After dealing with the quirkiness of this keyboard for a little over a year, I finally got sick of it and switched back to my old keyboard, my trusty Logitech G510. A few months after I got this keyboard, and the problems had been happening, I emailed Corsair customer support but it took them a few weeks to respond, and they were entirely unhelpful. Their firmware update utility doesn't work either, so I have never been able to update the firmware which I hear can help with the problems this keyboard has. To sum it up, this keyboard is all looks but doesn't deliver. I would not buy this again.

Like a Ferrari

Corsair Vengeance K90  Black/Metal USB Wired Gaming Performance, MMO Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair Vengeance K90 Black/Metal USB Wired Gaming Performance, MMO Mechanical Keyboard

Pros: * Responsive Keys * Beautiful design * Rugged * Bright backlight * Comfortable

Cons: Quirky firmware

Overall Review: I love this keyboard. My only complaint is that at least once a day, keys will stop working. I know it is software or firmware related, as certain keys will suddenly remap to other keys. I have tried a firmware update but it gave me an error message. Only issue keeping me from giving it 5 stars.


Logitech G510 Keyboard
Logitech G510 Keyboard

Pros: Solid construction Reliable keys Very comfortable to use

Cons: have never found a good use for LED screen Software is clunky Backlight is not very bright Software conflicts with my computer

Overall Review: The software and keyboard really slowed down my computer. My rig is 4 years old and has never been reformatted so I don't entirely blame the keyboard, but I was not having issues prior so... It messed up my media player so I now have to click the movie file and then manually open media player as well. Otherwise I will only hear audio. When I close media player I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to the processes screen to manually kill media player as the keyboard software keeps the audio running for some reason. This is not a bad keyboard but admittedly, after a year of use, I am looking for a new keyboard with fewer bells and whistles that get in the way. That said, if I had to continue using it, I wouldn't complain too loudly, as it performs it's core function well enough.

Great laptop cooler

Thermaltake Massive23 ST 23cm fan Notebook Cooler CLN0009
Thermaltake Massive23 ST 23cm fan Notebook Cooler CLN0009

Pros: Good size, solid construction, convenient design

Cons: a way to store the USB cable would be nice, higher speed fan would help with cooling but for the price, nobody can really complain

Overall Review: I bought this for my Alienware laptop and I am very happy with it. It fits perfectly to the m14x laptop. The giant fan works decently, and it does indeed drop the temperature by 3-4 degrees. Nothing drastic, but for $30 that's not bad (if cooling is what you're concerned with). I would look at something with more hardcore fans if you were going to be running a really hot machine, or doing overclocking. The main use of these laptop coolers is to elevate the laptop for better airflow, and the fans just keep air moving a bit. They really don't push very much air. Is it worth it? I don't regret buying it, and I use it whenever I know my laptop will be heating up a bit (gaming, processor heavy programs, etc). But if you are looking for something with serious cooling capability, you will need to go to a much higher price range.