Great Value2/23/2007 5:44:25 AM

Pros: I won't go into the aesthetic appeal because everyone has their own preference. The case however is of relatively solid design. There's ample room for you to maneuver parts into the right places without too much of a hassle. The HD bay is turned 90 degrees for easier accessibility. The low price of the case makes it a very good value for an average user.

Cons: The 5.25" drive bay locking mechanism is the one thing I consider to be a notable con mainly due to the fact that the manual does not go into great detail about how it works. It may be difficult for the novice user to figure it out. Before you slide your drive (assuming it is a DVD/CD drive) into the 5.25" bay, look into the empty bay from the front and watch the left wall of it where the locking mechanism sits on the opposite side. As you watch the inner wall of the drive bay, slide the locking mechanism forward. You will see that as you pull it forward 2 small metal pieces will pop out. You will want to align the mounting holes on your CD/DVD drive with those 2 metal pieces. It takes a bit of trial and error as you will not be able to see the alignment once you insert your CD/DVD drive. You will know its not aligned if you're unable to fully slide the locking mechanism forward easily.

Overall Review: I purchased this case to make a computer for my parents who are just getting the hang of computers. I definitely recommend this case for the average or budget conscious user. I know many would like there to be more drive bays, but this case was not meant for the enthusiast as much as it was meant for the average user. The price of this case in relation to its quality makes it a great buy. Note: there are two versions of this case. The 534 RC and the 534 RC plus. The 534 RC comes with a front fan, faux side air intake gills, and no rear fan. The 534 RC Plus comes with a rear fan, a real side intake with 120mm fan included as well as the side air duct which aligned perfectly with the CPU blower, and no front fan.

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Great Value2/9/2007 7:08:08 AM

Pros: The backing of the binder is solid. It seems to possibly be cardboard but it's very thick and sturdy. It could be a plastic though, but I don't want to bend it to find out because if it's cardboard it won't bend back. This binder is very large. I'm sure it can fit more pages for more discs and it's sturdy enough do so. There is also a mesh pocket inside on the left. They provide you CD index sheet for you to fill out in order to keep your discs organized. The two straps do a good job of keeping the pages stable. This wallet is as good of quality as any other out there and its looks along with its capacity to price ratio is hard to compete with. I will definitely be buying a couple more of these. Dropping the 6 dollar shipping and handling to free shipping made the case go from a great deal to an outstanding one.

Cons: If you plan on filling the 400 disc slots all at once... make sure you put aside a little bit of time... You have to tear out a perforated V shaped strip covering each CD slot. Don't rush this too much... the plastic on the pages like that of any CD wallet could rip if you apply too much force. This isn't enough of a con to warrant a lower rating as I am sure leaving those strips for you to tear out yourself keeps the price of the wallet lower because the manufacturer doesn't have to pay for someone or a machine to remove the strips for you.

Overall Review: I have done a very extensive search for a storage wallet/case that is of good quality, good price, able to hold a large amount of discs. I have spindles of discs and movies stacked on top of each other. I didn't want to purchase a CD wallet with a low storage capacity and end up replacing my stacks of discs with stacks of CD wallets. This really is the best bang for your buck out there and it's a nice clean look as well.

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Solid Burner for Lite-On1/23/2007 5:23:28 AM

Pros: I purchased this about a month ago and I've put the burner to a lot of work. I've done at least 100 successful burns. My only coaster was due to an encoding problem with Nero it had nothing to do with the burner. I'm very pleased. At the time of purchase I wasn't able to find any 20x DVD-R's so I've been using up the rest of my 16x's. They burn at 16 speed and do full DVD copies in 11 minutes and burn CD's in 2 minutes at 48x

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: As I stated before although I've done numerous burns they have been with 16x discs. I will have to see how 20x burning goes. Although I don't foresee any problems. I have yet to try the light scribe technology as well. I do plan on using it soon to make copies of my sister's wedding so we'll see how that goes as well. I'm confident in the burning capability I just have a little uncertainty with the Light Scribe.

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