I am heartbroken, what was Logitech thinking?10/13/2017 6:19:46 PM

Pros: Dual Bluetooth and Unifying USB dongle functional (the only reason is got 2 stars instead of 1) Scroll Wheel side clicks added

Cons: So many cons...... The first is the complete failure in their design of the tilting base. Nowhere on their website, box, or product listings, do they mention that their "smart hinge" is nothing more than a heavy steel plate with pivot point held on by MAGNETS. When using it, any force much greater than resting your hand on it will pop it back in the other position. Not only can you not lock it in the 0 or 20 degree position, if you accidentally rock it from the 0 to 20 and your pinky overhangs the edge, you can pinch it. What in the hell Logitech? So now, when you knock it off your desk, not only do you have to find the ball that popped out, you also have to find the steel plate that flew off into space in the opposite direction. It is unusable without this plate BTW! Logitech obviously knows the magnetic pivoting base plate is awful since they don't mention that is how it works anywhere I can find! So remember those magnets, well, I opened this in my shop to use with the system on my workbench, and my MX Ergo was instantly covered in steel filings. Yeah, had I known, I either would have opened it elsewhere, or not ordered it at all. When in the 20 degree position, it is also almost impossible to pick up one handed like with the M570. Logitech took almost everything bout the M570 and tweaked it in the wrong direction. There is no pinky lip on the right hand side, there are sharp edges where there used to be smooth, and the new low profile back and forward buttons have sharp corners. The top of the shell has a sharper curve radius with a butyl rubber overmold that just feels clammy in the hand. This is going to rot and fall apart over time, just like the small piece of rubber overmold did in the pinky rest on the Trackman Wheel. The left and right click buttons are extra loud with what feels to be a bit more travel than the M570. It is HEAVY. Over 9 ounces. I sometimes like to pick up my M570 and place it on my chest when leaned back in my chair. The weight combined with the difficulty in being able to pick it up with my thumb and pinky have ruined that flexibility. Plus, this is now a clunky weight in my travel bag, not to mention I have to remember the magnets so I don't wipe my credit cards if I happen to set my wallet next to it. The scroll wheel kind of has a papery noise to it almost like it has a bad bearing. No more convenient storage slot for the unifying receiver when traveling. Micro-USB charging port.....come on....I almost had everything switched over to USB-C. I mean, you include the charging cord with it.....there is no excuse to have stuck with micro-usb.

Overall Review: I have 5 M570's on various machines. I am glad I bought extra replacements for the future because if this is what Logitech thinks is an improvement, us legacy Trackman lovers are doomed if they cancel the M570. I have owned every iteration from the original serial version around 27 years ago and each new version was mostly an improvement, until now. Logitech, why the hell didn't you just take the M570 and add the Easy Switch Bluetooth functionality. This would have been amazing. If you are trying to kill the Trackman line, you should have just not released a new model. Also, there is no way you tested this design with regular people, or if you did, you ignored all the negative feedback. If I had a 3D priner, I would print a solid base for it, take the magnets out, throw away the steel plate and epoxy the printed base plate with wedge on. I understand why you would think the ability to switch angles would be a good idea, and maybe it is, but this is a horrible execution of that idea.

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Electrical Fault Renders Screen Useless2/16/2012 4:30:46 PM

Pros: The cradle is a good snug fit for the Droid X and the approximate 45 degree angle is appropriate.

Cons: Lots. The included charger has what I am guessing is a ground issue. When it is plugged in, it does power the unit but the Droid screen becomes unresponsive meaning the capacitance is being interfered with. When unpowered or being powered by a USB port on my computer, it works fine. I have also used different chargers on this same outlet with no issues and it passes a ground check. The slot for the secondary battery charger is a little ill fitting and some jiggery pokery is required to get a good contact for proper charging. A minor negative is that the dock has a mini-USB power connector as opposed to a micro-USB. Fortunately, it did come with a mini-USB cable but this means none of my many cables I already have will work with it. Since the Droid connector is micro-USB, they should have maintained consistency and had the same for both.

Overall Review: In all, this is a poorly thought out product. The housing itself is fine but the electronics are sub-standard. I needed 3 but only bought the one to try it out. I will be choosing a different manufacturer for the other 2. The only reason I am not furious is that I got it on sale with free shipping. I am hoping the power adapter I have at home will work. If it does not then ir means the wiring issue is in the dock and not the power supply.

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Another Solid from Gigabyte10/15/2011 10:54:43 AM

Pros: This was a fairly easy install. Posted on first power-up with an i5-2500k and for the first time ever, all devices were recognized and supported with the included driver CD for 7 Pro-64 SP1. Current updates including firmware available on their website. Nice clean layout and compact components. Lots of overclocking options although I will be running at stock speeds for now as this system screams as is and this will be my wife's gaming rig.

Cons: Not a true full size ATX board which may actually be a pro for some people depending on your case size. This does cause the components to be a little closer together so it was a little annoying when connecting all the cables once installed in my Thermaltake V3 case. This also means there are only 6 mount points instead of 9 so there was a disturbing amount of flex when I plugged in the 24-pin power connector. I would suggest supporting it from underneath during installation.

Overall Review: I noticed a lot of people complain about the SATA connectors but I had no issues. I would imagine it is dependent on your case. I also have the Hyper 212 Plus CPU heatsink and none of my ram slots are blocked. If you have this issue, rotate it 90 degrees. That will probably solve your issue.

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Good Data, Poor Construction9/23/2011 2:11:40 AM

Pros: As far as data transfer rates, it's great. Running a WD Caviar Black 2TB drive in Win 7-64 with no problems. I like that you have the option to turn the internal fan on or off. It is aesthetically pleasing.

Cons: It rattles from the hard drive vibration. If I squeeze the outside of the housing it stops the noise. The drawer that the drive sits in is a little loose and is only held in by a small plastic slide tab. I am going to have to get some neoprene or other material to shim everything up to stop the noise. If the fan is running, it seems to counteract the forces that cause the noise so I either get fan noise or vibration noise. I also cannot get it to stop automatically shutting off after inactivity despite changing global power options in Windows 7 and keeping USB in an always on state.

Overall Review: Overall it is a solid design, it's just the lack of refinement that keeps this from being a really solid product.

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First DOA Asus product for me2/10/2011 1:03:55 PM

Pros: Pretty Packaging

Cons: DOA - Would not POST. Other cons - physical switches on MB to enable core unlock and overclocking. Comparable products can be done from BIOS without need for switch. Also the 20+4 power connector is in a bad spot which will block and DVD/Blu-Ray drives in most mid-tower ATX cases. ASUS quality overall seems to be slipping which makes me sad. I have built many ASUS based machines over the years.

Overall Review: I did the online RMA process for an exchange and then found out it would be around a 2 week process before I got my replacement. Unacceptable. Fortunately, Newegg's chat bot correctly switched it to refund when I requested it and I ordered a different brand's similar replacement. It arrived yesterday and installed with no issues.

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Great Update to the Wireless Trackman12/7/2010 6:51:57 PM

Pros: I have owned every consumer version of Logitech's Trackman since they started selling them. I currently own about 7 for all the different machines I use. This is a much needed update to the previous wireless Trackman Wheel. The new transceiver is much more convenient and apparently powerful. I haven't had the signal drop out yet. The M570 Trackman feels rather similar to the wired Trackman Wheel which for me is a very good thing. The buttons are a fine addition and are located in a good position as they do not interfere if I choose to ignore them. The new color scheme has a kind of biometric metallic look which is growing on me. If I get a wireless keyboard in the series, I really like that I don't have to tie up a second USB port. I especially like that it has a storage compartment for the transceiver. I plan to get one for my laptop and take advantage of this. Setup was plug and play, no additional software needed.

Cons: No bluetooth support. Really Logitech? This would have been amazing for use with my Thinkpad. Logitech has not updated the wired version yet so while this is not really a con on this specific product, it is for the product line.

Overall Review: The old red and black specked ball is the same size as the new blue and works just fine. The red ball seems to track at a lower resolution. The blue ball does NOT work in the old models. This is no reflection either way on the product, just interesting. The blue ball seemed a little rough until I got enough human oil on it to lubricate the contact points. I have found this to be true of the previous models too.

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Good performance but warm1/14/2009 6:19:39 PM

Pros: Recognized by my Thinkpad T500 with Vista Business. Ordered it Monday with free shipping and had it on Thursday. Was nice to stick it in my main system for diagnostics prior to installing in my laptop. Gotta love hot-swappable SATA drives. Nice to see the 5-year warranty is back in place over the 3 year. The longer the warranty, the more confidence they have in their product which gives me confidence, psychology 101.

Cons: Runs quite warm and has a slight high pitched whine. The Hitachi 160GB 7200rpm drive that came in my Thinkpad ran cool with no detectable noise unless you put your ear right up to it. The WD3200BEKT is clearly audible from a standard sitting position but not any louder than the Thinkpad cooling fans.

Overall Review: I'd really like to see some higher capacities. With SSD drives coming along so quickly, how much longer are standard hard drives going to be an option?

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