Pretty Good Case4/27/2015 10:59:43 AM

Pros: Great airflow, modular drive cages, dust filters everywhere (although you have to remove the front panel to access two of them), it's very open with a lot of room yo work. Overall, it's a pretty good case.

Cons: It does have a few issues, though. You have to remove the front panel to access two of the dust filters, which is a little annoying. The LEDs on the fan speed buttons on the fan controller are kind of blinding and can't be dimmed or shut off. The fan controller only has connectors for the three pre-installed 200mm fans, all others either have to be plugged into the motherboard and/or power supply, or you have to buy Y cables for them, also just kind of annoying. The interior thumb screws are that in name only, you need to use a screwdriver to remove and install them (although, you may be able to install them by hand if you have small hands). Finally, the reason I had to deduct an egg. The build quality. This case is designed to have completely modular drive cages, which is great, it freed up a lot of room in mine. However, the removable support beam that the drive cages mount to in the left side of the case effects the overall structural integrity of the case. Removing it reduces the structural integrity and allows the case to flex around it's Y axis while the side panels are removed. Installing the side panels does restore the structural integrity and prevents any flexing. Now, where this is a problem with build quality is the thickness of the steel used in the frame. A slightly thicker steel would have greatly increased the strength at a cost of only a few extra ounces of weight. Personally, I'd prefer the case be stronger than lighter.

Overall Review: Overall, it is a good case. If you remove the drive cages and their support beam, the reduced structural integrity is negated by installing the side panels. I recommend getting an aftermarket fan controller so you can more precisely control all of your fans instead of having high and low settings for only three of them, and so you can unplug the stock one to keep it from trying to burn out your retinas. In all, it's pretty good. But, with a few design modifications, it could be great.

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