232 gb makes complete sense6/19/2009 5:12:29 PM

Pros: 232 gb is due to the formatting of the drive this is normal I have a 1 tb drive that lost 32 gb in formatting

Cons: none

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Amazing8/10/2008 8:54:18 PM

Pros: Detachable mic = if I break it I buy a new one On headphone volume control great for gamer while in game no need to adjust settings.

Cons: The volume capacity is less than a cheaper set of headphones I had (3.5mm not USB so same type) However I believe the top end of these is higher than the older set

Overall Review: Good pair we'll see if they last at $40 if I get 1-2 years they are worth it.

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Buy it again6/8/2008 10:35:10 PM

Pros: The smart doctor give you temperatures (SO STOP SAYING IT DOESN'T HAVE A TEMP SETTING!) 30$ rebate on em + newegg price break made it cheaper than some of the 8600s OC software in the box. Fits nicely for me. (seems taller than most but maybe an inch shorter than EVGA)

Cons: I didn't see the improvement I was expecting. +20 in the source video test over my 6600. It runs what I think is hot at stock (67-70 in game, 60-63 idle) I don't like that hot of an idle especially when its so close to so many cables in my case cause of its massive footprint. The PCI-e power cord is right on the end so the long card + that is a challenge. Go slow when installing I know you are excited but a busted card isn't gonna help.

Overall Review: I'd do it again and I'll probably end up throwin it a new dual core rig (its in a 939 rig on vista 64-bit home). The price was right and can't say I'm too disappointed I justed dreamed way too big for it.

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Good but the install...5/3/2008 8:18:07 PM

Pros: Nice and shinny fins that don't cut you like other massive heatsinks. Seems to do its job holds an open box 3800+ Venice at 35C. Install was easy after the first step (see cons) Its semi quiet.

Cons: The whole mobo has to be removed to install this in 90% of the cases out there. This is because it required (at least for a 939 install) a new backplate behind the processor socket. It was 12:30am and I got home and really wanted to see my new processor in action, ended up being 2:15am till I turned my computer back on (normal processor install + heat sink is 30 minutes for me). Better idea instead of that custom backsplate is to just make screws that are universal to the socket instead.

Overall Review: Overall I think it was a good buy for the price, an upgrade from the cheap coolers and not overly expensive. It probably will run even to slightly better to most stock coolers, and its got a huge compatibility range making it nice for a ton of boards if u ever move it.

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It works and thats all I need4/3/2008 8:56:19 AM

Pros: They keyboard works for less than 10 bucks that all I really expected. It also props up and its PS/2 which is good when you're running low on open usb ports like I am.

Cons: The stand is very low. had to raise it up a bit. Its livable at the normal prop height, but if you do intensive coding such as I do it isn't great. The response isn't no satiek satellite but it is good enough for me to code php.

Overall Review: For someone who eats at their desk and gets their keyboard dirty this is a good choice. Also the cord is the best part of it because it doesn't such down the AA batteries like the normal wireless gear. I'd advise anyone wanting to have a working keyboard to buy 2-3 of these at one time so you get a decent shipping rate (around 10-12 per board when u ship 3-4 of em). I have 3 extras in my basement for when one dies I can switch out (my normal keyboard life is 6-9 months.) As always newegg shipped fast

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