Lots of work, but lots of performance1/10/2008 1:09:54 AM

Pros: Fantastic feature set, high end performance.

Cons: Incredibly finicky board and the non-Beta BIOS updates aren't coming out very fast. Be very very selective about your SDRAM selection and be willing to spend some time in the BIOS settings if you want to get this board stable. Maybe also peek at the ASUS forums for this board to see what others are experiencing.

Overall Review: Research what RAM works and what doesn't! Once it does work though, it is a fantastic board.

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Avoid if using P5N32E-SLI1/10/2008 1:02:19 AM

Pros: Bought from Newegg. Was able to RMA easily and painlessly.

Cons: These SDRAM sticks are being asked to do more than they are capable of via overvoltage. They do not run stable at any voltage. Consistently inconsistent in memtest86 at any voltage level. Also failed Vista Memory Checker program.

Overall Review: If you have ASUS P5N32-E SLI avoid this memory. I tried all types of BIOS settings with the 1103, 1205 and 1302 BIOS versions. No love.

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