2013 27" iMac12/5/2014 7:29:56 AM

Pros: Replaced the standard Apple installed RAM in my 8 month old 27" iMac with this RAM and it works fantastically. Took two minutes to install and now Photoshop, Quark and other memory intensive applications visibly appear much faster. Great investment.

Cons: Non so far

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Interesting12/10/2013 2:02:18 PM

Pros: I bought 2 of these from Newegg 3 or 4 months ago to mess with and initially I wasn't very impressed with them, but after 4 months of use I have to admit they were a good buy for the buck. The setup is a little finicky at first as its quite different from other devices. Firmware supports WPS (not that I use it), RADIUS and MAC filtering as well as Access Time Restriction and unusually outside of DD-WRT based routers you can also adjust the TX power output to cover dead areas if you can handle a little extra noise. Supports a remote syslog server if you are so inclined to aggregate logs and has most things the average user would need in its web GUI to setup to get up and running. Line of sight connectivity of 450mbps for about 10ft with latest firmware then it drops off. I get about 240mbps at 35ft at 5Ghz which isn't bad. I get 108mpbs through floors at about 25ft distance (again at 5Ghz) I didn't bother testing at 2.4Ghz as I have way too many noisy neighbours on those channels.

Cons: Has its own discovery application or Google to find the default IPs it gives itself for EACH mode - i.e different IP when used as a repeater, versus an AP, versus an Ethernet adapter. The web GUI is OK and gives you what you need once you have updated the default firmware. Creates a fair amount of ARP traffic but so far it hasn't really slowed my Cisco switched network and Network Discovery can be switched off from the Network / Clients menu anyway which I did with mine. It only supports 5Ghz OR 2.4Ghz so beware - not both at the same time!

Overall Review: I have both setup as APs and running at home - one in my basement, the other on the end of a 40ft Cat 5e cable from my Airport Extreme in the other end of the lounge with good manual channel separation. The Airport Extreme is a far more powerful device and will take the connection unless I'm a fair bit closer to the ASUS AP. Both will give me 450Mhz but the Apple will sustain that speed for a much greater distance. Both are set as independent APs using the same SSID.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Product Information Misleading9/16/2013 9:31:39 PM

Pros: It sounds great! The sound is much purer than the Sony ES it replaced and easier to hear quiet dialog in movies. It still has great dynamic range and lots of bells and whistles (read the product marketing for what it supports). It has an auto-tuning microphone included and will tune your sound perfectly to your listening position(s). 7 HDMI ports that can be programmed Decent NET functionality to play DLNA and Internet Radio, Pandora, etc. Could use more applications or the ability to add more in this space though. Decent iPhone / iPod connector (on Front USB only) makes for a digital quality sound input, BUT you have to fire up a TV screen to navigate to what you want to listen to from your iPhone. Not tried playing movies this way as I don't transfer them to my phone but maybe a project for the weekend when I have time. Not sure what the use of the rear USB is for other than uploading firmware updates manually rather than via the network. Doesn't seem to do much else. It probably has a heap of other hidden functionality and features but as you have to read the 100+ page PDF Manual to get information I haven't bothered to read the whole thing yet, even though I bought this thing 6 months ago. The manual is just about detailed enough to get you up and running but lacks advanced information. For that you have to scour blogs and FAQs.

Cons: I bought this to replace a 7:1 Sony DA2400ES that ran the media in my lounge as it had ran out of HDMI ports. The Sony had two powered zones so I had one hooked up in 7:1 sound and one zone out on to the deck in stereo. It sounded great - just didn't have enough HDMI ports for all my BD / DVD / ATV / Mac Mini / MPC / and other gadgets. The product material said 7:2 and 3 zone. What it failed to tell you was that its not REALLY 3 zones and 7:2 audio. You have to sacrifice two of your speakers inside to use them outside taking the unit to a 5:1 + stereo system. As for Zone 3 forget it! Zone 2 and 3 are ANALOG only with heinously cheap connectors that won't accept anything bigger than a 14 gauge wire. (I'm sure all of us would expect to use something a lot bigger and better than the wire these connectors are designed for!) The net result was that I had to go buy a SECOND amplifier to power my deck speakers and will need to buy a THIRD amplifier to use Zone 3 when I hook it up to another room in the house. Switch and bait marketing if ever I saw it in action! Minus 2 eggs for misleading product information - I would have bought a different (Onkyo) system had I known.

Overall Review: Some functions can be setup from a web browser once you have it connected to your home network making it easy to configure things like Internet Radio. However only a few things can be setup this way and you need to figure out the IP address the thing is on, either by navigating through interfaces on the thing or looking at your network ARP table. It would be nice if Onkyo allowed you to configure the whole thing this way - it would be much faster than navigating it's internal menus. The NET functionality provides quite a few applications for network media - Pandora, etc. and a couple of apps for playing DLNA music even if that music is on network share, NAS server etc. but NOTHING for playing movies even if connected directly to the system via USB. Its a bit disappointing for a quality unit like this. It means you have to plug in a Media PC or MAC or a jailbroken Apple TV to play your network movie collection. I haven't found a way yet of downloading and installing additional applications yet so not even sure if this is user configurable or locked code by Onkyo. Be interested to find out if anyone has been able to do this!

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New life for 2010 Macbook Pro10/5/2012 7:49:50 PM

Pros: I have been running this in my 2010 Macbook Pro since Newegg started selling this drive, as a replacement for its 500MB little brother, (also from Newegg) which replaced the stock Apple drive. Both perform excellently and I have not had an issue with either. It is notably fast and a big improvement over stock HDDs. At 9.5mm it fits nicely into a stock MacBook drive chassis or a caddy to replace the superdrive which is where I have it on my second MBP. I opted to keep it in the standard drive location on this machine to take advantage of the MAC drive protection and used the superdrive bay for a 128GB Samsung SSD for Mountain Lion, leaving my data on the Seagate.

Cons: None - this is one of the better Seagate drives and escapes the lousy 1 year return policy on some drives! If a manufacturer will not stand behind their products with a 3 or 5 year warranty - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! You have to know that what you are buying is trash!

Overall Review: At 7,200rpm it consumes slightly more power than a 5,400 drive but with the partial SSD overall I have not seen much battery degradation from the standard 5,400 drive it ultimately replaced. Now that I have it paired with a full blown SSD my battery just goes on an on and on....like the Duracell commercial. Life is great what more can I say!

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Works with MAC3/2/2012 8:26:43 PM

Pros: Tiny - fits in your bag or pocket easily - there for when its needed Good signal for such a small device. Awesome for $7! Hoping to use this as a backup to my Airport card as it sometimes will not connect to a badly setup WEP network - especially if the key is in Chinese or other non-ASCI 7 characters, etc.

Cons: No 5Ghz support - just 2.4Ghz but does support WPA2 PSK AES without loss of speed.

Overall Review: The drivers that come with this thing do not work with OSX 10.7 Lion. Nor do the latest drivers (version 1.7.1) on the Encore website which as of today are the exact same ones on the CD. To get this to work, uninstall the 10.6 driver if you installed it from the CD. (Use the uninstaller script). Then download the latest drivers (version 1.9.1 at the time of writing this) from the Realtek site. Search for RTL8191SU MAC drivers.

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So far so good7/18/2011 2:53:37 PM

Pros: 1. Does not burn your fingers when running hard. 2. Still works after loading up most of drive with data 3. Inexpensive when purchased from Newegg and better bang for the buck than 3TB HDDs or external HDDs of the same size. Wanted a decent size drive for copying HD movies from my MPC to watch on the road, or in the bedroom since streaming 1080p over my WiFi isn't great! Decided on purchasing a bare drive and loading it into a USB/eSATA case rather than purchasing an external HDD. Happy with my choice. I also have several of these drives configured in RAID 5 on my MPC and have proved to be very reliable. They also run fairly cool and quiet.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: I didn't want to purchase a USB only external HDD and eSATA and Firewire 800 drives are expensive. Couldn't find a Thunderbolt external HDD Came nicely packaged from Newegg double boxed, and double bubble wrapped and a plastic case. (Not much chance of even the UPSP trashing that in shipping let alone UPS!)

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Nice alternative to a netbook4/28/2011 2:14:09 PM

Pros: If you are looking for something about the size of a Netbook but don't want to deal with the reliability of Windows running on a Netbook (which doesn't work that well in my experience) or have to find your way around Linux (which does work pretty well) but requires a little learning for many, then this is for you. For email and web surfing this is great. Its solid and better built than most sub $500 laptops and will probably outlast them - as long as you don't need something to watch movies, play games etc.

Cons: Its a refurb, its PowerPC based, its probably 7 years old and you can't upgrade it to run Snow Leopard or Lion - so be aware of that going in. They run pretty hot and the battery doesn't last long especially if you have the brightness turned up and the WiFi on, so you need to watch the juice consumption closely and or adjust the power management / energy saver.

Overall Review: I did a fresh format install on mine from the RETAIL 10.5 Leopard CD. The CD that came with my Intel MBP didn't work so you need the full version. I also maxed out the RAM (fairly inexpensive) and swapped out the hard drive for a much bigger faster one. That's probably extended the life of this little thing further. Its pretty easy to do, so you don't need to take it to an Apple Genius. You could even put the hard drive it came with into a USB drive caddie and drag over all applications you want to new drive, although most should probably be updated to a newer version from that available in 2004 or whenever the image blown onto the drive was dated. Of course you could also drag over applications from your newer iMac, PowerMac or MacBook.

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SLOOOOOOOOW!9/17/2010 8:31:47 AM

Pros: Nice rubber surround. You could probably stand on it without doing any damage. Can't complain about the discounted Newegg price either!

Cons: THIS THING IS SLOW. By far the slowest of any portable media I have - even stuff that is 5 years old now. Not tried it on a USB3 port yet but USB1.1 and 2 transfer rates send you to sleep! No lanyard so be prepared to lose it somewhere. For the 20 cents for a lanyard, you would think Corsair could bundle one like other manufacturers. No where to put rubber cap when its plugged in so you KNOW that will get lost very quickly! Other brands have designed the ability to stick the thing on the back to save losing it. Overall not a great design and very slow memory chips.

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Not bad8/6/2010 8:47:02 PM

Pros: Its still working and the rubber band that everyone seems to use now to turn the spindle hasn't snapped yet unlike a dozen or so other DVD ROMs less than 2 years old! (What's with that people?) Windoze and Snow Leopard both recognize the drive as TSSTCorp (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation) without issue.

Cons: Seems to burn a lot of my media at slower speeds than the LG Drive it replaced. Even top quality media seems not to be recognized at its rated speed. No coasters yet, so can't complain other than the wait.

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Ultimate Hackintosh & MPC12/6/2009 2:15:17 PM

Pros: Being an early adopter of technology gets you to the front of the queue with the reviews and what a machine this is going to be when I've finished building it out. I paired this with a Xeon W3520 Nahalem for the time being and my trusty 8800GTS till I can afford a better video solution (next month maybe!) Yes this MB has to be the most expensive I've ever bought but well worth it! SATA3, USB3, triple channel SLI & CrossFire and 12 SATA ports alone are worth the extra money over competitors. Plus this works well with SnowLeopard and Windows 7 64, what more can I say to that! Currently running with an OCZ 700W PS but may need to upgrade that once I purchase the video and a bunch more hard drives.

Cons: Its pretty heavy with all the copper, heat sinks, etc.. I have it running on a MB tray currently, but plan to put it all in my Cooler Master 922 HAF case once I have everything running. It only provides you 2 SATA3 (6GBps) ports with RAID 0 /1 support but that's all I need right now. I'm currently using the other 2 GSATA ports for a scratch drive (RAID0) and plan to populate the main 10 Intel SATA2 ports with a huge RAID5 array for my media.

Overall Review: Not sure what the maximum size RAID array this chipset will support but I'd like to get a 16TB (usabale) RAID 5 array setup ideally. Keep you posted.

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Lousy Rebate Fulfillment12/3/2009 12:37:09 PM

Pros: Still working great.

Cons: A-DATA has employed a less than adequate rebate fulfillment service which so far has taken 3 months and still no rebate - so much for A-DATA's 8 to 10 week promise. I think companies like A-DATA seem to forget that consumer ranking of their products and services includes those services they outsource to ineffective, inefficient or just plain unscrupulous sub-contractors. TAKE NOTE - the length of time it takes you to answer the phone or the length of time your rebate fulfillment services takes to return my purchase money to me, greatly impacts my decision to purchase goods and services from you again. This is a fickle world and a fickle economy. Keeping your customers in a downturn SHOULD be more important than ever to you!

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Great Rosewill Support11/16/2009 11:07:28 AM

Pros: I bought two of these mainly because of a great Newegg deal but also because I always seem to need one when I don't have one. This way I can keep one in my bag when on the road. They have great range with the external antenna - much better than other USB wireless dongles and the RTL8187 based devices work great with MAC (including my Hackintosh) and with Snow Leopard. The antenna is detachable and I have often used the card in conjunction with a cantenna or other high power antenna to pick up wireless from great distances.

Cons: If used in a laptop, you probably should remove the card prior to moving due to the way it sticks out and hangs from the USB port. Common sense really.

Overall Review: I employed one of the dongles for several months in a laptop with a broken internal wireless card - that I refused to replace given that Lenovo has locked out all but their own wifi cards from the Thinkpad Range. (The last ThinkPad I ever buy!). However one day the card stopped working and wouldn't even light up. It could be that the USB dongle with antenna hangs out quite a way and the laptop was moved a fair bit - carefully albeit! Who knows. Things break! I contacted Rosewill for an RMA and they were a model of how RMA Support should work. 5 starts to Rosewill. They asked for the serial number, date of purchase, etc. then had Newegg ship me a brand new one without the need or expense of returning the dead one. Unlike Lenovo, I will be buying more Rosewill producs in future. With customer service like this, its a pleasure doing business with them.

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Pros: Looks nice!

Cons: Has ASUS never heard of Akamai? I planned to setup this system today (Sunday) and so went to the ASUS web site to download the latest BIOS and drivers - only the bandwidth is non-existant. I'm getting 54bps (less than 1KB) downloading a single file. Nothing else going on AT ALL on the network. So thinking that it might be something on my network I went into the office and tried there - I'm have pretty much ALL of an OC3 connection on a Sunday to the Internet - thats 144MBps - yet I'm still not able to get any bandwidth to pull down the files I need. It tells me my download should complete in 25 hours! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ASUS? It would be faster for me to take your motherboard back to the store, exchange it for a Gigabyte and download their drivers than wait 25 hours for EACH file I need to build out your MB! Where are you hosting the files anyway - Outer Mongolia? This is very poor customer support! And just for clarification, I've tried each and every ASUS download location!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are very sorry for this inconvenience. We are continually upgrading our download servers infrastructure. In the meantime, for most drivers you can download directly from the source i.e. nVidia, ATI, audio, etc. Once again we apologize for this inconvenience. Sincerely, ASUS Support Team