Much better than the founders edition9/23/2018 7:54:56 PM

Pros: The cooler on this card seems much more effective than the Nvidia Founders Edition. GPU temperature only reaches 62C, even when overclocked using the Nvidia Scanner. From what I can find, the FE typically runs around 15C hotter (75-80C). This card is clocked slightly higher out of the box (1815 boost) than the Founders Edition as well. 4 year warranty after you register!

Cons: Gigabytes Aorus Engine software is not nearly as nice as EVGA's X11 or MSI's Afterburner.

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Great monitor, 0 problems11/27/2015 2:10:16 PM

Pros: Excellent high quality G-Sync monitor. Zero quality control issues or bad pixels. Nice and thin bezels! Unlike most G-Sync monitors, this one also offers an HDMI input as well.

Cons: TN-based. Out of the box settings are horrible. I use 25% brightness 75% contrast, 97, 99, 96 RGB values.

Overall Review: I was going to go for an IPS gaming display from Acer or Asus but their quality issues make me really nervous. I am incredibly happy with this Dell!

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Great card!11/9/2015 4:32:53 PM

Pros: Fast factory overclock Runs incredibly cool Pump is very quiet

Cons: Slight coil whine - Enough to barely hear about a foot away with the side panel off but not audible with the side panel on. Included fan is a bit loud but easily replaced.

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Works great!11/2/2015 9:02:59 AM

Pros: Runs great and no issues with overclocking. I am currently running at 4.5GHz, 1.344v, and stress testing at < 65c.

Cons: The i7-6700k runs much hotter than the i5 version. You can reduce heat by disabling hyper-threading, but then you are just overpaying for an i5.

Overall Review: If you do not need hyper-threading, then the i5-6600K is a better option as it runs much cooler giving way to slightly higher clocks.

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Quiet, Efficient, Awesome Warranty11/2/2015 8:47:51 AM

Pros: Runs very cool and quiet. In most cases, the fan doesn't even need to run (my load is usually < 200 watts). Hitting over 90% efficiency on 120v, 200 watts. Runs great and long warranty -- I know I won't need to replace this unit for a long time.

Cons: Very expensive. Corsair Link software (needed to monitor efficiency, load, etc) is buggy and quite annoying.

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High Quality, Lots of Options11/2/2015 8:41:12 AM

Pros: High quality, includes USB 3.1 bracket, no issues with overclocking. Tons of options (SATA express, m.2, etc). Intel Pro networking. A lot of fan headers available.

Cons: On occasion the BIOS interface can be buggy (hangs when switching from advanced, to easy mode, for example). I'm sure this will be fixed with time. The front bracket is very short. It was not long enough to reach the mount holes in my case. I got around this with velcro attached to my optical drive.

Overall Review: Cooler Master Pro 5 case, i7-6700K @ 4.5GHz, g.skill ripjaws 5 @ 3200MHz 16-16-16-36

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Flawless11/2/2015 8:34:51 AM

Pros: Excellent price and rock solid at its advertised specs (16-16-16-36 @ 3200MHz). No issues with SPD or XMP.

Cons: I see these go out of stock on occasion, but otherwise, none.

Overall Review: i7-6700K @ 4.5GHz on ASRock Z170 Extreme6+ MB

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Works great and quiet!10/29/2015 10:02:01 AM

Pros: Can easily keep my OC i7-6700K at optimum temperatures -- even with the quiet setting! Very easy to install with just enough tubing for even a front-mount.

Cons: USB functionality is really required to set your desired profile. The fans are incredibly loud at full speed. Thankfully I have never needed anything over 25%

Overall Review: My first unit had a manufacturing defect in the included back plate. One of the screw holes was not threaded at all. The replacement unit had no issues.

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OK, not really worth it10/29/2015 9:49:24 AM

Pros: Decent memory and very stable once the correct timings are found. SPD/XMP works very well.

Cons: Could not reach specified 3200MHz at CL16. 3000MHz at CL16 worked fine, however. Not worth the premium!

Overall Review: I have replaced these with G.SKILL Ripjaw V and no issues hitting the specified 3200MHz.

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Excellent drives2/27/2014 2:56:35 PM

Pros: Long warranty, quiet, fast, cool.

Cons: A bit pricey

Overall Review: I currently have four of these drives and have had no issues.

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Works Great!12/11/2012 3:07:30 PM

Pros: Exceeds advertised specifications: 37 MB/s write, 54 MB/s read (using USB 3.0/UHS I card reader) Great price

Cons: None

Overall Review: There are other cards which are faster, but none that I have found which offers this speed/price ratio

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Good price, great capacity, good performance10/15/2011 12:03:10 AM

Pros: Great price per GB. Near synchronous read/write speeds -- many drives have very slow write speeds with high read speeds. Excellent garbage collection for those not using Windows 7/Linux or those who want to use SSDs in a RAID.

Cons: The read and write speeds are good, but they are not top of the line. No 6 gb SATA support.

Overall Review: I use two of these in a RAID 0 configuration giving about 450 mb/sec read and 350 mb/sec write. This brings the speed of these drives to almost that of high end models (which are around 500 mb/sec). You get 192 GB for a bit less than a single 120 GB high end model. This gives more than enough space for all your applications and plenty of speed at a very good price.

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Small and Fast3/30/2011 3:58:55 PM

Pros: Very small and light weight. Very fast. I average about 75 to 80 MB/sec for both read and write. 3 year warranty versus 1-2 yr for other manufacturers.

Cons: Included cable is short and stiff but this is generally so for portable hard drives.

Overall Review: I have seen other comments say this is a proprietary cable. It is not. It is a standard USB 3.0 micro B cable which made by a variety of manufacturers and can be found for around $5 online. Above speeds were obtained with an MSI P67A-GD65 B motherboard and Windows 7 64 bit.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great fan!12/17/2010 11:49:42 PM

Pros: Keeps my CPU (E8400) very cool. Even with a modest O/C (3.0 -> 3.6 GHz) it can keep the CPU temperatures to ~54C at 75% speed! Vast improvement over stock (~25C cooler). Overall size of the heatsink and fan should fit most cases with out a problem.

Cons: At full speed, the fan is louder than other 92mm coolers I have had.

Overall Review: Great cooler, great price!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great stock replacement9/15/2010 10:58:07 AM

Pros: Very quiet over AMD stock 10 degrees cooler than stock (Phenom II X4 965BE) Decent price

Cons: The fan sticks out quite far and may get in the way of memory modules -- especially if they have larger heat sinks.

Overall Review: This is a great stock replacement cooler. The Phenom II X4 965BE stock cooler is very loud and in my experience can barely keep the CPU under safe temperatures at stock speeds (62C at stock). This cooler is very quiet and performs much better (50C at stock). This may not be the best cooler for overclocking, but as a stock replacement it is great.

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2/2 Failed2/9/2009 11:58:34 AM

Pros: Fast, 32mb cache, cheap, good warranty.

Cons: Received this drive in 12/08. It failed a few days later. Replaced by Seagate in 01/09. This one failed 2 weeks later. Going for round 3...

Overall Review: While I liked Seagate in the past, repeated failures like this one are unacceptable. I recommend paying a few dollars extra and going for the WD Caviar Black. No problems so far since I replaced my system drive with the Caviar.

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Great Ram at a Great Price12/29/2008 10:32:52 PM

Pros: Low price, works great, no problems.

Cons: None

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Great Processor12/29/2008 10:30:54 PM

Pros: Great processor and great price. Optimal for gaming since most prefer high clock over large amounts of cores.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Many people will tell you they can OC to 3.6, 3.8, or even 4+ GHz at stock voltages. Be sure to take this all with a grain of salt as it all depends on the batch/revision you get. However, usually you can get at least 3.3 GHz OC at stock voltages on the low side.

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Much better than stock12/29/2008 10:24:33 PM

Pros: This cools much better than the Intel stock cooler. 33% decrease in temperature for my E8400.

Cons: Rather large. May not fit in cases with a side fan and scoop.

Overall Review: The contact area is not smooth at all. Not even ground let alone lapped. I'm sure this cooler would perform even better if the contact surface was smooth.

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Mediocre12/29/2008 10:19:24 PM

Pros: Cheap. Better quality than unbranded generics.

Cons: Many could not be burned at full speed. 12x seems to be a good burn speed for these.

Overall Review: While not the best at 16x (several drives would be forced to slow down in spots) they are still fine for general use.

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Quick, Quiet, Awesome12/29/2008 10:14:35 PM

Pros: Very fast, SATA, and reliable. No problems, no complaints.

Cons: None.

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All Around Great PSU12/29/2008 10:10:51 PM

Pros: Large amounts of amps with a single 12v rail. High efficiency and quiet operation. A ton of connections (w/high quality cabling/connectors) for whatever you need! 5 year warranty.

Cons: Not modular. Hiding all the unused cables is really a pain.

Overall Review: Comes with a cloth carrying bag. Is this thing really required? I'm not going to carry a 7 lb box with a billion cables coming out of the thing around for show and tell. ;)

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Failed after only a few days12/29/2008 10:04:54 PM

Pros: Fast, Cheap, large cache, 5-year warranty.

Cons: Hard drive interface failed after a few days. SATA link would drop until it completely failed.

Overall Review: While all products have a certain % of defects, I decided to go with a WD instead. After all, there must be a reason Seagate is cheaper than the rest. ;)

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Great Burner, Great Price10/28/2008 3:14:06 PM

Pros: SATA = simple installation. Included DVD playback software, basic burning software, and SATA cable -- surprising for an OEM drive. Reliable performance on all available speeds.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Ripguard. Most DVD drives limit the read speed of DVD-Video. This allows quiet playback of movies but also limits the speed of backing up your DVDs to about 4x. This does not effect data DVDs or burn speeds.

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Cheap, but not worth it10/19/2008 6:33:56 PM

Pros: Low price. Decent DVD read speeds.

Cons: Would not burn and pass data integrity checks at anything higher than 12x on two different brands of DVD-R 16x media (Sony and Ridata). No idea if this was a faulty drive, but since every thing works in a slower mode, I doubt it. Returned to Newegg and replaced with another brand.

Overall Review: Newegg of course is great; fast shipping and hassle-free returns.

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