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It is a vert PCI adapter....8/8/2021 7:17:31 AM

Pros: It's a vert PCI adapter it's black

Cons: PCI gen 3 see below

Overall Review: I ordered one of these with intention of using in another branded case, which is "multi modular" and would allow this to fit without having to cut or modify anything. (cough L L) Still on the fence about said case because of it's footprint and size, but haven't found anything I wish to consider, I thought to self "Self, you have a Phanteks P400, and this would look awesome in there" I realized just shortly after opening the box that in order to put this into said case that I will have to completely "unbuild" the case, will have to cut out the bits of metal that keep the structure of the GPU/PCI mounts solid, and try to install this without looking like complete rigged up mess. The way it sits, I am just not sure how possible that is for the "average guy". I understand that I can take a metal wheel, some tape, some paint, and do a really nice job on this. I also understand that the value of my time is worth more to me than completely breaking down this build and water cooled case in order to protect my components from the shavings and dust that would produce. I get it, nature of the beast with stuff like this being utilized in a case that wasn't made for it. There are at least one other case (P500) that I understand this just snaps right into.... Honestly not worth the effort inside this case. It sort of bums me a bit, as the other rig that I would use this for would then be limited by the riser cable (gen 3). The fault is really mine as I just wanted this to work and was on sale for less than half of the branded bracket for the case I was considering this for (cough o11)..... All in all I haven't hooked it up yet, so don't even know if it works. Not really worth my time to box back up and pay return shipping on. It's in the top of the parts closet where some years from now it may get used, or probably thrown away. Torch money. Can't really recommend unless you have a specific case that it fits.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Martin We are sorry to hear about your experience the Vertical GPU bracket and understand your frustrations with the product. With the popularity of the Vertical style GPU in cases, our cases(including the P400) have been revised to the open style PCI slots and can install the vertical GPU bracket without cutting or modifying the PCI Slot area. Unfortunately it sounds like you have the older style P400 and you would need to resort to modifying the PCI slot area to use this mount. However the case we are more than happy to assist you with any defects you may experience with the Vertical GPU bracket and riser cable. You can contact Customer Care at for warranty assistance and information. If you wish to speak to a representative about this issue, you can give us a call at 909-598-2115 Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM PST
Great inexpensive traditional style case5/25/2021 7:19:09 AM

Pros: Inexpensive Looks Great Some wire management available

Cons: Slightly flimsy when apart, totally expected as this price point. air flow noisy

Overall Review: Picked this up on a sale price that made it VERY attractive as a budget "office" style case. It has a traditional layout inside, PSU at the top. There is room for a 120mm fan in the front lower area, an 80 on the side panel door, and an 80 on the back. Air flow in the case is acceptable for an office type build and much like many other "traditional" style cases of this type. The side panel vent/fan placement allow a lot of noise from the fan(s) inside to direct right towards you. You can hear every up and down of your fan speed quite clearly. Many cases in this price range are VERY flimsy, very poorly finished with sharp edges everywhere. This case is only mildly flimsy without it's side panels but feels nice and solid when it's assembled. The inside of the case is finished well, no sharp edges and all painted. It's got a very conservative look and could go well mostly anywhere. The case offers a bit of wire management option, and particularly if you don't install a disk reader in that top bay. It offers plenty of room to work inside. There is a space between the 'back of the mobo' side panel that will allow the 24 pin, CPU power, PCI power, etc. to run between the motherboard tray and panel even with non modular units. The SSD tray hinges out of the way to make (for instance) installing the front fan a little easier. There are plenty of spots to put drives, particularly of the 2.5" variety. It's interior layout will be very familiar with anyone who has experience with traditional style cases. I rated the unit five stars not because it's some ground breaking design or looks like some premium case, but because it is an exceptional budget option when found on sale, is FAR better than other cases I have used in this price range, and looks better than a shoe box.....recommended purchase for those needing a budget option.

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Nice looking small form case with an unconventional layout.9/8/2020 8:37:25 AM

Pros: Well made case with an unconventional way to fit lots of things in a small space. It's good looking with an unobtrusive look. Superb for use as an HTPC or desktop use where there isn't a lot of room. Looks great on a "left handed" placement due to the layout.

Cons: The space saving layout requires a LOT of pre planning and thought as to equipment choice, motherboard layout, size of components (particularly the PSU and it's cables), and cooling. There isn't much room for cable management and air flow is terrible in it's stock configuration. Noisy.

Overall Review: I originally bought this case for use as a small footprint file server in a location that wouldn't get much air flow. The case was perfect for it considering my storage need, but unfortunately for me the selection of parts was not a happily ever after. I really didn't have much use for the case afterwards, so I started considering utilizing it for an over the top gaming/HTPC rig. Before I get into that aspect, I will mention that my original configuration included an Athlon from the AM4 series. The rear fan being output, and the PSU outputting out the bottom of the case presented no issue at that point. This is the stock fan configuration, with an optional fan port on the top of the case. As seen in the details there is a small amount of porting/vents in the back side panel. The low power Athlon presented no issues, as would be expected. I had recently upgraded a system and had a 1200 and 1700 available. I ultimately opted to use the 1700 inside this case, on the stock fan at stock clocks along with a full size GTX1080. I had to remove the front panel USB in order to have the room for the GPU. Also had to remove one of the optional 2.5" drive mounts for room. It is absolutely shoe horned inside the case. After install I still had the case fan turned to exhaust, as well as (of course) the PSU outputting. Temps inside the case quickly rose to unacceptable levels. Fan levels made it sound like a drone flying nearby. I ordered an additional Noctua fan for the top of the case, turned the rear case fan to intake, and have the system basically exhausting through the PSU. After doing so CPU temps have come fully back in line. The GPU hovers at high temps in gaming and the fans on it alone are notable. The whole case is quite audible during loaded usage. Use while watching movies and such isn't distracting. With all this said, the build is super well thought out and put together. It uses a great deal of Phillips head screws to attach the various panels. Putting the rig together requires a bit of forethought both in regard to what will fit, but the order in which it will go, while putting the case back together around it, and what to do with the cables afterward. This is not a case I would recommend for first time or inexperienced builders. I also couldn't suggest it for folks that like to tinker with their rig. It is a lengthy process just to get all the panels off and inside. It's got a super small footprint due to having the board in upside down and backwards and the PSU location. It's viewing side is thus turned to the left hand. Rather nice for those situations where you want the tower on the left of desk or entertainment center without showing off your blingy, well managed cable work to the wall...;) Overall, if you have a lower power small footprint build you want to do this is a fun case to build in with a great look. Higher power gaming rigs are possible, but consider the noise, heat, and reduction of I/O and storage you will have to concede to make it happen. In my own case it was rather a crazy idea, is complete overkill, and yet fit's it's usage commendably. Edit 9/8/20 Been using this case for around a year now and wanted to share some of the experience after long term. As it turns out having all your systems hot air exhaust through the PSU isn't an awesome idea. It cooked the power supply that was inside. It turned into a bit of a plus, aside from the money aspect, in that I had used an full sized ATX PSU on the original build and swapped it to an SFX that is modular. The lack of cables really helped with things fitting easily inside the case. A note about the design. This is built with a flimsy plexi side "window" that both bows when the system sets hot, and just holds heat inside the case. I would suggest to the manufacturer that some air holes drilled into, or using a mesh would be FAR more desirable. In my own case I removed the plexi side panel and added a bit of self modified "critter cage" there instead. It aided with good air flow and brought temperatures inside the case down on a level of ~20C*. I would highly suggest a similar mod to those considering using this for a powerful gaming rig.

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Amazing sound and match to my existing speakers9/6/2018 6:31:37 PM

Pros: Klipsch Reference Series

Cons: no cons as of yet

Overall Review: I have had a primary set of the RB10 and RB15 powering my surround for a few years on a mismatched center and sub that were yet to be changed. This was on sale back at Christmas and I missed it. Found a good sale price and it was an amazing match and upgrade to my current Klipsch surround. The crossover points matching and the sound being more balanced across the "same" speakers made a huge difference in sound. Really brightened up the room and brought the voice back in Dolby applications. With the addition of a Klipsch reference sub it will be complete, speaker wise.

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Seems to be a good budget PSU so far.9/6/2018 6:25:59 PM

Pros: inexpensive modular Antec

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I really can't comment on fan noise as it sits across a room from me with a GTX1080 that it powers without issue. Even under the most demanding load I can't hear it over the CPU/GPU fans specifically. The case I am using this in is a Mini ITX cube on air cooling. Cable management and the ability to get rid of looms I had no use for was very nice. The cable runs were plenty long for what I needed with all the connectors required for a modern build. Given my prior experiences with Antec I figured it was worth a few more bucks to consider this on their budget line over my go-to Corsair given the GPU I am running.

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Kind of a no brainer5/18/2018 3:59:50 PM

Pros: 600W PSU for $25 on sale. Had all the connections I needed, plus a few more. Shipping was super fast.

Cons: I really haven't found any yet.

Overall Review: Picked this up as a "be sure" for a GTX1080 upgrade, since my prior PSU was aging. This one was in a plain EVGA branded cardboard with everything I needed to (put up in the drawer as extra) to install. The appearance of it is as new, not a scratch or even a mark like the screws had ever been installed. Mostly silent, so far as I can hear from my seated position. No coil whine or fan rattle. I can smell it "cooking off" just like a new one. For my particular build I had to turn the fan to the "suck from the bottom" facing fan in order to have one of the cables reach on my mobo. Not the way I typically use it, but gave me plenty of room on cable length. I have more SATA power connectors than I can currently use with my mobo including LED light controllers, overhead on the power, and a bunch of Molex power I will likely never use. 2x8 PCI was more than sufficient for current and (hopefully) future GPU. Recommended if you can pick it up at this price, even refurbished.

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It worked and shipping was super fast3/25/2018 1:43:20 PM

Pros: Just by pure luck, the seller was across town and I had this in hand barely 24hrs after purchase. The install went well, quick, and seems to work well so far.

Cons: This is nitpicking a bit, as it's really not an apples to oranges comparison. Picked this up to use for a Mini-ITX build, coming off an ATX with a PCI-E based M.2 which was quite a bit quicker due to that format. It is a VAST improvement over the SATA SSD that was in this machine, but slower than the drive on the older machine I "upgraded" to this from.

Overall Review: I probably would have gone five stars if it hadn't been for prior experience with a really good PCI based M.2. This drive is fast and is working well so far. Install time was quick. I did note one odd thing, in that it actually installed the "System Reserved" partition to an installed SSD rather than another partition on the M.2. IDK if this is something specific to this drive, a mess up , or what...never seen another drive do that, and could account for some of the latency I am taking a star off for.

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worked right on install, Ryzen/ASRock build3/25/2018 1:33:27 PM

Pros: It posted at 2666 without having to manually set anything on an ASRock AB350 Ryzen install. Looks good and matches the red theme.

Cons: none that I am yet aware of

Overall Review: I purchased this by looking at the memory compat. chart, and finding it in stock on Newegg. I didn't anticipate issues given that aside from DOA. It's red, and pretty. It posted and is working, and was "cheap" to boot with a sale price.

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Great case and good looking to boot3/25/2018 1:26:52 PM

Pros: Well put together with plenty of wire routing options, great access, and options for optional upgrades. Looks great, and has quite a few options for the case LED color. Removable screens for ease in cleaning. Well vented. The cable ties downs are a great plus. Easy to make the install look good. Has a cutout section on the back of motherboard mount area that allows you to get to rear mounted M.2 sockets without having to pull the mobo.

Cons: Make sure your power supply cables are LONG and consider the layout of your motherboard. My "proc power" 8 pin almost didn't reach without having to run it across the motherboard over the RAM. That would have looked pretty poor with the window.

Overall Review: I had been watching this case for a while and it's price coming sub $60 had me pull the trigger and use for an existing build upgrade. Make sure your planned PSU install has long cables, or available extensions. The bottom mounted PSU is not a design I would choose first, but other features and design along with looks had me overlook that. Just to nitpick, with the size of this case and available options for anything from a Mini-ITX up to full ATX mobo, two 3.5 drive bays are just on the edge of being sufficient. It is well described and listed in details, so not an unknown, but there is quite a bit of unused space inside this case where another one or two could easily go. Overall I would certainly recommend the case.

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Good deal on sale, keeps the modem going3/14/2018 1:51:21 PM

Pros: Already "paid" for itself with minor power interruption in the area causing internet to go down. Saves the time of waiting for your modem to re-sync, short of major line issues.

Cons: It is a bit "big" for the power it's putting out. Cost made that a non issue.

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Make sure read the return details/that this product is right for your application3/14/2018 11:24:17 AM

Pros: It's shiny and new looking, and will be forever

Cons: Return policy specifies that they will not accept returns for incompatible equipment. Made a selection without cross referencing on the motherboard compatibility chart, small difference in model # to what is installed (2x4gb sticks) and it won't post.

Overall Review: It's a shame that the company won't consider returns on online sales. Hate to have two brand new sticks of this I will never use rather than the memory I needed to expand the lifespan on an older office machine. $70 "burned"

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AMD is bringing it, snappy little proc10/11/2017 2:50:53 PM

Pros: CHEAP, great four core performance

Cons: Watch how you install fan so as not to cover RAM slot on smaller form factor builds

Overall Review: Obviously, the review is WAY early, since it's been up and running for less than a day so far. Initial impression is good. I decided to go safe, I have an ASRock Fatality B chipset, with the lowest spec Crutial RAM that was man. spec as approved pretty much across their mobo. The benchmark numbers, single thread, across the Ryzen line are very similar. This was a great way to see what the desktop experience was going to be like before committing to 7. Build to up and running Windows 10 in less than an hour. This thing is no slouch at all, even at base clock. The fan is a beast. Watch the direction you install as you will cover RAM slots on many MOBO with the protrusion on the emblem. I have no ideal what it's running AT temp wise. HWM doesn't read anything at all, and the AMD flavors only give temp to reach "peak"...but the fan stays at a low speed and is quiet for watching video, surfing, etc. You can hear it spin up under load. I cannot say this is the same fan across the line, but as quiet as it stays all the time I can only imagine it being designed for more of the cores to be on. I did some light Steam title gaming on it. Unfortunately a video card to match will be later in the build. This thing is completely ape-ing a GTX750ti, no question where the bottleneck is. (darned meddling miners) At this point, I recommend, certainly at the price, and really unsure why anyone would even consider an i3 with this around. Aside from the integrated graphics if you need onboard video, this chip is a no brainer. Edit 10/11/17- I have been using this for over a month now, no complaints at all. I did put a small overclock on with Ryzen Master (which also shows proc temps). Running it at 3.6 is stable on low speed RAM, and benches slightly better than my i5 4690. I have since paired it with a 960 card and aside from issues with the card itself, I am seeing great performance for the console gaming/HTPC usage I am putting it to. Seeing medium to high settings in gaming titles at 60 frames/1080 on a TV. Still super impressed. I would give it another star if I could. Already looking at a Ryzen 7 build now....

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Incredible deal while it lasts..edit to "meh"10/11/2017 2:42:50 PM

Pros: $ less than a comparable 1050ti with more shaders. Easily overclocks to 1500mhz with Afterburner, probably more see edit below

Cons: BIG, BIG, BIG Very flexible card overall, no rigidity

Overall Review: 960 wasn't ever the best "60 series" card in the NVIDIA stable, but it plays most older titles quite well. This fit the bill perfectly for a card I wanted to run at 1080 on a big screen TV. My framerate/hz limit desired at the resolution wasn't worth shelling out $500+ dollars for 4K (yet). In truth, if you are looking for a gaming card on a budget, this is hard to beat, or a specific (lower) framerate. If you are gaming on a computer screen/over 1080, save the extra $70-something and get the 1060 3G. As a side note, the card is REALLY big. It's also very flexible. The case I am using is a Mini ITX and this comes alongside the 5" bays and some cabling from the front plate. The light cabling is enough to actually "bend" that end of the card, rather than just push the wires out of the way. Other cards I have used have a more robust frame around the cooler/card and don't do that. I would have been ticked off paying full price back in the day. I took one star for that. Really just nitpicking. I installed MSI Afterburner and instantly overclocked it +200, with no changes to power or RAM speed. It matches the performance of my EVGA SSC 960. Does a great job for the price. EDIT - I would point out that I purchased this on sale for $135. I would never consider this over a 1060 at the 170 price it is currently at. Edit 2 - I had to take a star away. I continue to have nagging issues with this card that are having me look at replacing it already. The above mentioned Afterburner program worked well at first, then starting BSOD routine until I uninstalled it. From that point, I lost sound every time I closed a program to go elsewhere, particularly gaming to Netflix, etc. I defaulted back and reloaded the official drivers from NVIDIA and it seems to have taken care of the issue for the most part. I continue to have issue with HDMI sound randomly cutting out, an issue not present with any other card I put in place on this same machine. I would assume this is a random issue, and not what they were reman. for in the first looking at return conditions, but thing I have owned too long. If it had worked correctly the above would apply, as it is...waste of money.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product. We certainly value your feedback and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenient experience. If you have any further questions regarding this product or have any suggestions for improvement for us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at and we will be more than happy to assist you. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thank you. Thanks for choosing MSI Best Regards, MSI Review Team | JC10172017001 |
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It's an Xbox9/11/2017 7:41:28 AM

Pros: Games like you would expect

Cons: Would not work with three of four tv in the house.

Overall Review: I am more than late on this review.... We purchased this back at Christmas for our son. The intention was that he would be able to hook this up to his tv and enterain self and friends there. His tv was a relatively new 720 HD model. The unit wouldn't put up video. We tried every trick in the book with this tv and well as two others in the house. No joy until we hooked it up to the 4k in the living room. Then we come to find that even the "4k" it touts is sorta 4k. Mostly there are few titles, but to get the most out of it there are protocols it wants that may or may not be standard on YOUR set...which is mostly the fault of the industry as a whole right now. Keep in mind with these units that it uses batteries for the controllers. Rechargeable controllers are an extra premium, along with most everything else. You will likely also need a subscription to the online service, more money. Meh, I am not a game console kind of person and the kid kinda liked it, especially after shelling out money to get a tv it would work on in the bedroom where it was supposed to be 8 months ago.

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Good, stable, no issues with Ryzen9/11/2017 7:34:49 AM

Pros: nice price mobo approved list

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: Bought this as a stable motherboard approved vendor memory for a Ryzen build that I don't plan to OC. Price was nice and it's performing well.

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Very nice mobo with onboard WIfi/Bluetooth9/11/2017 7:30:47 AM

Pros: Works well, no issues

Cons: Watch what direction you install stock Ryzen cooler. The emblem bezel obstructs one of the RAM slots. Surely a problem on other small form factor builds as well. Audio plug is right in the way of video card, watch cable management.

Overall Review: I purchased this chipset/board with upgrading to a Ryzen 7 in mind. Wanted the onboard Bluetooth for pairing controllers to. My previous rig used in this location was too weak in the CPU dept. So, I put a Ryzen 3 on it for a test run, like it well enough that I haven't upgraded. The all in one AMD driver on Mobo site was really nice. It took care of everything. Made device manager happy right off the rip. Recommended board.

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What does one say about a $22 case?8/18/2017 8:07:53 PM

Pros: It was $22 The lighted front case fan is worth the purchase price

Cons: It may as well be made of tin foil. Poorly placed 2.5 slots if you actually want to use a 3.5 as well.

Overall Review: I wrestled with myself as to whether I was going to rate this like it "should" be, or whether it was worthwhile to consider I paid less for this case than a decent dinner somewhere. Four stars if only because of that. Quality is much more like two point five stars. This thing is flimsy. I bent the top of the case pulling it out of the box. Removing the additional card slot dust covers bends that area as well. I had to gorilla on the case a touch to get the power supply screw holes to line up after the box removal debacle. The front panel and power connector cables come through the cage in which you would mount your removable drives (CD, etc) if such were equipped. There is one 3.5 bay and a couple of somewhat poorly placed 2.5 drive mounts on the chassis below. It would take an extender (or unusually long cable) on the SATA power of the PS to actually connect to the 3.5 and 2.5 slots at the same time. Bag of screws is sufficient, but no other tie downs, cabling, etc. Not really expected at this price level. It's an attractive little plain style case. Once built and closed it doesn't flex too much and with the low power setup I have inside it's fairly quiet too. The green LED case fan on front is a great "seller" and happened to match the led for the memory I had left over from something...funny, as I had ordered the red led model and got green.....they must have known. If you need a super cheap box to hold internal components in and are too proud to actually use a shoe box, this is the logical next step. Be proud, be cheap, use this case.

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Good product on the combo deal9/3/2016 4:00:39 PM

Pros: It worked

Cons: none that I can see

Overall Review: I got this on the sub $110 Combo deal with the Rosewill case and Athlon 5350. I needed a cheap office computer solution and that fit the bill nicely. This is a super basic MoBo, as the specs show. It was super easy to install and get up and running. The "directions" don't exist, but if you turn on a light and look at the board, and look at your cables it is pretty fool proof. With the Athlon, some 1600 RAM and an SSD this made for a super snappy little office computer. At the price it was included with the combo it's a no brainer. Recommended.

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Awesome power sipping workhorse9/3/2016 3:41:56 PM

Pros: CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP and very able for the price.

Cons: discontinued socket support for future upgrade on this platform

Overall Review: I read all the reviews I could find, doubtful that it COULD be true....I got this along with the MoBo and Rosewill case combo deal for sub $110. I really couldn't believe all that I was reading about it being a capable office box, an HTPC.... People talking about how it ran streaming video without a stutter...all from a sub $50 APU. My needs were a cheap and power friendly office computer that will be on 24/7. I had no special requirement for graphics, just for it to be able to run various office programs and a web browser with about 10 or more open windows at a time. Given the glowing reviews and the price point on combo for this item, I felt I would be foolish not to at least try...if it went wrong I could still have used it as a media server for a friend.... I paired it with the combo Gigabyte mobo, a leftover SanDisk SSD, and 8G of Corsair Vengeance 1600. It's simplicity led to Windows 10 loading and being fully ready in all of 15 mins. The performance of this little proc is quite impressive. It is snappy and responsive. It excels at web surfing and office programs. It handles dual screens natively for the "spreadsheet" environment well. It YouTube's like a pro, not one bit of stutter. The glowing reviews were true. It is a real shame that this socket/chipset were abandoned, but at this clear out price it was completely worth getting into. Highly recommend for low power, light workload environments. For what it cost with the combo price my total buildout including OS was sub $250. If it will run a year 24/7 before it "aspolodes" (which will maybe be the PSU in the Rosewill) I will have come out good. Not even much in the refurb category will run this well, dual screen for the price.

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Great COMBO item, looks great,9/3/2016 3:16:25 PM

Pros: Nice piano black look, lots of room inside, easy to work. Great little cheap enclosure with included PSU. Super quiet. Looks like it is also set up for taking a full size ATX board, but not really sure on that.

Cons: The included PSU doesn't have much by way of connections, but it is fully described in the ad. The case has space for expansion that you cannot take advantage of without buying a new PSU. At the price level, it isn't a problem at all.

Overall Review: I purchased this in the combo with the Athlon 5350 and MoBo for sub $110. I needed a cheap office computer that was light on power and no special need for graphics. In that, this case with the included power supply more than fit the need. With a cheap SSD, some memory I had laying around and the purchase of a 10 Key, it is rocking along in this great looking case for sub $250. I would point out that IMO the case is worth purchasing at this price and putting a better power supply in. Recommended.

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plug and play8/30/2016 5:31:43 PM

Pros: cheap and worked

Cons: none

Overall Review: I really don't know what to say in regards to a switch. It worked right out of the box and is still working fine. Great price, recommend

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it's big8/30/2016 5:27:24 PM

Pros: The size and response time. Price

Cons: Overly bright with low contrast.

Overall Review: To rate the monitor at three stars for the price is probably being too critical. I needed a new screen and probably went too big, too low spec due to the price, got "stars in my eyes". It's got a really good gaming mode and allows you to increase the response time up to 1ms. The issue is that the color is too bright to watch at that mode continuously and begins to tire the eyes. In response to this issue, there is an eye saver mode that subdues the brightness and color considerably. It also slows the response time to a point that causes mouse trails and text shadows when scrolling. Overall, I would say if you are looking for a large size monitor to use for viewing streaming movies, etc, or only for gaming at this price it would be worth considering. Otherwise, for full time office I would consider looking elsewhere in hindsight. Not worth going to the trouble to ship back over, but I wouldn't purchase again.

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great for the price8/30/2016 5:15:37 PM

Pros: No dead pixels, no damage, looked brand new.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Needed a second monitor for an office setup. This fit the bill nicely. Totally recommended.

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Best value with the rebate4/15/2016 10:38:16 AM

Pros: Ample connectors Fairly quiet Bronze certified

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I purchased this to power a mini ITX server build. It came with ample connections for my needs and has run reliably for the past year. It regularly comes up in the $20 range and for a build that can use it I don't see a better value for price and reliability. I would buy again.

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Good portable enclosure4/15/2016 10:27:31 AM

Pros: It works for simple file transfer from USB I paid $8 cool blinky lights

Cons: See comments

Overall Review: I bought this, on sale, for an enclosure to use for cloning a hard drive. It turned out that I was unable to do so for reasons unrelated to the enclosure. It seems to work pretty well for file transfers and storage although I certainly wouldn't consider using it full time as it tends to get hot, even with an SSD. It is problem enough that I would consider it might even damage a traditional platter drive if being used to stream media from it. I have not been able to get a Windows 10 backup to complete successfully to this enclosure regardless of using various hard drives inside. Along with the fact that I had to go another method for the drive clone this item sits around unused. Considering the price and having it available I guess it's worth the space it takes just in case.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Martin: Thank you so much for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Maite from ORICO customer care team. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Our email address is, please feel free to contact me if you have any problem. We looking forward to hear from you and purchase from ORICO again! Best Regards Maite