Aus Gtx 560 World of Warcraft10/23/2011 9:03:48 AM

Pros: This card is really quite and cool. This was an upgrade from a gts 250. The only game that I ever play on this card is Warcraft. Factory clocked on idle this card runs at a nice 29 degrees celsius with a fan load of 20%. I actually have to keep an eye on it because I have never heard the fan run. On load in game all settings max at full 1080i at 29hz on a hp 2159m, it comes in at 48-50 degrees celsius with a fan load of 31%. Even in intense fights, IE 25 heroic Rag this card holds its temp and noise level. The old gts 250 sounded like a get engine taking off and put off enough heat to raise the temperature in the entire room by about 10 degrees. The new one does not even break a sweat. In town this card gets between 35-55 FPS during peak play time at the above settings. Top fps, comes in at about 65, with around low 50's in raid. I am more than happy with this card and the purchase. This is my first Asus product, but it will not be the last.

Cons: I was really hopping to see a higher FPS, but I think this could be a bottle neck issue as my CPU is a Core 2 Duo 3.0, and my systems memory is a low speed. I would not really call this a con as I would expect to see bigger numbers with a more modern CPU and system memory.

Overall Review: Power supply is Corsair 650tx. I have not overclocked this card but there is plenty of room to do so since the fan is only running at 20%. Asus has done an outstanding job with this product. I thank you!

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