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Little Guy's a Champ...11/14/2015 8:08:27 AM

Pros: Compact, high output, durable, simple

Cons: None

Overall Review: I live in Buffalo and work out of my home. My office is an extendion on my 1920's home and is surrounded on 3 sides by external walls. The Buffalo winter makes it so my office is about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house in the morning before the heat kicks on. I got this to help supplement the radiators when I first wake up. This little guy heats up my office in no time, and after about a half hour I have to turn it off because I get too hot. BONUS FEATURE: you can use the 2 knobs as eyes and draw a mouth between. I named him Mr Heaty.

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Intimidating - but fun1/4/2013 6:07:45 AM

Pros: Co-operative, fun to role play - especially if you've read the Lovecraft stories. Lots of replay value. Games take about an hour.

Cons: Technical, many rules to learn early on. You're probably best off watching the table-top video on how to play on you tube. This give you a framework within which all the rules of the game start to make sense.

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Quality Control issues9/12/2011 9:54:16 AM

Pros: Cheap, high performance

Cons: 1 stick out of 4 started degrading after about 2 months of heavy use.

Overall Review: Had 1 stick fail, thought it might have been random QCV error until I started seeing all the other negative posts.

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Broke after about 1 year10/7/2010 4:08:56 PM

Pros: Easy to set up. Motion sensitive backlight, so it glows when you pick it up. Controlled everything from one remote.

Cons: Broke after 1 year of use. I was looking to replace it anyway, because as some have remarked, the buttons are too small. I feel like I'm texting when I type in a channel number. Its just too cramped and small on the keypad.

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Wow, Quiet, Quiet, Quiet!10/18/2009 1:07:15 PM

Pros: BIt streaming audio via HDMI. Plays my games L4d, and D&D online at 1900x1200 no problems. Quiet, see other thoguths for details

Cons: Not as fast as as a 4870 at a higher cost.

Overall Review: I've owned a 2900XT for the past 2 years. While the card was fast, I've always hated how much noise it makes. To get away from the 'dustbuster' I even purchased a 4850, but found it made almost the same amount fo noice. Then came the 5770...Its perfect. Its powerful enough to play games, but there is no distinguishable change in noise level when I play. Even more importantly, when I watch movies, I don't have to turn up the volume just to hear the dialogue over the video card fan. This truly is the perfect card for my application. Very pleased with this purchase.

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Works great in WDS mode4/9/2009 5:45:13 AM

Pros: I've got this set up in conjunction with the TEW-633GR. Working as advertised. Now I have enough range to get from my basement (where all my networked appliances are - NAS, VOIP adapter, print server) to the attic where my PC is. Very happy with the performance and reliability. When you consider that 120.00 (Router+AP) buys you twice the range of any of the more expensive routers, this is a very cost effective setup.

Cons: Must run router in WEP, single channel modes to enable WDS. WDS is not compatible with WPA. Not AP fault, just a consequence of the protocols.

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Solid, Reliable7/10/2008 6:35:14 AM

Pros: I've maintained 5 of these for the past year. So far, I've had no failures. All of the funtctions seem to work, and the support is actually responsive. I'm using these as a network backup at remote locations that aren't connected to the WAN. I can admin them remotely, which is a huge plus. I like getting email status updates as well. Raid 1 works as it should.

Cons: The admin user name is not configurable. The only option is 'admin'. That's a security problem, but otherwise no complaints.

Overall Review: I've used the comparable QNAP version of these and had similar results. However, the QNAP enclosure is rounded and less stable. For my application this is important, as these units are subject to movement and vibration. The Qnaps sometimes fall down under these conditions.

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Beware...4/1/2008 11:48:06 AM

Pros: Great Headset, clear menus, cheap calling, simple setup...

Cons: THis phone absolutely anihilated my 802.11n network. Turning this headsset on is like turning off the power switch on my router (Asus N router and network card). As a result, I had to discontinue using the phone. This might not affect some people, but for my setup it was a deal killer...

Overall Review: As an aside...I am by no means a networking guru. There might have been something I could do to mitigate the interference, but I didn't try anything. Other people might have more success.

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Better Than Expected4/28/2007 10:23:34 AM

Pros: Extremely quiet. I have a Saphire 1950 that came with a very poor stock cooler. The Accelro keeps the card 20 degrees C cooler at exaggeration. I was regularly getting load temps around 75 degrees C. THis was causing my computer to artifact during games (the dreaded sparklies). Now the card barely gets above 50 degrees on a hot day. At idle I get about a 3 degree differential between ambient and gpu temp...very nice. Load temps are at about 10 degree differential.

Cons: Screws. The supplied screw heads are smaller than the holes in the card. The card comes with plastic washers to account for this, but I don;t trust something that can deform to keep even pressure on the could make lopsided contact if one screw slips through the washer. I used the old screws from the saphire cooler, they had bigger heads.

Overall Review: One thing I noticed is that Accelero's memory heat pads were of a different material than the Saphire's. Saphire's were much more light and insubstantial. Accelro's were more dense. Sometimes density = better heat conduction. They were thicker too, providing better contact between the heat sink and the memory chips.

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Good Deal cuts both ways/Warranty info4/4/2007 6:50:50 AM

Pros: Dirt Cheap price for 37" 1080i TV. Universal remote is much better than the 200 or 400 family Olveias (it now has backlighting) and can control other devices apart from the TV. Also, this model remote has a much-needed button that cycles through the TV's sources in 'one touch' fashion...the older models made you dive deep into the OSD menu to change sources...terrible design. This value-add saves me from spending money on an expensive remote. 90 day warranty for refurbished units..phew! At least there is some peace of mind when ordering. As others have said, the picture is exceptional for this price range. Many, Many inputs. HDMI is fantastic.

Cons: The remote is still awkward to use. The button that cycles between components (TV, DVD, VCR, ect...) only steps through one at a time and in one direction. This would not be an annoyance except that there are over 8 options you must cycle through. The 'function' button on the remote is a very long, thin rectangle that sticks in the down position. All the DVD/VCR controls are far too small and crowded.

Overall Review: The 'bad side' of buying refurbs: This TV is very heavy, and I found that the stand had been cracked. I'm pretty sure that this is why my TV was marked as a refurb. There is no way that this happened in shipping. The packing material from the Olevia factory is form fitting and supports the LCD frame directly. There is no weight load on the stand during shipping. I was planning on mounting this to my wall anyway, but this would have been a problem had I not. One dead pixel. This set is marked down 25% from retail. If I demanded perfection, I would have purchased the retail version, but I'm willing to work with the flaws that come with a refurb for the discount. Take a chance; if its DOA, you've got a 90 Day warranty that covers you.

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Could this be more perfect?12/15/2006 8:52:34 AM

Pros: Some thing that most reviews aren't addressing are the very nice silicone rubber sound dampening mounts on the <em>bottom of the case</em>. I have hardwood floors, and my old case would resonate on the floor when the DVD rom spun up to speed. No indication of this problem with the new case. Also, to again adress a feature most people aren't speaking of...there's a secret hiding compartment in this case. Mounted behind one of the removable drive bays there is a 3"x2"x.5" plastic case to stow away whatever you want. I put pinouts, warranty info, and my windows license in there. Not a major thing, but I liked it nonetheless.

Cons: The only thing I would have improved on this case is how the front bezel is removed front of the case. I was expecting a better quality build than these plastic pegs and sharp-edged 5.25" metal bay punchouts. Not a problem for experienced builders, but be gentle if you want to strip you case down for mods or running cables. The catches for teh front bezel look especially fragile. Not enough of a con for me to ding Antec a star...It really is a fabulous case.

Overall Review: Plenty of room for upgrades. If experience ahs taught me anything its that every once in awhile, a manufacturer expects you to have mucho room in your case/on your mobo/clearance/ect. This case is big enough for me to go to water cooling when die shrinks start to become impractical (and cpu power envelopes increase again...Prescott anybody?).

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Nicely Done2/21/2006 2:31:20 PM

Pros: Attractive Cheaper than other solutions. Fit and finish very good.

Cons: No mounting templates provided Must be mounted to a stud.

Overall Review: Overall, I am please with my purchase. The only thing that was missing was a mountign template. This makes mounting the arm to the wall very awkward. Also, the mounting plate has a very small surface area, and is only connected to the wall be two screws. I did not feel comfortable mounting my 19" monitor to anything but a stud. It would have been nice to have an adapter plate included so that mounting to drywall was feasible. However, t

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2/21/2006 2:24:39 PM

Pros: This mouse is everything advertised...I especially like the on-the-fly adjustment of DPI scaling. It comes in very handy when switching to some sort of ap that takes high photo editing. Ergonomics are very nice. It has a texture that has jsut the right amount of roughness. It helps to keep my hands from sweating when I'm gaming. Gross, but true.

Cons: Price...but for something you use every time you sit down at your computer, its probably not a bad deal after all.

Overall Review: Expensive, but worht every penny. Also, the usb cable has a nice fabric sleeve wrapped around it that keeps the cord from getting itself tangled on things... Nicely implemented, Logitech.

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OC with Passive cooling10/17/2005 11:20:06 AM

Comments: I have had this processor for about 6 months running on a ASUS AV8 mobo. I run it oc'd to 2.3 WITH PASSIVE COOLING. My ATI 9800pro is also passively cooled. THe case is well ventilated (120mm fan in, 2x90mm fans out...all running <1500 rpm). Very quiet, powerful, and cool. Cannot recommend this processor enough.

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Pleased4/7/2005 6:12:03 AM

Comments: I bought this to replace an older external that had failed. The first thing I noticed was its rugged construction. The center portion of the drive is made of 1/8 inch aluminum. Both ends are capped with abs plastic, providing some shock absorbtion WHEN I <font>d</font>rop it. I am very clumsy, and I use all my portable equipment for work as a field engineer. I had no problems getting my desktop or laptop to power, recognze and write to the drive. One thing that caught me off guard was that the 60GB version comes partioned into two 30 GB sections. For me this is an added convenience as I like to keep all of my work and personal files seperate (Corporate IT was trained at the Dogbert Academy of IT Pain). Anyway, this helps me from inadvertantly getting some of my personal files onto 'THEIR' computers. Lastly, one of the other things I thought was nice was an on/off switch. This comes in handy when I've got more than one usb device powered from the usb port (not the ps2 adapter). Now I don't need to unplug the drive from the hub if I need to plug in another usb device. I just switch it off and all the power gets diverted to the new device. It just saves me time and effort...which I like.

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R-U-G-G-E-D8/28/2003 7:58:22 AM

Comments: I had been using this drive for several weeks with no issues when my wife accidentally sent it through the Washing machine...and dryer... I thought for sure it would be dead. I plugged it in, and not only did it work, but all my files were still there...Amazing!!! Great product for the price and so much more convenient than burning CDs to transfer file.

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