According to support, drivers won't work for windows 8.1 Pro5/19/2015 7:49:22 PM

Pros: nice specs

Cons: If you require windows 8.1 pro, pass on this, a few of the drivers won't install and per support windows 8.1 Pro is not supported.

Overall Review: I've bought Acer for a long time, they've always been solid, if this is what I should be expecting now, then I'll have to go with another brand...

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2 for 26/28/2013 10:00:32 PM

Pros: Wife loves the metallic red

Cons: RMA the first set because it was bad, replacement set is also bad......

Overall Review: Used Memtest 86+, tried in each of the 4 slots, one at a time, same errors..... Perhaps I need to look else where, After using Corsair for the last 10 years their QA seems to either have gone to hell or perhaps I got lucky up until this point.....

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Greatly disapointed2/8/2013 4:45:28 PM

Pros: Cost, airflow is good and it doesn't sound like a jet engine.

Cons: Thought I'd give NORCO a try, never again. I ordered two cases for our rack, one was beat up from either being used previously or from the manufacture. Either Newegg or the maker messed up, and the customer pays for it. It's missing chunks of plastic, scratches all over.... You get what you pay for... I'd stay away from this case, its just not worth the hassle. Spend the extra 20-50 bucks and get a better built case. Also, the tolerance was so tight on the 5.25in bays, my hotswap bays wouldn't fit.

Overall Review: Granted it is a 2U case, so I expected it to be a tight fit, the holes for your cables are very small, it just feels cheap.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues you are experiencing with this case. Please contact us at, so we may get more details and assist you in resolving this issue. Best Regards, Norco Support Team
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proper research7/17/2012 6:19:00 PM

Pros: With proper research, anyone will see that you need dongles to run all 6 monitors with this gpu. left side click on hardware and software click on compatible hardware and you get this You can see it states the follow "To enable support for more than 2 monitors, “active” DisplayPort™ adapters/dongles are required (or monitors with direct DisplayPort™ connectivity must be used)." To not even attempt to figure out how a setup is going to work before buying hardware is just ignorant. Yes it's not stated on newegg that this gpu needs dongles, but they don't have to, they're selling a product, it's not theirs, they don't support it, AMD does. If you don't check the specs and information from the manufacture, it's your own fault if you have problems.

Cons: Depending on setup driver stability can be a pain.

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bought 312/3/2011 5:31:37 PM

Pros: 2 of the 3 passed memtest 86+

Cons: 1 stick was DOA

Overall Review: I have been using Corsair for years, it may be coincidence but to me it seems there quality has gotten worse in the last year.

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it works, but has a weird cache.....5/1/2010 9:49:15 PM

Pros: easy to install and setup

Cons: see other thoughts

Overall Review: I've built a number of computers, I have no issue saying I don't know everything there is to know about raid cards, etc. I have two cards with the same setup, raid 5 with 4x1tb drives. The issue is i find it strange that in the raid 5 I have around 2790gb of storage and 730gb of that has to be used for cache. So I'm left with only 2tb of usable storage. Just in case it had something to do with the os I wiped the os and reinstalled with another- windows server 2008, 7, vista, and xp. There is an option to disable the cache, but it doesn't allow me to do so. I'm all out of ideas, I've started looking though the manufacture's site and I'll probably end up writing them to see if they have any ideas on how to fix the issue. If I find anything out as to how to fix the issue, etc. I will post about it.

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