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Terrific value but a little lightweight1/20/2010 9:13:52 AM

Pros: This is the least expensive CD/DVD storage option I have found. The 3-ring binder is great for growing collections or if you want to add or remove pages. Good looking leatherette cover over heavyweight cardboard filler. Even when fully loaded you can grab this off a shelf by the spine and it doesn't flop around.

Cons: As other reviewers have indictated the plastic pages are pretty lightweight. Rough handling WILL result in ripped binder holes and torn pages. Also, the "O" rings on a few on my units (I own 6 of them) tend to open slightly when you try to flip more than about 10 loaded pages at a time. This can also result in torn holes.

Overall Review: I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for slightly heavier-duty pages. I'd also like to see this come with "D" rings rather than "O" rings.

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Buy these headphones! You won't be disappointed.11/29/2009 6:34:40 AM

Pros: Strong bass with accurate mids and highs. Very good noise passive isolation. Relatively efficient but capable of playing very, very loud. Lightweight but sturdy. Cord doesn't knot up as easily as others do.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I bought these ear buds for my 13 year old after he destroyed 4 or 5 sets of comparably priced headphones in less than a year. He uses them 5 or 6 hours a day and so far they have taken every abuse he can dish out. He absolutely loves them and actually prefers them to my Altec Lansing Backbeat Pros which cost twice as much.

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5/5/2009 6:50:13 AM

Pros: Large, sturdy, lockable case. Built-in 120 mm 3-speed fan is reasonably quiet. Glossy black finish. Slide out hard drive racks. Comes with a 500 watt power supply.

Cons: Front panel USB port was an extremely tight fit. The power supply was noisy and (I assume) defective. At first I thought it was a fan clearance issue but the fast, low level ticking sound continued with the fan disabled. I ran the power supply overnight and in the morning the noise was oscillating from barely audible to it's original level with a period of about 5 seconds.

Overall Review: Overall I liked the case a lot but was miffed at the noisy power supply. I called Antec 's 800 number with the intention of requesting a replacement. I left a message (it was 10 am EST) but my call was not returned. The next day I decided to send it back. Unit is being returned for credit.

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