works at stated speed, timings, voltage.4/27/2021 9:31:02 AM

Overall Review: works flawlessly, dual channel 3600mhz, 18-22-22-42, 1.35v. I set it in bios manually instead of XMP profile. I'm sure the XMP settings work too. stable. probably overclockable but this is plenty fast for my mild gaming.

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Doesn't wake from sleep windows 105/23/2020 12:07:33 AM

Pros: Doesn't wake from sleep windows 10

Cons: Doesn't wake from sleep windows 10

Overall Review: Doesn't wake from sleep windows 10

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience your AXRX 5700 XT 8GBD6-3DH does not wake up from sleep. Please contact Powercolor Tech Support at and we are happy to assist you. It can also be motherboard compatibility issue. Please include your system specs when contact us, so we can better assist you. Have a nice day! Regards, Powercolor Tech Support
i5 4670k10/5/2018 8:53:47 PM

Pros: -Got in on sale for $199 -60% utilization on full BF4 server -Only Crysis franchise brings this beast anywhere near 100% utilization -45c highest temp seen with Noctua NH-C14 and a 6 140mm case fan Fractal R4 (5 intake and 1 exhaust on the door by the GPU)

Cons: -is not the computer core of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (but it is close)

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Solid board10/5/2018 2:52:11 PM

Pros: easy bios / uefi Intel NIC VRM heatsink (1/2) easily installed windows to an NVMe drive intel 660p from a bootable USB. Worked the first time.

Cons: VRM heatsink is only on half

Overall Review: Edit 10/2018 Found that my DDR4 3000 Corsair DIMMS have to run at 2133 speed. Disappointing -2 eggs

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Harley, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you For the memory speed, mainboard support up to 2666 (spec link: Please try following to check if it get higher than 2133. Install the 2 x memory on A2 and B2 slots. Load UEFI BIOS setting default. Save and exit. Enter BIOS again. Load the XMP Profile. Set the memory speed manually to 2400 Save and exit to test. If worked with 2400, then adjust to 2666 to test. If you have any technical support inquiry, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
No coil whine10/5/2018 2:51:07 PM

Pros: I haven't experienced the coil whine that some of these units are supposedly afflicted with. Enjoying the secure feeling of top notch build quality.

Cons: Edit 10/2018 unit is finally dead after 5 years.

Overall Review: 4670K Z87M extreme4 Gskill Ripjaws 1866 C8 Asus GTX 670 Will update if coilwhine suddenly starts

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Harley, Thank oyu for your update about your power supply. Sorry to read that after 5 years it gave up on you. Please kindly contact us and we will gladly assist you for any troubleshooting step and for your RMA process: or Once again, sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused. Best Regards,
Smooth11/14/2016 7:51:46 PM

Pros: 144hz LED No dead pixels

Cons: Terrible stand, but not enough of a detractor to remove an egg. I'm not buying this for the stand, I'm buying it for the glorious 144hz and Korean street cred

Overall Review: Not sure why I didn't pickup a monitor from a retailer in the states. Just wanted 144hz, and other brands would be fine too. Pleasantly surprised at not having a single stuck or dead pixel. I also didn't realize when I purchased this that it was LED.

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Asrock Z87m12/26/2013 3:48:39 PM

Pros: -C2 chipset -Vrm Heatsinks -SLI / Crossfire -Intel Gbe -My Gskill 1866 8-9-9-24 8GB were compatible -PS/2 which I like for my Cherry MX blacks keyboard -First Asrock build and it went well

Cons: Reason for 4 eggs: After building and rebuilding my own rigs since 2007 I can tell you the only injury I ever received was from a Zalman CPU cooler. Until This little beauty here arrived. I go open the box and find the board in an anti static bag as it should be, then I notice that inside this is a donut of foam attached with zipties through the standoff holes of the board. cool, I can understand overengineering things.. but packaging? I grab my box knife, go to cut the first ziptie, applied a little too much pressue.. lets just say my poor little left thumb is never going to forget this board or this build. Asrock, why in the world would you attach the foam with zipties? where is it going to go, flying off out of static bag then out of the box magically Harry Potter style? I could understand if the foam donut was a different shape than the board.. but it fits like a glove. Obviously this is not an issue with the board itself, but come on, if you shed a fair amount of blood for a particular component you can't give it 5 eggs. Asus, Gigabyte, ECS, they don't package like this last time I built rigs around their boards..

Overall Review: -Asinine ziptie secured packaging trolling me -------------- i5 4670k Noctua NH-C14 Gskill 1866 8-9-9-24 8GB Asrock z87m Seasonic Platinum 660w Asus GTX 670 DirectCU Mini

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GTX 670 Direct CU Mini12/26/2013 3:09:19 PM

Pros: -Averages 1100Mhz depending on temperature and load -Plays Crysis 3 on high, FXAA enabled 1080p ~50hz ~72c -Plays Crysis on very high 1080p 60hz ~65c -Plays BF4 on high 1080p 60hz ~60c -Plays BF4 on Ultra with MSAA off 1080p 50hz ~70c -Plays BF4 on full Ultra 1080p ~40hz ~72c -Produces an unobtrusive amount of noise in my Fractal R4 with 6 case fans on low -Got it on sale for $249, which is significantly less than launch price for both this version and the reference design

Cons: -Is not Ron Burgandy

Overall Review: I am impressed. Think about it like this, I got 7/8 of a GTX680 for under 1/2 the price... let that sink in for a moment. Couldn't be happier with it. Upgrade path: Radeon 4870 > Radeon 4890 > Radeon 5770 > GTX 550Ti > GTX 670 Mini ---------- i5 4670K @ stock Noctua NH-C14 Gskill 1866 8-9-9-24 8GB Asrock z87m Extreme3 Seasonic Platinum 660w Asus GTX 670 Direct CU Mini

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Who cares about synthetic benchmarks?11/6/2012 2:41:41 PM

Pros: Upgrading from a Phenom II x3 720 BE @3.5Ghz 1.45v on the exact same platform, changing only to this processor, my minimum frame rates in SC2 went from 10 to 40. Max frames on either setup was vsync capped at 60. Gameplay on others games seems more fluid than on the phenom, never have to wait for the cpu to catchup (Crysis 1&2, fallout NV, MW3, for a few examples)

Cons: The only con in this arena is peoples' misconceptions and sheepishly following tom's and Anandtech without doing any testing of their own.

Overall Review: system specs: Win 8 pro x86_64 Plextor M3 pro 128GB (C:) WD black 640GB (D:) 990FXA-UD3 16GB Gskill @1333 GTX 550Ti Seasonic 560W Lian Li firstknight 3 Noctua Fans Coolermaster Gemini II Interestingly, this cpu is sold as a quad, yet it is more like an i3 with hyperthreading. so really its a dual core. goes to show you that AMD is doing great things when their new dualcore (stock frequency) FAR outperforms their previous generation's triple core (overclocked) Very pleased with this purchase. XD

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Why go more expensive?9/22/2012 10:14:50 AM

Pros: Have three sets of this is Ram in 3 machines. no DOA Dimms. all recognized on first boot as 1333 9-9-9-24 doesn't waste raw materials on heat spreaders. cheap!

Cons: its not DDR5????

Overall Review: unless the only game you play is the original Crysis, or you are doing media intensive work, you'll never go above 4GB usage, even in the system resource hog known as windows. using linux I never go above 3GB.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Better than expected8/24/2012 1:19:45 PM

Pros: Experienced system builder, I can tell you that as long as you install correctly you will not be disappointed. My old Phenom II 720Be idles AT ambient temp, which in my house is 25c. at load it only goes up to 35c!! and this is before the arctic silver five has even cured yet! very impressed.

Cons: Fall semester is about to start and the number of freshman at my school is Too d*** high!!

Overall Review: most of them will dropout anyways, so its all good.

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black on black4/8/2009 9:15:39 AM

Pros: sleek price price price

Cons: doesnt have as good airflow as people make it sound. i mean, its not horrible, but the 23cm fans dont really move much air. the 12cm fans move alot more air than they do. kind of disappointing. i have never used tooless drive bays before. i dont think i ever will again. total garbage.

Overall Review: the 'smart' cable management for the HDD bays is not all that smart. the cables are routed nicely, however this case could have benefitted ALOT from an additional amount of width. maybe a half inch or so. i say this because the cables for the HDDs get smashed up against the side panel. i have three HDDs in this case and thats enough cables to make the side panel bow out noticably.

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more than i asked for.4/4/2009 11:28:35 PM

Pros: its a 4870 1gb! and it slaps all my games around like crazy. clocked at 820/1050 for games and underclocked for desktop usage. which reminds me, the profiles in CCC are a really nice bonus feature. plays all games at rock solid 60fps or above (UT3, all orange box, spore, far cry2)

Cons: one day i will be too old to move my fingers and play video games. hopefully ill be a cyborg by then cant rate above 5eggs... =(

Overall Review: phenom II 720 @ 3.21 4GB mushkin 1600 -this card- WD raptor (OS) WD black 640 (games) WD black 640 (storage) acer 22 inch asus m4a79t deluxe vigor monsoon III lt corsair 850w all 5.9's for vista x64

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monsoooooooon4/4/2009 11:25:38 AM

Pros: huge, copper heat pipes, keeps my phenom icy cold (well not quite but cold enough for an air cooler)

Cons: HUGE! i was really taken back my its sheer size, had to take the side fan off my thermaltake case.

Overall Review: when i first pulled it out of the box, i thought it was all black plastic on the outside, its not. its mostly black metal that looks awesome.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Creative inspire 2.1 system4/1/2009 4:58:50 PM

Pros: cheapish newegg shipping is the sh**!

Cons: expensiveish there is some slight noise on the line, but i just turned the volume knob down, and the source volume up, and it sounds excellent now.

Overall Review: sounds awesome for two speakers and a sub, i mean, it sounds better than i thought it would. no distortion at high volume. i actually tried to blow these puppies. they wouldnt have that though.

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Noob!3/13/2009 4:57:49 PM

Pros: i have a gaming rig im building phenom 2 am3 720 this board other goodies i am considering either the 4870x2 CF or two gtx 285's in sli. for a long time i thought that i wanted to go with ATI, but sli scales really well and i am leaning towards the sli setup. i also understand that there are sli mobos out there. HOWEVER none with amd+ddr3 support.

Cons: .

Overall Review: .

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