After some tweaking, a good HTPC10/12/2009 3:09:34 PM

Pros: -Small form factor, quiet, and reasonably priced -Handles 1080p video well (with the proper codecs and adjustments) -Low power means it can pretty much be left running all the time

Cons: -Like everyone has stated, tons of bloatware -Some of the ports feel a little misplaced when the unit is lying down, rather than on the stand -Weak processor

Overall Review: -Had a lot of trouble getting this thing to play 1080p content effectively. Some videos played well, while others were choppy and stuttered. After installing 7, adding the proper codecs, and tweaking MPC, everything finally seems to be working properly and using less than 25% of the CPU on playback -Didn't have any of the HDMI sound issues that a few others mentioned on my Samsung -Upgrading the RAM isn't particularly difficult and an extra gig does seem to help, especially in Windows7 -Overall, I'm happy with the purchase, has the makings of a good HTPC, especially considering it's low cost.

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